Peerless Martial God Chapter 716

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Chapter 716

Edited: Odd Man Out

Chapter 716: Dark Clouds in the Sky


Dark Clouds were rolling in the sky above Xue Yue. They were covering the entire country. 


Many people in the Imperial City were raising their heads and looking at the dark clouds. What a gloomy Qi… Progressively, rays of sunlight were disappearing, the atmosphere was losing its colors. 


Besides, with those clouds was also an extremely strong wind which contained an ice-cold Qi. 


“What a mysterious weather…” thought the crowd. It seemed like Lin Feng’s wedding date wasn’t bringing him luck. He had chosen such a gloomy day. 


At that moment, the troops of the Yun Hai Sect which hadn’t gone to Duan Ren City were there ready to welcome Lin Feng. There were also some ferocious wild beasts with them. When people saw them and heard the sound of the steps of that gigantic army, they moved aside on both sides of the road. On Lin Feng’s wedding day, his army had to show up. He really deserved to be the ruler of Xue Yue, however, Lin Feng was missing from the picture.


“Who’s that girl? She’s so beautiful.” thought the crowd while looking at a girl in cheong sam, she was sitting in palanquin chair. Everyone was staring at her. 


How beautiful… Too beautiful…. She looked pure and holy, like a G.o.ddess. However, she was wearing the clothes of a bride which meant she was taken. 


Men but also women were looking at that incredibly beautiful woman and couldn’t take their eyes off her, their hearts were pounding. That kind of beautiful woman made the world seem colorless. That kind of girl didn’t belong to the mortal world, she belonged to the world of deities. By getting married, she was going to join the world of common women.


Many people were dreaming of having her as a wife, if they could have her as a wife for one day, they would agree to die on the second. 


“She must be the girl from the rumors, the one Lin Feng loves the most. She’s even more beautiful than the princess. Lin Feng is the ruler of Xue Yue but he can also be happy with his love situation.” sighed the crowd. Their eyes couldn’t move away from that beauty. 


Meng Qing raised her head and looked at the dark clouds, she stopped smiling for a second and then smiled again. She was Lin Feng’s wife from that day on, she didn’t care about the weather or the sun, she was happy with her situation.


The crowd was welcoming her following them. Step by step, people were following the others. However, Lin Feng was still absent. Many people were surprised, if Lin Feng didn’t come, how would the wedding happen? 


The Imperial Palace was as calm as before, it was oppressive.


The gloomy weather made the atmosphere look even scarier. 


There were guards at the gate of the Imperial City, nothing else. 


There was n.o.body n the main fields and public squares of the city either. All the places of the city were extremely calm. 


“Boom boom boom!” It seemed like the ground was shaking and was going to break. In the distance, something was coming, and was breaking the oppressive silence which reigned over the city.


However, the crowd in the city didn’t care about it. The guards just gazed into the distance indifferently and then looked at their own things again. It seemed like they had seen nothing at all. 



“Boom boom boom!” The ground was shaking more and more intensely. In the distance, there was an army with a stone ape. It was three meters high and looked like a castle. Each of its steps made the ground shake. It was astonis.h.i.+ng. It could easily crush several people with its feet. 


Behind the stone ape was an army which was extremely long. On both sides and behind there were people following them. 


However, their faces looked unsure when they arrived outside of the Imperial Palace. The weather was really horrible and cold. It seemed like something was about to happen. 


What they had in front of their eyes looked strange and scary. It was the princess’ wedding though, they had to be there. The atmosphere around the Imperial Palace looked extremely cold. n.o.body was welcoming anyone as if n.o.body knew what was happening, n.o.body that it was a special day. 


Finally, after some time, some sounds emerged in the atmosphere. It seemed like the atmosphere was resonating. 


Very quickly, in the palace several silhouettes appeared, and finally the people of the Imperial Palace could be seen. 


Those people were wearing dragon robes and looked extraordinary. They were wearing the same clothes She Huan and She Qiong used to wear. They looked majestic and imposing. It proved that those people had an extremely high social status, they were Imperial Snow Dragon Guards. They were all cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. 


“Imperial Snow Dragon Guards.” thought the crowd when they saw those people. Lin Feng had risen in the country, he had defeated the high-officials, he had killed She Huan and She Qiong, it wasn’t a secret anymore. People in Xue Yue knew that there were some incredibly strong cultivators who were called the Imperial Snow Dragons of Xue Yue. 


However, why were they there to welcome the crowd? They were the most mysterious troops of the country! 


The huge gates of the Imperial Palace opened themselves and the guards knelt down in front of the Imperial Snow Dragon Guards in an extremely respectful way, they didn’t dare say anything. 


A group of people slowly came out. There were four people, one in the front and three in the back. They were all wearing dragon robes but they were different from those other people. However, one had to pay attention to notice the difference. There were nine groups of Snow Dragon Guards and all of them had a leader wearing a silver badge. 


At that moment, the three people who had come out held golden badges. 


Those who had silver badges were officers like She Huan. 


Those who had golden badges were commanders, there were three commanders and in front of them, and there was a young man who looked extremely aggressive and violent.


That young man was releasing the Qi of a warlord! 


“Crown Prince, Duan Wu Dao!” 


The crowd was stupefied looking at the crown prince, Duan Wu Dao… If one was good to him, he was merciful, if one offended him, he would kill. 


Lin Feng had finished first at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu and Duan Wu Dao had finished second. 


“Boom boom boom!” The ground broke and some long crevices appeared. The stone ape stopped and the crowd behind it as well. 


“Slash slash slas.h.!.+” Some silhouettes flickered and some chang paos fluttered in the wind unceasingly. Everywhere, people kept arrived. There was an infinite number of people. Those people were wearing clothes of different colors, some were even wearing armor. 


After that crowd appeared, they immediately surrounded everybody else. 


“What’s going on?” Some people were surprised, what was happening? That was supposed to be Lin Feng’s wedding day, they had come to a.s.sist to the wedding… What was happening? They were suddenly being surrounded and there was a terrifying Qi in the atmosphere. 


“Does Xue Yue want to attack Lin Feng?” thought the crowd while shaking… Was Duan Xin Ye going to marry Lin Feng?


What a huge joke! That was impossible! Duan Xin Ye was the most beautiful girl in Xue Yue, Duan Wu Dao had finished second at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu and Lin Feng first. On top of that Lin Feng had become the ruler of Xue Yue, he had the same status as the king. Could the Imperial Palace of Xue Yue really accept such a thing?

Peerless Martial God Chapter 716

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