Peerless Martial God Chapter 446

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Yan Dang was the name of a mountain chain to the north-west of Yangzhou City. Many influential groups resided within this mountain chain.


At the top of the highest mountain in the Yan Dan Mountain Chain, there was a vast and boundless palace. The owner of that palace was respected and revered by everyone within the surrounding hundred kilometres. That palace was a restricted area though, ordinary people couldn’t enter it and even many n.o.bles didn’t dare try to enter.


That was due to the fact that the owner of the palace was an old man with an extremely bad temper. The old man’s specialty was swords. When he was angry, he would go out and destroy a small mountain. He had the power to turn mountains into ashes, not to mention human beings.


Besides, that old man had two disciples, a young girl and a young man. They were both extraordinarily talented, they could even go head to head with the smaller influential groups within the country by themselves, they were very strong.


At that moment, in the palace, there was a terrifying deadly energy floating in the atmosphere. It then dashed into the sky making the air shake so violently that the ferocious beasts in the region started to run in the opposite direction. The deadly energy was so strong and powerful that it could cause one’s soul to shake!




The deadly energy exploded again as a silhouette appeared in the sky and then landed on the top of the palace. He was releasing even more monstrous deadly energy.


At that moment, the old man didn’t look like an old man at all, he looked like a beast.


Behind the old man, there was a beautiful girl. Her eyes were cold and filled with killing intent.


Lin Feng had killed her fellow disciple, she hated him, they had to avenge her fellow disciple’s death. She hadn’t gone to look for Lin Feng because she knew that she didn’t have the power to go against him. Instead, she ran day and night until she returned to Yan Dang Mountain, so she could tell her master of Ling Tian’s death.


If her master got involved, it would without a doubt be the end of Lin Feng.


“You stay here, I, Ji Guang, will go collect his head and bring it back here for all to see. I will avenge my beloved disciple.” Said the old man coldly. The girl looked at him in a calm and solemn way while nodding, and then she replied: “Yes, Master.”


The old man released a pure Qi which broke the stones under his feet. He jumped into the air and started to run across the sky, however, shortly after he moved into the sky, a sword beam appeared in the valley and rushed towards him.


This stupefied the old man. He didn’t hurry to leave and waited for the person to arrive before him.


It was a man who looked around thirty years old. He looked smart and handsome, his eyebrows were sharp like swords. His eyes were the eyes of a madman who would destroy everything with his sword. His aura was swift and sharp, like an accomplished sword cultivator….


“Ji Guang!” Said the man in a cold tone which surprised Ji Guang who was still fixedly staring at him.


“Who are you?” Asked Ji Guang. The man was filled with killing intent, but at the same time, he looked like an extremely powerful opponent.


“I’ve heard that you, Ji Guang, are an expert at using swords. When you hold a sword in your hands, you become a messenger of death, everybody that encounters your sword is sent to their grave. I think that we could learn from each other, let us compare notes.” Said the man in a cold tone. A terrifying battle energy emerged from him, that person was challenging Ji Guang’s sword.


The girl who was behind Ji Guang frowned. That man was only about thirty years old and he was challenging her master to a sword duel, how arrogant!


A terrifying sword energy emerged from the man’s body. That sword energy was monstrously sharp and the most terrifying thing about it was the lack of emotion.


It was as if all his emotions were void; as if his sword was the only thing in the world and everything else was merely straw dogs.


“Zhuge Wu Qing!” Ji Guang was astonished. Even though he had never seen Zhuge Wu Qing, in Xue Yue, apart from him, n.o.body else had such a powerful and emotionless sword.


Two powerhouses were fighting with swords, they were both extremely famous sword cultivators, one was Ji Guang, the other one was Zhuge Wu Qing.


Ji Guang also released a terrifying sword energy which covered the skies. It seemed like there were millions of extremely bright lights which twinkled in the sky. It was dazzling! The entire Yan Dang Mountain Chain was illuminated by his sword energy.


“Who is fighting?”


“What a terrifying sword energy!”


The people from the mountain chain started to notice the scene above them. They all started shaking under the pressure of such powerful sword energy. That sword energy was definitely from Ji Guang’s sword. Surprisingly, there was another extremely strong sword cultivator who was fighting against him. Who was strong enough to compare with Ji Guang’s sword?


The girl behind Ji Guang started shaking. What a terrifying sword!


“Zhuge Wu Qing, since you have come to fight, use your full strength.” The sound of a sword unsheathing filled the air and a sword appeared in the old man’s hand, it looked like a ray of light. A gigantic sword spirit then emerged from behind Ji Guang, the spirit was unleas.h.i.+ng a shocking sword energy.


