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Chapter 10: Birthday I imagine it might not be as simple as this for people of their pedigree but this might be how the Gemini bracelets look?

It was almost nine in the evening when he sent her home after the movie.

After bidding Su Jin farewell, Lu Xi returned back to his own villa. With his gla.s.s of red wine, he went to the balcony in his bedroom and sat on his rocking chair.

"Mom, I'm home." Su Jin opened the door and yelled out as she changed her shoes.

"Xiao Jin come over here quickly." From a distance away, she heard Han Meng's voice echo towards the entryway.

Su Jin made a turn and stepped into the living room.

As usual, Su Yue was not in the living room and was probably in the study. Instead, it was rare to see Su Chenghai with Han Meng, sitting together on the central long sofa in the room.

"Oh, who gave you those roses?" Sitting on the single seater sofa on the right side, Lin Xiyue teased as she arched an eyebrow at Su Jin.

As she sat down, she placed the flowers in her arms on the deep cyan marble coffee table. She took the proffered water from Aunt Xu and gave her thanks before she continued to answer, "who else could it be?"

"Then, it seems that this future brother-in-law of mine is pretty thoughtful when he gave you these flowers- he actually did not flaunt the bouquet ostentatiously." Lin Xiyue nodded in approval as she mentioned.

"Well, he isn't some sort of brainless youngster." Taking a few sips of water, Su Jin smiled as she poked Lin Xiyue on the forehead, "also, what future brother-in-law, things have not even begun to take shape yet."

Lin Xiyue rubbed her forehead and stuck out her tongue, but in her heart, she was estimating when this little rabbit would be captured by the big wolf.

Now that the topic has been raised, Su Chenghai and his wife shared a look before asking, "Xiao Jin, what’s your take on this Lu Xi?"

Su Jin was slightly astonished and raised her head to look at the serious expressions on her parents' faces. Thinking for a bit, she shook her head and answered, "I have only known him for a short while so I can't say much about him yet."

Su Chenghai nodded and added on, "I have weathered many challenges in the business world for so long, I am still able to make good judgements about people. Xiao Jin, this person Lu Xi," he paused for a bit as he looked at her expression and shook his head, "I can't figure him out."

Su Jin was so stupefied, she could only blink.

"However, there is only one thing I can be sure of, and that is that he does not harbour any ill intentions towards you." Laughing helplessly, Su Chenghai continued, "after all, our Su family does not have anything of note that the young master of the Lu family would scheme for. As for the matter regarding the two of you…"

"Just as distance determines the stamina of a horse, so does time reveal a person's true feelings." Su Chenghai chuckled as he patted his daughter's arm, “the two of you can get to know each other first and we can have a discussion about marriage at a later date."

"That's right, get to know each other first." Han Meng spoke too, "if Xiao Jin does not like him, you can let us know. Also, Xiyue," as she said this, she held onto Lin Xiyue's hand, "The both of you are mom’s precious daughters. At present, I am unable to interfere with what’s going on with Xiao Yue and Ming Xuan, but as for the both of you, by no means should you ever feel obligated or compelled by the betrothal arrangements."

Su Chenghai nodded in agreement.

Looking at her parents in this current life of hers, Su Jin's heart warmed and she bit her lip as she nodded.

In the book, it had not mentioned any such conversation but taking it into consideration, this would have been precisely what the couple would have said to Lin Xiyue. However, upon hearing these words, wouldn't the original Su Jin have felt that Lin Xiyue had stolen not just her fiancé, but she had also usurped her parents' love as well?

With a soft sigh, she glanced at Lin Xiyue and smiled. Lin Xiyue was surprised, but her lips curled too.

At the same time, the Su family were discussing this matter, Lu Xi was also on the balcony calling a family member.

"Ge, didn't you order that pair of Gemini bracelets?" Lu Xi asked as he held onto a gla.s.s of wine.

"Yeah, why?" A gentle voice of a man resounded from the phone.

"Send them to me then." The youngest master of the Lu family unreservedly asked.

"Eh?" The person on the other end of the phone was temporarily surprised before chuckling, “Why you! You’re always finding ways to extort things from me.”

"What do you mean 'extort'?" Lu Xi arched an eyebrow, "I am merely making reasonable and rational use of our resources, moreover you would buy them as gifts for your customers anyway.”

"Alright, alright, no matter how you say it, your excuse still sounds reasonable. Give me your address and I'll get someone to register it for urgent delivery." The person on the other line could only laugh somewhat helplessly.

"Isn't this how it should be done, I'll send the address to you in a bit." Lu Xi replied while nodding and then ended the call.

In the early summer evening, the moon brightly lit the sky and the evening breeze was slightly cool.

Su Jin had started up her computer and wrote the ending for her light novel that was currently in serialization. She then posted it online before replying to a few messages from some readers. Stretching a bit, she was getting ready to shower when the phone that she had left on the table rang.

It was a text.

[ Rest soon, if you sleep too late, pimples will appear. ]

The sender was Lu Xi.

Staring at this text for a moment, Su Jin frowned before she replied to the text.

[ How do you know that I'm not asleep? ]

When he received the reply, Lu Xi lifted his head to look towards the warm yellow glow that was emitted from the full-length window opposite from him. He chuckled and without further elaborating, he replied with two words, [ Good night. ]

The next morning, as she pulled open the curtains, a figure on the balcony opposite hers caught her eyes.

