Pet King Chapter 468

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There was an old saying, a Tibetan Mastiff can beat three tigers, three Tibetan Mastiffs can sink an aircraft carrier, five Tibetan Mastiffs can kill G.o.d, and five Tibetan Mastiffs can create a new era.


Although this saying was mocking those who bragged about Tibetan Mastiffs, the Tibetan Mastiff was, without a doubt, one of the most ferocious dogs.

The beast in the script was a Tibetan Mastiff?

Tibetan Mastiffs belong to the dog family and they are a social animal. Their specialty though, made it rare for people to have a bunch of them at home except those Tibetan Mastiff bases. This made many people, including Zhang Zian think that Tibetan Mastiffs are solitary animals.

Usually, you wouldn't raise a group of Tibetan Mastiffs together because they fight each other to death.

Liu told Zhang Zian before, even though the German Shepherds were police dogs, they could still get compet.i.tive. If they liked each other, they were brothers and sisters, if they didn't, then they were enemies. That was why you never let German Shepherds who hate each other work or even train together because they would fight.


The compet.i.tion among Tibetan Mastiffs was even more fierce than the compet.i.tion among German Shepherds.


Old Yang was thinking, while Zhang Zian was confused.


Feng Xuan nodded to Xu Gang. Xu Gang took out a laptop from his backpack, then linked it to the projector and closed the curtains.

"You won't benefit from just words. Just look at this video clip and you will understand. This video was shot by Gang Zi in No Man's Land in the west. It hasn't be cut or anything. It is new to me as well. Let's watch it together." Feng Xuan said, "Gang Zi, you made the video, you do the presentation if you don't mind."

Feng Xuan signaled for Zhang Zian and Old Yang to find a place to sit. Xu Gang stood next to the projection screen and got ready to start.

The video started playing.

Zhang Zian stared at the video and felt disappointed. He thought this was actually a joke and Xu Gang might show them a newly released western film. He didn't expect it to really be a video shot in the west!

Xu Gang was not a professional photographer, the shots weren't steady and it was obvious the video was made with his own camera, but you could tell it was shot near a Zang temple.

At first, there were no Tibetan Mastiffs in the video, there was only the blue sky, so deep and far away. You could practically feel the suns.h.i.+ne and the heavy breath of the videomaker.


The lens panned down and focused on a Zang temple located on a mountain.

The focus was not the temple, but the two people in the crowd. One of them wore the traditional Zang clothes, while the other was a tourist wearing a red jacket. They were squatting down and …

Zhang Zian was speechless as he looked at Xu Gang. It was so weird to take videos of people, he couldn't have done something else? What was his goal, to portray the city better? If he insisted to record that, he could have done better than shooting two men. You could almost smell the p.o.o.p through the screen.


Xu Gang waved his hands to calm them.


The two people finished their business and were about to stand up, holding their pants. You could tell from their facial expressions that they were happily talking to each other.


All of a sudden, the tourist looked like he had been scared and ran away, still holding his pants.


A giant brown Tibetan Mastiff suddenly ran from the corner of the screen and frightened Zhang Zian. It was just like the jump scares at the movies. He worried he might see some b.l.o.o.d.y scenes next. However, this Tibetan Mastiff didn't aim for the tourist or the local Zang, it was running to their s.h.i.+t. It rushed forwards and smelled it, then opened its mouth and swallowed it without hesitation!


The local Zang seemed indifferent about this scene and slowly walked towards the temple.


The focus had changed. The photographer was in the door of the temple and recording from above. The mountain was not high, there was a long stonemade slope from the foot of the mountain to the top. On the stairs, there were at least ten ma.s.sive Tibetan Mastiffs, some were lying, some were walking, and some having a rest under the sun.


The Zangs were brave enough to walk through them, while the tourists were too scared to keep walking.


A few brave tourists tried to throw food from a distance to the Tibetan Mastiffs. They immediately started fighting for the food, pus.h.i.+ng each other and baring their sharp teeth. There was blood everywhere and they were growling loudly, just for this tiny amount of food. One of the tourists who threw the snacks, laughed happily and took out his camera to catch the moment. Other tourists took photos as well.

It wasn't just the tourists, some Zang people were also feeding them.

Zhang Zian shook his head while watching. He compared it to tourists feeding monkeys their own food at some tourist site. If you fed them more, they would get used to it and think "Humans have food with them all the time." If tourists forgot to bring food or were not willing to feed them…the monkeys weren't just going to let them go.

If these wild Tibetan Mastiffs had the same subconscious, things were going to get really bad.

There were some Tibetan Mastiffs, not only on the stone stairs, but around the solemn hall as well. One of them even gazed at the camera with a cold look. The camera person's breath became heavier, and it was not because of a fear of heights.

Xu Gang paused the video and used the laser pointer to point at that unfriendly Tibetan Mastiff on the screen, explaining to them, "I'm sure you guys have heard of the economic collapse of Tibetan Mastiffs. A Tibetan Mastiff used to cost over 10 million yuan, now it is like they have become worthless stray dogs. The economy of Tibetan Mastiffs used to keep a great amount of Tibetan Mastiffs in the Zang area. After the collapse, the owners of Tibetan Mastiff farms lost all their money and the Tibetan Mastiffs became stray dogs. Just as you can see from the video, there were at least a thousand Tibetan Mastiffs near this temple."

"The Tibetan Mastiff used to be called G.o.d Dog in the snow mountain, but are now considered disasters. They wander any temples, roads, cities and villages they come across. They eat everything they can eat. Now, they hunt livestock, rare animals, and even attack human beings. Local elder people and children are afraid to go out alone. If they have to go out, they carry stones or bats with them in case an attack happens. When I was recording, I heard people being bitten and kids dying."


Zhang Zian and Old Yang held their fists and listened sadly.


Famous stood up and glared at the Tibetan Mastiff who was only a bit bigger than him.

Pet King Chapter 468

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