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pirate in naruto world ch 16 Chapter 16 Examination begins

Chiba’s graduation examination day finally arrived.

On this day, many ninjas came to the Ninja School early, even most of the students in the school were present, ready to watch the graduation a.s.sessment of Chiba.

“Today is the graduation a.s.sessment of Chiba. I don’t know what his a.s.sessment content is.” There is a ninja who said that he is looking forward to the a.s.sessment content.

“If Chiba can pa.s.s the a.s.sessment, he is the first to graduate from Ninja School and become the youngest ninja. It is really amazing.” Some people praised.

“Now Chiba has not pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment yet. You will tount him like this. When he pa.s.ses the a.s.sessment, that will not be too late to praise him.”

Some ninjas dismissively said that even Chiba is extremely talented, but the age is too small to be Through the a.s.sessment, it will be such a disdain.

In their view, it is very rare for Sak.u.mo to get out of Kakas.h.i.+’s genius, and it is impossible to have another genius.

After all, there are still a lot of ninjas who don’t want the Flag family to have a three-star ninja, so that they have a higher status in the wood leaves.

The village of Konaha is not as bright as on the surface, and there are also various dirty things happen in the dark.

Accompanied by Kakas.h.i.+, Chiba came to the Ninja School and walked alone to the No. 1 training ground.

At this time, in the auditorium of No. 1 training ground, a lot of ninjas and students in the school have gathered to prepare to watch the graduation a.s.sessment of Chiba.

Chiba stood in the cultivation field and was watched by the audience on the audience. There was no tension and calmness. It seemed to be a natural superstar and enjoyed the moment of great attention.

After waiting for a few minutes, the 3rd hokage accompanied by two Genins, appeared on the high platform, calm, and fell in the center of the cultivation field, Chiba’s body.

“I don’t know what the Hokage adults arranged for Chiba.” Seeing the emergence of the 3rd hokage, some ninjas were excited and could not help but talk.

Because until now, no one knows what the a.s.sessment contents of the 3rd hokage arranged in the end, and they are still selling off the appet.i.te of everyone.

“Hatake Chiba, are you ready to accept the graduation a.s.sessment?” 3rd Hokage looked at Chiba, said openly, and the sound was calm.

“I am ready, you can start at any time.” Chiba said calmly, a confident smile on his face.

“That’s good, I announced the graduation a.s.sessment of Chiba, and now it starts.”

As his voice fell, three ninjas emerged from different directions in the cultivation field, and went to the cultivation field, standing in different positions, forming a double-team.

“No, this is just a graduation a.s.sessment. Actually, three ninjas have been dispatched, which is much more difficult than Kakas.h.i.+.”

“Chiba's talent is outstanding, but after all, it is a five-year-old child who can deal with one. The ninja is not bad, let alone the three ninjas.”

“Is it really appropriate for Hokage adults to arrange such an a.s.sessment?”

Seeing the three ninjas on the training ground, everyone standing in the audience can’t help but get woried. I have expressed my own opinions, and even for Chiba, they cannot accept this situation.

“Chiba, your graduation a.s.sessment is to hold three ninjas for three minutes. If you can persist, you can graduate in advance. If you can’t persist, you can continue to study at Ninja School. You can accept “The 3rd Hokage did not care much about the opinions of the people. His eyes have already fallen on Chiba. He said, his voice reveals a majesty.

Hearing the request of Saratobi, he was not surprised, and his expression was still very calm, without any slight shake.

“No problem, I accept such an a.s.sessment.” Chiba said, although the figure is not tall, but standing on the field, giving people a feeling, it seems very tall, not like a child.

“This kid is so confident that he really dared to agree. He really thought that he could pa.s.s the a.s.sessment.”

“Hey, this is a good show. He can not pa.s.s the a.s.sessment, it is really impossible.”

Everyone sighed, very Looking forward to the performance of Chiba, can it surprise them?

“Little devil, you are too small to slap us, don’t you put us in the eyes?” One came down and took out the knife that was tied to the back, shaking it in his hand, flas.h.i.+ng cold, staring at Chiba, opening Said.

“You are not big enough yet, and it is impossible to fight against us.” The other one said, and said disdainfully.

The third ninja with a mask, kept silent, did not speak, slowly walked over and remained vigilant.

“I haven’t played it yet. How can you know the result? If you want to teach me, then don’t be embarra.s.sed. Otherwise, you will have no chance.” Chiba glanced at the three ninjas and said, with contempt.

“Good boy, it’s really arrogant, I see what capital you have.” The ninja with the knife was cold and screamed, without hesitation, immediately acted and rushed toward Chiba.

Seeing the other party rus.h.i.+ng over, Chiba did not have the slightest fear, but instead showed a sneer.

For this kind of a.s.sessment without any difficulty, no suspense, no challenge, Chiba does not want to waste time, wants to end the battle quickly and pa.s.s the a.s.sessment.

The next moment, Chiba showed the Navy’s six-style shaving, just blinking time, he disappeared in the same place, people can not capture his figure, as if disappearing from the air.

When they saw the disappearance of Chiba, the ninja standing in the audience was immediately surprised. They didn't expect a five-year-old child to have such a means. It was really unexpected.

The figure of Chiba reappears, approaching the ninja in front of the hand-held knife, like a ghost.

“You are not enough to see it.” Chiba said, his voice was cold.

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Pirate In Naruto World Chapter 16

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