Picked Up A Demon King To Be A Maid Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Loran Academy is the oldest and most famous academy in mainland Eileen. The best students and the most outstanding teachers from all over the continent are gathered here. The three former heroes were all graduates of this academy. It could be said that talented people came forth in large numbers. Loran Academy was therefore hailed as "the cradle of the hero" and "the hope of humanity" and other similar t.i.tles.

However, Lin Xiao is not interested in being a hero. The real purpose of joining Loran Academy is to become a “Reserve Hero!”

As the name implies, in order to stabilize the military during the punitive expedition against the demon king and to avoid the tragedy of the army breaking down after the hero dies, the position of “Reserve Hero” came into existence.

After the hero falls, the reserve hero can stand up immediately. He can continue to fight in place of the hero and take the Excalibur that symbolizes honor! To represent humanity! To put an end to the evil demon king! Blah, blah, blah…

I’ll save the lies for government officials. As a reserve hero, you can enjoy the generous treatment that is second only to the real hero. Although there is no real power, you don’t have to use your life as cannon fodder. On ordinary days, you can eat and drink with public funds, you can be a good-for-nothing that waits for death while spending public funds. How great would that be!

Today, however, Lin Xiao’s dreams of becoming a reserve hero were f.u.c.ked up by himself!

Looking at his fluctuating face, Teacher Woos thought that his magical energy consumption was too high. He said, “Lin Xiao, go back and rest. There are cla.s.ses tomorrow morning. Don’t be late.”

Yes, if all fails then retreat!

“Okay, teacher.” Lin Xiao nodded his head, pretended to be tired, ignored Rosie’s envious and hateful gaze and fled from the school.

Although I was able to run away, but this isn’t over yet. What should I do when I see Caesar tomorrow?

Prince Caesar’s character isn’t bad. He is popular among students. There are countless girls that like him, but he values honor and dignity. Lin Xiao took his first place and that’s tantamount to him rubbing his feet on his handsome face. He definitely won’t leave the matter at that.

In the worst case, he might even duel Lin Xiao! That’s the scenario that Lin Xiao doesn’t want to see the most!

"I might as well just fabricate ‘the crystal ball was damaged, the test results are wrong’ reason to lie to him … " after thinking of this, Lin Xiao’s complexion finally improved.

As a unmotivated traveler, Lin Xiao has been in mainland Eileen for two or three years. Although there’s no computer, mobile phone and wifi here, Eileen still has a lot of fun stuff. He has gradually adapted to life here and there’s nothing to complain about. As long as he becomes a reserve hero, he can live a completely carefree NEET life.

There was only one thing that was troubling him.

When he was on Earth, he graduated from college and became an honorable social animal and was still a single dog. He’s already 15 years old in this different world. According to the norms here, one become a adult at 16 and can already be engaged. He didn't even have a girlfriend, who can he be engaged to…

Of course, he once had a daydream — he, the traveler, met a beautiful transfer student heroine one day, the two began a love story. Bringing the school Madonna home, day and night, and so on…

Or, both parents are busy, he has a younger sister and house. He and his dear sister are dependent on each other. One day he accidentally broke the taboo and got pleasure in the l.u.s.t of meat and desire. Onii-chan don’t, don’t, don’t stop… And henceforth he lived a shameless s.e.xual life, and the like…

However, being single is a curse, where can I be easily saved?

“d.a.m.n it, who cares if I was single for tens of years, I’m a man who wants to become a great magician!”

Lin Xiao spoke of irrelevant delusions to himself, left the academy, walked through the market, pa.s.sed through the empty alleys, and stopped in a small remote place.

This shabby house is his home.

This is the capital of the Kingdom of Lombard, Winterless City. As the commercial and political center of the Kingdom, the price of land in Winterless City has skyrocketed in the recent years. Lin Xiao, the young traveler Lin Xiao was lucky enough to get this small house.

“If, I mean, if I start to believe in the G.o.ddess of light from now on, will the G.o.ddess bestow me with a girlfriend… Hey, stop dreaming, me.”

