Peerless Martial God Chapter 982

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Chapter 982

Chapter 982: You Can’t!

His silver wind was becoming even scarier. With the sun reflecting off of it, it looked like a silver rain.

“You think I can’t break it?” said Chou Jun Luo with a cold smile. “Let’s try then!”

He flapped his silver wings and created tornadoes all around.

“Slash, slash, slash…” sharp sounds spread in the air. The crowd was running even farther away.

They were already very far now, but the Qi was so sharp that they couldn’t stand it. Large blocks of stone were flying around now.

With just that wind, the dust and the stones flying around, the crowd couldn’t see Lin Feng and Chou Jun Luo anymore. He was flapping his wings so fast that they looked like an illusion.

Chou Jun Luo looked proud. He was looking down at Lin Feng in a despising way.

“Let’s see how long you can hold out. I’m sure you will die soon.” said Chou Jun Luo coldly. Lin Feng was definitely going to die.

Lin Feng’s heart was pounding inside his snowy tunnel. Chou Jun Luo was really strong. Like Prince Tian Lin, he had received teachings from a Zun cultivator. He also had a powerful blood strength and spirit. 

But, Prince Tian Lin had only broken through to the third Tian Qi layer, not the fifth like Chou Jun Luo.

“Yang Zi Lan had the blood of the Yang s.h.i.+ Clan and was a man. He must have had a lot of women so his blood must be even more powerful.” thought Lin Feng watching Chou Jun Luo. There was also that guy, the one who wanted to rank first amongst Tian level cultivators at Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu’s recruitment process, the Xuan Yuan s.h.i.+ prince. He had imperial blood and was probably incredible as well.

“Unfortunately, you won’t be able to kill me.” said Lin Feng coldly while staring down Chou Jun Luo.

“Is that so? Silver wings, kill!” said Chou Jun Luo. He attacked the snowy tunnel with his wings directly. The tunnel shook violently. Chou Jun Luo was so strong that he had managed to make the tunnel shake.

“You poor cultivator, you will never understand what it’s like to have a strong blood spirit. Even if you practice cultivation to the best of your abilities, you will always remain at the bottom of the cultivation world. You will realize that there are always cultivators who are stronger than you.” said Chou Jun Luo calmly. He was trying to destabilize Lin Feng’s focus.

However, Lin Feng just smiled and remained determined. Chou Jun Luo’s threats didn’t affect him. Lin Feng was determined to become stronger and stronger.

“There are many people who are stronger than me, but you are not one of them.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He then added, “Since I started practicing cultivation, I’ve never been afraid of people who are at the same level as me. Even with the strength of the fifth Tian Qi layer and a powerful blood strength, you still haven’t managed to kill me. If you were at the same level as me, I wouldn’t even look at you. Even now, you are nothing compared to me.”

Lin Feng shook his hand inside his snowy tunnel and unsheathed a sword.

That sword was sharp and seemed to absorb light. It emitted lights which looked like stars. It seemed like he was going to crush his own tunnel with that sword. Even in the middle of those silver lights, it still looked impressive.

“A treasure, again!” Chou Jun Luo looked at Lin Feng’s sword, another treasure? He couldn’t sense the sword energies because Lin Feng was in his snowy tunnel, but it looked precious.

Lin Feng had used three demon seal stones and his Tian Xuan stone, how many treas

ures did Lin Feng have?

“Recall!” Lin Feng stopped using his Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique. His snowy tunnel disappeared and Lin Feng appeared in the middle of the hurricane. However, thanks to his sword, the wind was weakened around him. There was a type of small world around that sword.

“What an incredible sword.” thought Chou Jun Luo. His wind couldn’t affect the s.p.a.ce around Lin Feng’s sword.

“Die!” Chou Jun Luo’s wings moved towards Lin Feng without hesitation.

Lin Feng was calmly standing there as he started releasing his level seven sword intent and instilled his strength into the Tian Ji Sword. He shook his hand and buzzing sounds spread in the air. The atmosphere then became calm again around him as the wind couldn’t reach his Tian Ji Sword.

Chou Jun Luo was annoyed. What kind of sword was that? And how could he deal with it?

Lin Feng had so many precious items.

“You’re using items again.” said Chou Jun Luo mockingly.

“I have many treasures to fight you with. However, you’re a cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer and you’re using your blood strength. You’re incompetent and I don’t respect you.” Lin Feng mocked as he shook his sword and starlights appeared. They slowly broke the wind energies around him.

“Die!” shouted Chou Jun Luo annoyed. His blood strength was emitting furious whistling sounds. His wings were extremely wide and sharp.

At the same time, Lin Feng slowly raised his sword. It contained incredible energies, both pure and dazzling.

“Slash, slas.h.!.+” It looked like his Tian Ji Sword was dancing, it left beautiful trails behind it. Lin Feng was cutting through the wind as if he was chopping vegetables.

The crowd was captivated by the battle. They were all trying to understand why Lin Feng wasn’t dying from the wind.

Even with precious items, it was hard to imagine that Lin Feng could resist such attacks.

“How come Chou Jun Luo hadn’t managed to kill him yet? There isn’t much time left.” thought Jiang Ning while frowning. He could sense Chou Jun Luo’s strong wind, how come Lin Feng was still alive?

Jiang Ning couldn’t believe his eyes, the others either. They wanted to see Lin Feng die!

Peerless Martial God Chapter 982

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