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Chapter 2 A bouquet of red roses… What could it mean?

"Hello, my… fiance…"

The deep, low and mellow voice resounded in her brain as Su Jin pulled a cushion from the side to cover her face. After a few minutes, she rolled over. Dropped at the headboard, the cushion rolled a few times. Agitated, she opened her eyes.

There was a sharp clarity in her eyes that did not reveal her sleepiness, just the dark shadows under her eyes.

Messing helplessly with her hair, Su Jin got out of bed to look at the clock on the headboard; it was only six o'clock. She had always slept well but for her to actually suffer from insomnia, shaking her head, she retreated back to bed.

It's all because of the male lead that lingered around like a malignant spirit!

His shocking behaviour ruined all her plans.

Originally, she thought that she would be a bystander in the male and female lead's romance. She would complete her degree, then idly, she would become a freelance writer or perhaps… She could have met someone.

But now the male lead, who was supposed to have a blazing romance with the female lead, was interested in her. Su Jin furrowed her brows. After that strange meeting yesterday at the back passageway entrance, Lu Xi came over to her home and mooched a free dinner. Through his efforts in just one meal, that con artist managed to win over the favour of her parents. They might have even suggested that he stay over if not for the fact that he lacked his luggage and already had a place to stay that his assistant had found for him.

So… Su Jin soothed her pounding forehead, what did Lu Xi have in mind? She could not believe that he could have his own beauty standards that were not the latest trend in this novel's world.

If he was not interested in this face of hers, then what could be the reason for the gentleman of the Lu family to give up on his preferences to make her the centre of his attention? Could his grandfather be the reason…

Those thoughts swirled in her head for a long time. Shaking her head, Su Jin finally abandoned that idea.

Forget it. For the time being, she would let nature take its course and cross the bridge when she came to it.

Placing her hand over her heart, a wry smile appeared on her lips. Although she had lived in an orphanage since she was young, she was not reclusive and did not have an extreme personality. She was indifferent by nature in general but those dearest to her; in her past life, there was only Aunt Fu, the orphanage director, who managed to do so.

When she finally came downstairs, it was already eight. In the dining room, a man and woman sitting at the table looked towards her. Holding a newspaper and sitting on the right, the man nodded at her and spoke, "Xiao Jin, have you finally woken up? Come and have some breakfast."

Sitting at the left, Lin Xiyue waved her left hand towards Su Jin and beamed, "Jiejie, come over here quickly(1). Aunt Xu made barley porridge today- here's a serving for you."

(1) (jiě jie) 姐姐: big sister

Obediently listening to Lin Xiyue, Su Jin sat beside her. Raising her head in suspicion, she pressed the man in front of her, "Gege(2), are you not going to the company today? Where's Mom?"

(2) (gē ge) 哥哥: big brother

Su Yue had just begun taking over the reins of the company. Although he had his father's help, he was still busy from dawn till dusk. He rarely returned and Su Jin had not seen him for quite some time.

"I was about to, but Mom is visiting our uncle." With a slight smile appearing on his face, Su Yue had placed the newspaper down after hearing his sister's questions. Although he now knew that he and Su Jin were not related by blood, he still continued to dote on her like his own sister- just as he had ever since they were young. During their childhood, their parents were busy with the company and did not have any time to care for them. This little girl had always clung to him. Perhaps she was used to being spoiled, therefore, her personality was also extremely indulgent. However, with the revelation about Lin Xiyue and grandfather’s incident that happened not too long ago, this young lady that used to be arrogant and simple seemed to mature in a span of a night. As her older brother, he was proud that his family’s little sister had begun to grow up, yet, on her behalf, he also felt somewhat distressed, "Xiao Jin(3)."

"Yes?" Su Jin raised her head, those beautiful phoenix eyes looking towards the bright and handsome man sitting before her.

(3) (xiǎo jǐn) 小锦: 'xiao jin' means little or young Jin. It is a common way for elders (like parents, grandparents and older siblings) to call a young child in such a way as to express their affection and love for them For example, Xiao Jin, Xiao Yue (Xiyue) or Xiao Yue (Su Yue).

"About the betrothal arrangement with the Lu family, I have heard about what happened with Lu Xi yesterday." Su Yue spoke heavily, "although it was arranged by Grandfather, he mostly wished for your happiness; Mom and Dad, too, have the same intention. They have a good impression of Lu Xi so far, but they also don’t wish for you to force yourself to accept. Even though our Su family cannot be compared to the Lu family with their big family and company, still, we do not have to be afraid of offending them." With a hint of a wry smile upon his lips, he said, "you have me here to protect you. "


As a wave of warmth spread through her, Su Jin bit her lip and nodded firmly.

Standing alone with a bowed head and lowered eyes, she hid the trace of anguish she felt upon gazing at the siblings.

Turning his head slightly, Su Yue looked at Lin Xiyue with her head bowed as she ate her porridge and continued, "the same goes Xiyue. When your time comes to get married, you definitely need to find someone you like. Things like their family background don’t matter, Gege just hopes for both of you to be happy."

After hearing that, Lin Xiyue was a little astonished but immediately grinned widely and firmly nodded her head.