Lin Xiao yawned incessantly and shook his head to get rid of all the troubles and prepared for a nap. But the next scene got rid of all his tiredness!

A large rectangular box was for some reason placed in front of his house.

“Wow, a parcel this big?”

The cloud-shaped print on the outside of the box proves that this is a parcel from the “Flowing Cloud Magic s.h.i.+pper”, similar to Earth’s courier company. The box is firmly locked by a special magic lock, consistent with the usual style of their parcels. What surprised Lin Xiao is that he hasn’t ordered any merchandise recently, and he doesn’t have many friends in this world. Who sent this parcel?

On top of the box, Lin Xiao found an exquisite card. It was also painted with a soft cloud pattern. It also flowed faintly with magic, with a line of small print on it:

“Respected Lin Xiao, please sign and verify you’ve received the s.h.i.+pment.”

“Lin Xiao? Weird, it actually has my name, I thought they delivered it incorrectly.”

This is a symbolic signing card for the company. It uses ordinary contract magic. As long as the owner of the mailer signs his name on the card, the magic lock on the box is automatically released.

“It’s not a prank…”

Lin Xiao pondered for a while without any result. He simply pushed the box into the house. The rectangular box was like a coffin, dead and heavy, he spent a lot of effort to finally push the box into the hall.

“What’s inside of this shabby coffin? It won’t be a dead body, right?”

It’s useless to guess, he might as well sign the card to accept the parcel and worry about it later.

After the crooked “Lin Xiao” was written, the rectangular box suddenly made breaking sounds and collapsed like a brick wall.

"What kind of situation is this, and when did they start to provide automatic unpacking service?"

Even more things that made Lin Xiao flabbergasted followed behind. The card in his hand suddenly lit on fire and flew into the air and burned! A moment later, the flames in the air gradually extinguished, and the card that was supposed to be burned turned into a sheepskin scroll out of thin air and fell steadily in the hands of Lin Xiao.

“This is?” Catching the scroll to take a look, Lin Xiao abruptly had a bad feeling.

Sheepskin is a commonly used material for making magic scrolls. At the same time, it is also one of the mediums for signing the soul contract. The sheepskin scroll was densely packed full of ancient spells. The first line had four quirky symbols. Although he couldn’t understand the meaning, he knew that this was definitely a kind of high-level soul contract!

Someone disguised the soul contract as the signing card of Cloud Demon s.h.i.+ppers and tricked Lin Xiao into signing the contract!

“The contract… what contract is it?”

With the disintegration of the box, the mysterious goods inside finally appeared. It was a sleeping girl!

The girl was fair-skinned, had translucent silver hair that covered the side of her face and was wearing a black and white maid dress. The two white and delicate thighs overlapped each other like a curled up little rabbit.

Who is she? Why is she wearing a maid outfit? Why is she inside the box?

Maiden, Maid, Contract… after connecting these keywords together, Lin Xiao suddenly realized! He recalled the meaning of the four odd symbols on the first line of the sheepskin scroll!

It was the ancient G.o.d language of mainland Eileen. Now it is no longer used. Translating it into the common language, it becomes —

“Slave Contract”

In Eileen, the concept of slaves is different from Earth. The so-called slaves must sign a "slave contract" with their masters. This is an extremely strong soul contract. It is said that it was black magic that a madman researched several hundred years ago in order to enslave the people. He was defeated by the Church’s Crucifix Guards. He was later burned to death on the cross, but his dark magic did not disappear. Later, it spread to the world and became a secret weapon for certain underground organizations and dark forces.

Once the contract is signed, the slave must not harm the master, nor can he be disloyal. Otherwise, the soul will suffer a terrible rebound. At best, injuries will occur. In the worst case, you’ll die!

Although Lin Xiao doesn't understand what’s going on, he understands that —

From now on, this beautiful girl lying in his bed, is his slave!

Picked Up A Demon King To Be A Maid Volume 1 Chapter 2

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