Peerless Martial God Chapter 564

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Chapter 564: Encircling Lin Feng


Lin Feng’s silhouette was flickering, he was flying at full speed like an arrow piercing through the night.


Lin Feng’s impression of being spied on was becoming more and more intense, to the extent that it couldn’t even be called “being spied on” anymore. His pursuers weren’t hiding themselves anymore. They were just chasing after him. 


“How fast.” thought Lin Feng surprised. He was already traveling at full speed but his pursuer’s Qi was getting denser and denser. It seemed like they were catching up with him. 


They were all extremely strong.


At that moment, a terrifying Qi suddenly crossed the atmosphere making Lin Feng nervous, he abruptly changed his direction and moved to the left.


“Boom boom boom” In the middle of the night, some sounds were spreading. A few silhouettes rose up from the ground towards Lin Feng. It was an ambush. 


“Where are all those strong cultivators from…?” Thought Lin Feng stupefied. In Celestial Dragon, he hadn’t offended many people and so many people were now surprisingly trying to assassinate him. Lin Feng was wondering where they were from, especially because they were extremely strong. 


Lin Feng moved to the left again but those who had been tailing him since the market divided themselves into two groups and continued chasing after him. They were incredibly fast.


Some lapping sounds coming from a river spread in the air. Lin Feng stopped running, because at that moment, he was already encircled by them all. There were assassins all around him. 


He glanced at the people around him, they were all wearing chang paos. Lin Feng could only see their cold faces, they looked evil. 


Lin Feng was sure that he had never seen any of them. 


“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng in a cold and detached way. No one replied, Lin Feng’s response was the the lapping sound of the water,. The atmosphere was deathly silent. 


He made a step and rose higher up in the air. 


The assassins just followed him and rose up in the air as well, they were still surrounding him. 


But at that moment, Lin Feng moved back down at full speed, his speed was incredible.


The people in black chang paos were surprised but immediately followed him. Lin Feng didn’t discourage them though. They weren’t as fast as him, but their speeds were close.


Lin Feng stopped moving downwards, he tried to escape and break free from the group of assassins.


“Where are you going?” shouted one of them aggressively as they threw himself at Lin Feng while releasing some pure Qi which looked like a beautiful white shooting star in the middle of the night.


“Get lost!” Lin Feng started condensing the strength of the Herukas in his fist as he traversed the sky at the speed of lightning, moving forwards with indomitable will.


“Boom boom!” Two fists collided. Lin Feng sensed a great strength spread in his fist, he had the feeling his hand was paralyzed. That person was a cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer.


But his opponent also didn’t feel well when he sensed the strength of the Herukas spread to his fist. Even if Lin Feng’s cultivation level was lower than his, he still groaned with pain. He had the feeling that his bones were broken. 


Peerless Martial God Chapter 564

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