“I, Zhuge Wu Qing, haven’t directly used my sword for eighteen years but today, in front of a venerable old man like you, I will unsheathe my sword!” Said Zhuge Wu Qing calmly. A simple-looking sword sheathe appeared behind his back. It was shaking intensely and the sound of a sword being unsheathed spread through the air. Zhuge Wu Qing had unsheathed a blood-red emotionless sword.


“Ji Guang, your life is over.” Said Zhuge Wu Qing looking as calm as before but his voice was ice-cold and emotionless.


Those two incredible sword cultivators were going to fight to death, if one of them managed to reach the other with their sword, they would definitely kill the other. There would only be one person walking away today.


Ji Guang’s heart was palpitating.


n.o.body said anything, as the two sword energies started rolling through the atmosphere and colliding against each other. An extremely bright sword Qi and an emotionless sword Qi illuminated the atmosphere in their own respective way.


A sudden wind emerged as the sword energies rose into the skies and crashed against the other. Suddenly, the two silhouettes disappeared from sight. The pressure released by the sword energies was intense, everyone under that pressure felt like they were going to be ripped apart.


The sky was tearing and ripping sounds filled the air. In a flash, the two silhouettes reappeared, an extremely bright sword Qi and an emotionless sword Qi emerged with them. It seemed like everything else had disappeared from sight and only the two swords remained in the air.


This was the confrontation of two amazing sword cultivators. The stronger a sword cultivator was, the more dangerous and terrifying their battles were to watch.


The two fighters then returned to their original positions.


Ji Guang looked at Zhuge Wu Qing and said: “Was this only for the advancement your sword?”



Zhuge Wu Qing shook his head, he had stopped stubbornly following the path of the sword for a long time now.


“You lost your beloved disciple and wanted to use your sword to avenge him. However, the one you want to harm is somebody that I will use my sword to protect.” Said Zhuge Wu Qing calmly. Ji Guang looked like he understood the deeper motives behind Zhuge Wu Qing’s actions.


“I understand.” Whispered Ji Guang. Without any further movements, the sound of a sword cutting through flesh filled the air. A fountain of blood burst into the air and Ji Guang’s body separated into two parts.


“Ahhhhh……” The girl screamed, she was terrified and started shaking from head to toe. There was no longer any strength remaining in her body and her face had turned deathly pale.






The palace at the top of the mountain started to tremble and then suddenly a huge crevice appeared in the centre, as if it had been cut in two. Sunlight could now pa.s.s through the large crevice. It was an astonis.h.i.+ng sight!


Zhuge Wu Qing turned around, his body transformed into a sword and he pierced through the atmosphere as he streaked across the sky. As he disappeared from sight, a few drops of blood could be seen falling from his sword.


After Zhuge Wu Qing left, the girl was left alone in the middle of the empty palace. She continued to cry throughout the night.


All of this had been too shocking for her. Her master had lost his life in mere moments from a single sword strike.


The memory of Lin Feng killing Ling Tian with a single sword strike seemed to overlap with the current images in her mind. Lin Feng killed Ling Tian just like Zhuge Wu Qing killed her master, Ji Guang.


At that moment, this little girl felt an endless ocean of regret. Because she had made a small remark that convinced Ling Tian to go to Yangzhou City, he was now dead. Because of her, her master Ji Guang wanted to kill Lin Feng and was killed instead. She felt endless guilt!


Everything she did was a joke. It was laughably pathetic; her incredibly powerful fellow disciple had been killed… Her master that incited fear in so many people, had been killed…


Lin Feng had no idea about the events that were occurring at this moment. How could he know that Zhuge Wu Qing travelled to Yan Dang in order to kill Ji Guang if he moved against Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t even know who Master Ji Guang was, and he also didn’t know that if Zhuge Wu Qing hadn’t intervened, he might have found himself in a very dangerous situation in the future.


In the desert, Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed. However, his terrifyingly powerful soul was floating through the air.


The sand was rolling across the ground as the wind blew. Lin Feng started to focus and used his pure Qi to control the movement of the yellow sand.


There was currently a scroll laying in front of the cross-legged Lin Feng, one that he unfolded. On the scroll, one could see various text and pictures. It was a formation.


At the top of the scroll were the word: Nine Palace Dragon Formation!


Lin Feng had found this formation inside the ring of the old man that he killed during the national compet.i.tion and was using this time to learn it!

Peerless Martial God Chapter 446

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