Peerless Martial God Chapter 740

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Chapter 740

Chapter 740: Tian Chi Xue


Lin Feng looked at the snowy mountain in the distance, it was a gigantic block of ice that seemed to have the Earth and sky frozen all around it. 


The most surprising thing was how many people had gathered around the mountain surrounded by fog. 


“Tian Chi…” whispered Lin Feng. At first glance you would know that this place had to be Tian Chi City. 


The eight of them continued running forwards until they arrived at the foot of the mountain. Just like in the rest of the empire, it was still snowing. But that place didn’t look dreary and desolate, it looked bustling and lively. There were many people on the gigantic field around the mountain. There were many pavilions too, under which people seemed to be using brushes to write things. 


Some people were walking to those pavilions and talking to those who were writing. It seemed like those writers were noting down people’s name on jade plates.


“As expected, they are registering for the application process.” thought some people. The application process was different in Tian Chi than any other countries. They would choose people from this singular place only, people from the entire empire could apply for for the exam. Even though the process was extremely complicated, it was also very fair and equitable. With such a system, no genius was going to be forgotten. After all, there were extraordinary geniuses everywhere in the empire.


The fact that the country handled affairs in a fair and equitable way made it very strong. 


“Finally, we are going to see Tian Chi Xue.” said Huang Fu Long smiling. He looked back at Lin Feng and said, “Okay, let’s go and register.”


Lin Feng nodded, he obviously wouldn’t refuse. If the Tian Chi Empire ran the way Huang Fu Long had described it, Lin Feng was willing to go to the mysterious world as a citizen of Tian Chi.


They all walked towards a pavilion, an old man raised his head and looked at them. He then smiled indifferently and said, “Not bad young people, you all have a chance to be selected.”


“Hehe, I will get married with Tian Chi Xue.” said Huang Fu Long while scratching his head. The old man was stupefied, he raised his head and looked at Huang Fu Long in a strange way. But then he immediately smiled and said, “Tian Chi Xue has broken through to the very top of the ninth Xuan Qi layer, many people want to be married with her. You have to make great efforts and become even stronger if you want her to become your wife.”


The old man didn’t get angry when he heard Huang Fu Long, instead, he encouraged him. Encouragement was a part of the spirituality of Tian Chi. 


“Come, write your name.” said the old man while putting a jade stone in front of them. Huang Fu Long wrote his name and surprisingly, his name immediately disappeared.


“Huang Fu Long, I hope that you will succeed.” said the old man while smiling. He then walked towards Lin Feng and said, “You are not from Tian Chi?” 


“Indeed, I am not. I come from a very small country.” said Lin Feng while nodding. 


“No problem, write your name, but keep in mind that if you go to the mysterious world as a citizen of Tian Chi then you must be willing to become one. In the future, if you do anything that tarnishes the image of our empire, the consequences will be serious.” said the old man patiently. He didn’t sound aggressive or threat

ening at all though. He was just explaining things clearly. 


“I understand.” said Lin Feng smiling. He then wrote his name on a jade stone and moved back. 


The old man smiled and shook his head. Lin Feng had great natural abilities but looked a bit cold. He was smiling but didn’t seem as easy and approachable. It seemed like Lin Feng had gone through many hards.h.i.+ps, his heart was filled with coldness.


Immediately after, the five others also wrote their names but Tang You You seemed a bit hesitant. She wasn’t like Lin Feng, she was from Dragon Mountain… But Dragon Mountain wasn’t powerful enough to send people to the mysterious world… Therefore, what she could do was join as a member of Shen Gong. If she joined as a citizen of Tian Chi, wouldn’t it make things complicated? 


“You You.” said Lin Feng shaking his head. Tang You You looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Jun Mo Xi and his father won’t be angry at me.” 


Then she immediately wrote her name on a jade stone. 


“Alright, you can look around now. You can also climb the mountain and look around up there. In three days, the test will start. You can come back here then.” said the old man. They all nodded and left.


“We can climb the mountain?” said Lin Feng surprised. It seemed like many people were actually going to climb the mountain, they all looked respectful and solemn. 


“Of course we can. Tian Chi is a holy place in the Tian Chi Empire. Everybody is free, for us, cultivation is a spiritual path. Tian Chi doesn’t forbid people from doing what is good for themselves. They don’t want to set limitations which could influence people’s cultivation.” replied Huang Fu Long. He then smiled, looking as simple-minded as before and said, “Let’s go to the snowy mountain and see. Maybe we will meet Tian Chi Xue.” 


Lin Feng didn’t refuse. The eight of them walked towards the crowd in front of them and they all started walking on a path that was covered with snow. They began climbing up the mountain. 


n.o.body was in the air. Lin Feng could see that the five people behind him looked solemn and serious. It seemed like they had forgotten the material world around them, just like Huang Fu Long had explained. They were in a holy place, they were like pilgrims. For them, Tian Chi City was a holy place. 


However, that holy place wasn’t flat, it was a gigantic mountain that pilgrims had to climb. They were even walking slowly on purpose, but it took only a few hours to reach the top. 


That place was filled with snow, unsurprisingly. There were many white buildings. Lin Feng looked down and his chest started bouncing. 


In front of him was a river of ice and snow, as well as fog. That ice-cold fog looked like an illusion. In the illusion, the atmosphere kept turning into ice. The fog made the atmosphere look even more beautiful. 


“Tian Chi Xue! Look, quickly! It’s Tian Chi Xue!” said someone at that moment sounding excited. The entire crowd looked excited and gazed into the distance.


Huang Fu Long was the one who turned around the fastest. In a flash, he looked at the very top of the mountain where there was a silhouette. That person was as white as snow and she was gazing into the distance. 


She looked calm and serene, she was as beautiful as snow. The only thing that wasn’t white on her body was her black hair on which snowflakes were resting.


“How beautiful…. Tian Chi Xue is so beautiful and she has broken through to the very top of the ninth Xuan Qi layer… She’s so gorgeous.” thought some people in the crowd while looking at that snowy-white silhouette. They all looked like they wors.h.i.+ped her. Tian Chi Xue was the holy woman of Tian Chi. She was the woman of many men’s dreams.


“Tian Chi Xue, you’re mine.” said a voice which dashed to the skies. The crowd was astonished and turned around. 


Lin Feng was speechless, he backed off a few steps just like the others. Many people looked excited. n.o.body was furious, they were all just watching Huang Fu Long and Tian Chi Xue. 




“Shameless guy. Why is he saying that? He thinks too highly of himself.” 


Some people were gnas.h.i.+ng their teeth. However, Huang Fu Long ignored them, he was just staring at Tian Chi Xue while clenching his fists. He was determined to get her and be married to her. 


Tian Chi Xue lowered her head when she heard him, the crowd was astonished, looking nervous. Tian Chi Xue just looked back at Huang Fu Long. 


She glanced at him looking emotionless. Then she turned around and disappeared from the people’s field of vision. 


“What an arrogant and elegant woman.” thought Tang You You. She was a woman, she could recognize when other women were arrogant, even if she had just glanced at her for a second.


“Is your wife as beautiful as her?” asked Tang You You while looking at Xue Ling Long in Lin Feng’s arms. Lin Feng had turned into a demon for her so Tang You You was curious to know what kind of woman could make Lin Feng go insane. 


“Of course, even more.” said Lin Feng with a gentle and warm smile. He sounded absolutely certain!

Peerless Martial God Chapter 740

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