Peerless Martial God Chapter 912

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Chapter 912

Chapter 912: Asoka Mountain

There was a mountain in Asoka which used to be considered a holy place in ancient times, But later on, it gradually became a normal place where cultivators who were not so strong went.

The Asoka Mountain was vast, as big as a small town. This was where the meeting would be held.

There were three peaks which symbolized a tripart.i.te balance of power. Between those three peaks was a huge flatland that was a few hundred kilometers wide. It was perfect for a large meeting.

There were three more days until the great sect meeting started. After Lin Feng figured all of this out Lin, he went to Asoka Mountain but decided not to talk much. Now and then, he’d go to a bar and drink some alcohol. Once in a while, people would look at Qiong Qi enviously.

In the evening, the lightened streets of Asoka Mountain were calm and peaceful. Many people had taken refuge around and on the three peaks to practice cultivation alone. Sometimes, there were also groups of people taking a stroll.

Lin Feng, Qiong Qi and Xue Ling Long were there. Qiong Qi was unhappily following Lin Feng and would sometimes roar. Xue Ling Long was always happy to be on Lin Feng’s shoulder.

There was a large stage that had been set up. Lin Feng could imagine Jade Heaven as well as the East Sea Dragon Palace and Shen Gong’s people plotting against Tian Chi. Lin Feng asked Qiong Qi, “Couldn’t we use a deployment technique with the mysterious marks?”

“Idiot. There are so many people practicing cultivation here. Even though I can carve marks without making any sound, I need abstruse crystals and the Qi from the abstruse crystals would definitely draw people’s attention. Do you think all those people are as stupid as you?”

Lin Feng seemed thoughtful. Qiong Qi was right, if they used abstruse crystals, Zun cultivators would definitely smell it and they would be doomed.

“But if I used flame energy to carve marks, even Zun cultivators wouldn’t be able to smell it.” Qiong Qi raised his head and sighed.

But Lin Feng smiled and said, “You’re Yan Di. That should be a piece of cake for you, right?”

Qiong Qi looked even prouder.

“I can do that for you but first you need to come with us to the secret place on the map. We need to see if there is something I could use there.”

“d.a.m.n animal.” thought Lin Feng but he said, “Alright, but we’re in a hurry now so we need to do that here and then we can go treasure hunting.”

Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng and said, “Alright, but if you try to fool me, you’ll die.”

“Don’t worry, I will never try to fool you.” Lin Feng said.

They went onto the stage and Lin Feng took out some abstruse crystals from his ring and gave them to Qiong Qi. He needed Qiong Qi to ruin this great sect meeting.

“Qiong Qi.” said Lin Feng. Some people were coming and one of them was wearing a strange robe. Half of it looked like it was made of fire and the other half of ice. That person looked at Qiong Qi but Qiong Qi lowered his head and continued walking.

Lin Feng looked at that young man with curiosity. Another extremely powerful young man. He was young and as strong as the young man in white clothes he had seen last time, the third Tian Qi layer. The other young people with him were much younger but none of them had a level inferior to the Tian Qi layer.

After they disappeared, Qiong Qi whispered, “That young man is extremely strong, if you ever encounter him, be very careful of his fire. Even worse, it’s mixed with ice.”

“Eh?” Qiong Qi was actually praising that young man? He re

minded Lin Feng of Lin Qian who had both an ice and fire soul. Too bad that Lin Qian was so proud..

“Alright, can we get going?” asked Lin Feng. Qiong Qi nodded and slowly lowered his head. There was no Qi and n.o.body could see him or smell his energies.

Although Lin Feng trusted him, he was worried that people could discover Qiong Qi.

Time pa.s.sed slowly as Lin Feng released his G.o.dly awareness and scouted the surroundings. At the beginning, he could see Qiong Qi but after a few minutes, he couldn’t. Lin Feng was surprised. Could Qiong Qi hide that well? Lin Feng felt even more relieved.

Lin Feng hid in a dark place in order to not draw attention. A long time pa.s.sed and Lin Feng opened his eyes, Qiong Qi came to him looking satisfied.

“Are you done?” asked Lin Feng. 

“Bulls.h.i.+t. When I do something, I always succeed. When I get back to my normal state, I will show you what it means to be an emperor.” said Qiong Qi which made Lin Feng smile.

“Alright. We’re done so let’s go now.” said Qiong Qi. 

“Alright, let’s compare the two maps first.” said Lin Feng while taking out the two maps. One could clearly see the paths on the new map but the other one was very old and blurry so comparing both maps was the best way to find the target destination.

“We need to find a mountain range.” said Qiong Qi. There were a few mountain ranges in Asoka. 

However, Lin Feng couldn’t find the one on the map.

“Strange.” whispered Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t find it and Qiong Qi found it strange too.

“Look, here.” said Qiong Qi pointing at place on the old map. Then, he pointed to Asoka Mountain on the new map and they looked alike.

It seemed like the treasure was in Asoka Mountain. However, there were three mountains in Asoka Mountain, but the area on the old map seemed gigantic.

Could it be that the Asoka Mountains have changed in the past three hundred years?

Peerless Martial God Chapter 912

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