Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Part 52

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Whether Swallows do lie under water in Winter, and revive in Summer? n.

19. 350.

Whether the _Hungarian Bolus_ like the _Armenus_? 1. 11.

_Rattle-Snakes_ how kill'd in _Virginia_, 3. 43.

_Snakes_ and Vipers how they differ, see _Snakes_ above.

The Qualities and Productions of _May-dew_, 3. 1.

Damps in Mines how they kill, 3. 44.

Teeth growing in aged persons, 21. 380.

Steams and Expirations of the Body how stopp'd; and the stoppage dangerous or mortal, 8. 138.

s.h.i.+ning Worms in Oysters, 12. 203.

III. _Arts_, or Aids for the discovery or use of things Natural. _See_ Artificial Instruments in the _Table_.

Agriculture, _see_ the Inquiries, 5. 91.

English Vineyards vindicated, see in the _Catalogue of Books_.

Geometry, see _Euclid_ methodized for Facility, _Fermat: in the Catalogue of Books._

Astronomy, see Astronomical Remarks. _Bullialdus_, _Hevetius_, _Comets_, _Planets_, _Saturn_, _Jupiter_, _Mars_, _Sun_, _Moon_, _Eclipses_.

Opticks _see_ that Head in the _Table_.

Picture, _see_ that Head in P. and _Felibien_ in the _Catalogue of Books_.

How to paint Marbles within, _see_ the Head _Marble_.

_Pendulum_ Watches to ascertain _Longitudes_ at Sea, 1. 13.

Whale-fis.h.i.+ng about _Bermudas_, 1. 11. and 8. 132.

Silk-trade sollicited in _France_, _Virginia,_ see _Silk_ in the _Table_.

Eeles how to be found in Frosts, 17. 323.

Winds raised to blow by the fall of water without Bellows, 2. 25. shew'd in a _Cutt_.

Elephants enraged, how to escape or subdue, 18. 328.

Seas and vast waters, whether they may be united to the main Ocean, 3.


To proportion the distance necessary to burn Bodies by the Sun; and shewing, why the Reflections from the Moon and other Planets do not burn, 4. 69.

The Art of making _Salt-Peeter_, as practised in the _Mogols_ Dominions, 6. 103.

To make _China_-Dishes, 14. 249.

expected from Seigneur _Septalio_ to be made in _Europe_, 7. 127.

To convey blood of one Animal, or other Liquors, into the blood of another Animal, 20. 353.

To preserve Ice and Snow by Chaffe, 8. 138.

To preserve s.h.i.+ps from being Worm eaten, 11. 190.

To preserve Birds taken out of the Eggs, or other small _Faetus_'s, for Anatomical, or other Discoveries, 12. 199.

To allay the heat in hottest Summer, for Diet or Delight, 15. 255.

Remedies against extream Cold suggested, 21. 379.

Trees of Oak as black as Ebony discover'd, and taken up out of Moors and Marshes in draughty weather, 11. 323.


That though in this last Head there is repeated the _Transfusion_ of Blood, because the Operation is an Art requiring diligence, and a practised hand to perform it for all advantagious Discoveries, and so to be distinguish'd from the _Anatomical_ Account; yet that there is not affected noise and number, may well appear by reviewing and comparing the particulars of _Artificial Instruments_ in the {407} _Table_, where sometimes one Engin or Instrument may minister Aid to discover a large branch of Philosophy, as the _Baroscope_, an _Optick Gla.s.s_, &c.

And very particularly M. _Rook_'s directions for Seamen, which specifies Instruments, may hereunto belong.

And sometimes in one of the Discourses herein mention'd, and abbreviated, there are almost as many Artificial Inventions, as Experiments; as in Mr.

_Boyle_'s Hydrostatical Experiments: Besides all the Chymical Operations, recited in the _Treatise_ of the _Origine of Forms_, &c.

[Greek: Ouk en toi megaloi to eu, all' en toi eu to mega.]

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Part 52

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