Due to the distance between the villas, she could only faintly see a silhouette.

However, the villa next to theirs had only one person living in it.

Su Jin immediately thought of yesterday's text and lightly frowned. There were many rooms in that villa, yet he had to choose that particular one. Had he done so intentionally?

The person on the opposite balcony seemed to have seen her and raised his arm to wave at her.

Lightly letting out a sound of indignation, Su Jin turned to open her bedroom door and went downstairs.

As expected, Lu Xi received an invite for the evening banquet that Su Chenghai planned for his two daughters.

On the evening of the dinner banquet, dressed in a black suit, it took Lu Xi a few minutes to walk over to the villa. Su Yue was there to welcome the guest, so after Lu Xi had greeted the busy man, he made his way into the living room.

There were many people already gathered in the villa. Most of them were Su Chenghai's business partners, and naturally, there was also the Ming family and the Han family. The evening banquet for the two daughters of the family had seemed to gather more than half of the upper echelon from the entire Shenhai city.

Lu Xi was a new face making an appearance at the Su residence. Obviously, the phrase 'a new face' was merely within the social circle of Shenhai city's. After all, this was the first time he has made an appearance within the circle of Shenhai city's upper crust. However, this did not hinder most people from knowing of him.

He was Lu Xi, the youngest master of Beijing's Lu family and the director of the popular currently-airing film 'Heart-pounding Excitement'.

The eldest young miss, Su Jin of the Su family's… fiancé.

Hence, several people had stepped forward to chat with him. As for Lu Xi who had interacted with all sorts of people as a director and had grown up receiving the best education from his family, he too, artfully plastered on a shallow smile as he talked cheerfully and wittily with these people.

In the crowd, a girl wearing a purple c.o.c.ktail dress looked towards the group of people conversing by the door. Even if he was wearing the plainest black suit, the man was still extremely eye-catching. Her pitch-black eyes had a trace of contrariness.

Hands gripping onto the sides of her skirt tightly as her nails pinched into her flesh, she suppressed a heart filled with raging envy.

Why? She was only a b.a.s.t.a.r.d that was swapped at birth. What reason did she, Su Jin, have to possess all this?

"Xuelan, what's wrong?" Sensing his daughter's mood, Han Lei urgently asked.

Taking a deep breath, Han Xuelan shook her head as she looked at her father.

Seeing this, Han Lei then nodded and lowered his voice as he spoke, "I have already mentioned that we didn't have to come. You insisted on coming and since we are already here, let us not attract any attention to ourselves. Restrain your temper and don't provoke matters here."

Looking at her father's deferential expression, Han Xuelan clenched her firsts firmly and then, nodded.

The banquet was about to begin.

Wearing a tailored dark-coloured suit, Su Chenghai had both of his daughters place their hands on the crook of his arms as they walked down the flight of stairs. The crowd's exclamations of admiration resounded in the wide expanse of the living room.

Lin Xiyue was dressed in a short milky-white princess gown and on her feet were high-heel sandals made of crystal. She had light makeup on her face and her hair was done up in a demi-chignon bun with a small and delicate tiara on the crown of her head. Her entire appearance was like a charmingly fresh and pure white morning at the cusp of dawn.

As for Su Jin who stood on the other side of her father, she was dressed in a violet body-hugging dress that had a silhouette like a qipao; which perfectly outlined her beautiful and long figure. On her feet, she had worn similarly-coloured heels and her long hair was draped gracefully over one shoulder.

With her pair of phoenix eyes and eyebrows lightly drawn in black, she had stolen the hearts of the audience in an instant with the l.u.s.tre of her mesmerising gaze. In contrast with Lin Xiyue, she appeared more like a red rose, deadly yet magnificent and incomparably gorgeous.

"The two daughters of the Su family can most definitely be heralded as the nation's most outstanding beauties!" In the audience, someone could not help but exclaim resulting in a unanimous sentiment from the other guests.

Su Chenghai's lips secretly curled, as he brought his two daughters up onto the small stage that was set up in the middle of the living room.

"h.e.l.lo everyone, I am Su Chenghai." He spoke as he adjusted the height of the microphone stand while he spoke.

The crowd gradually grew silent.

"Today is the 22nd birthday of my two daughters. I would like to thank everyone for taking time out of their busy schedules to give our family the pleasure of having your presence in partic.i.p.ating with us at our little girls' birthday banquet. This is my eldest daughter- I'm sure everyone recognises her- Su Jin." He pointed to the girl standing on his left side and Su Jin lifted her skirts in a curtsy.

Su Chenghai nodded and turned to the other side, "this is my youngest daughter, Lin Xiyue…"

The audience in respect for Su Chenghai turned their attention along with him towards Lin Xiyue.

Only two people were the exception.

Han Xuelan glared at the figure of the person wearing the purple dress, then looking at her own dress, a relentless rage of fury flashed through her eyes.

As for the tall man whose peach blossom eyes stared intently at the person on the stage, slowly, his eyebrows furrowed.

d.a.m.n it, who designed this outfit?

Undoubtedly, there was no deep v-cut at the front or a back-revealing part to it. Furthermore, the outfit practically covered every inch of skin except for her arms. Even the heels revealed only the tip of her toes. Yet d.a.m.nably, all this just made one feel attracted to her.

He was itching to…

Tear it to shreds.

Translated by irisu-san

Edited by Ely

TLC-ed by Minodayz

Perfect Fiancé Chapter 10

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