"Big brother, you talked about us," Su Jin swallowed down a mouthful of porridge and chimed in, "but how are you and Ming Xuan Jiejie now?"

The Su, Ming and Han families were the three pillars of Shenhai city.

The families were a part of a three-way partnership of support, and check and balances in power. Marriage alliances seldom occurred between the three families. Although, there were a few instances such as the Su family’s madam and their mother, Han Meng, who was the elder sister of the managing head of Han family. But, the circumstances around Ming Xuan made her identity a little unique.

With no sons, the current generation of the Ming Family only had one daughter, Ming Xuan, so she was Ming Zhi’s only successor.

Su Yue and Ming Xuan could be considered childhood friends but most importantly, the both of them were mutually attracted to each other. However, with Ming Xuan's identity, she could not marry into the Su family and Su Yue could not become a member of hers either.

"Ming Xuan and I… " Su Yue shook his head and adjusted his necktie as he stood up. Grabbing his ash silver jacket from the back of his chair, he put it on and bid farewell to his sisters, "alright, I am going to the company now. Have a good meal, you two."

Just after he walked to the front door, and changed his shoes, the clear and melodious sound of the doorbell resounded. Raising an eyebrow, Su Yue wondered, who would be here at this time of day?

Quickly opening the villa's front door, what appeared before his eyes was a bouquet of stunningly vibrant roses. There were even still some droplets of sparkling and translucent dew that remained on the bright red petals.

The man behind the roses wore a light coloured casual suit had a pair of enticing eyes and his face was adorned with a smile.

He looked exceptionally…

… Like he badly needed a fist to his face.

"Who are you?" Su Yue asked coldly. Young master Su, the main director of the company was not in the entertainment circle so he evidently did not recognise the great director Lu. He could only wonder where did this skirt-chaser come from, and which of his darling baby sisters was he coveting?

Unfazed by Su Yue's cold and hard attitude, Lu Xi's smile remained and spoke, "you must be Jin'er's elder brother, right? Hello, I'm Lu Xi." As a slight dimple appeared on his right cheek, he stretched out his hand, "Jin'er's fiance."

"Lu Xi?" Su Yue shook his hand and gave a wry smile, "hello. The arrangements between you and Xiao Jin have not be settled so this title of yours, 'fiance'- isn't it a little too early for that?"

"The betrothal between Jin'er and myself has been determined by both grandparents of our families. Naturally, she will be my fiance." His smile was unchanged and he refused to yield even in his words.

Glancing at the red roses before him, Su Yue changed the topic, "are you gifting this to Xiao Jin?"

"That's right," Lu Xi nodded his head, "I've just arrived here and today happens to be a Sunday. I wanted to ask Jin'er to be my guide and accompany me to stroll around the city."

"Xiao Jin." Changing his mind about leaving for work, Su Yue turned around and called out as he moved towards the dining room.

"Gege?" Appearing from the dining room, Su Jin quickly saw the two similarly outstanding men who stood opposite each other by the entrance.

"Why did gentleman Lu come here?" She asked with a raised brow.

"To invite Jin'er to be my guide." Lu Xi smiled as he winked at her, handing over the roses in his hands to her.


(4) (jǐn ér) 锦儿: 'Jin er' is a phonological diminutive suffix that adds a depth of layer to a noun, or simply put, it's a group of letters that is used to make a name sound cute and affectionate. Lu Xi calls her Jin’er to express his intense feelings tenderness and intimacy for her which is used among lovers.

Su Jin became a little distracted by this term of affection and by the time she finally reacted, the roses were already in her hands.

"Gentleman Lu likes roses?" Su Jin asked after composing herself.

"Naturally, I like them." Glancing at her, Lu Xi's alluring eyes were full of laughter.

"Oh…" Averting her eyes, Su Jin laughed as she peered from the corner her eyes, "However, roses have a lot of thorns. Are you not afraid of pricking yourself?"

"Since it's the flower that I like, even if I am pricked, naturally-" The wry smile at his lips became gentle. As he completed his sentence, his voice grew more mellow.

"I would still be delighted."

Dazzled by those smiling eyes, Su Jin looked towards Su Yue.

"Ming Xuan mentioned that she asked you out for a cup of coffee, and since it’s along the way to the office, can I drop you off?" Su Yue sensed his little sister’s need for an escape, and therefore, he was in a good mood and gave a slight grin.


Seeing that her brother understood what she planned without her even mentioning anything, Su Jin's lips blossomed into a sweet smile, "Gege, thank you."

"Let’s go." Looking at this little girl's sweet smile that had not appeared in a long time, Su Yue could not resist and caressed the crown of Su Jin's hair.

"Mm." Su Jin nodded her head and turned to look towards Lu Xi as she spoke, "Xiyue is at home. If you do not mind, gentleman Lu can go in and have a seat. My brother and I will leave first."

After saying this, and without waiting for Lu Xi to reply, she pulled Su Yue's arm to walk towards the car that was parked not too far away.

After the silver BMW that had pulled away, Lu Xi stood there staring for a long time. The laughter in his alluring eyes still remained. Helplessly, his lips curled and he muttered softly, "what a heartless girl, huh?"

Translated by irisu-san

Edited by Ely

Perfect Fiancé Chapter 2

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