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pirate in naruto world ch 17 Chapter 17 Easily defeated

When Chiba was talking, his tone was arrogant, and he did not put the ninja in front of him in his eyes.

because he has full confidence, so it will be such a proud capital.

After Chiba approached, he applied his body skills and attacked him.

The ninja holding the knife was horrified, wants to avoid it, or defends, but it is too late to react and cannot escape.


Chiba swiftly attacked him and directly flyout the ninja who was holding the knife. He fell to the ground and rolled for three consecutive laps before stopping.

He has endure such a heavy blow, immediately lose the fighting power, and his eyes blackout, coma.

Almost in a breathing time, Chiba solve a jounin, then there are only two people left.

“It’s too fast, so he was solved by him.” Some people lamented, I really didn’t think so.

They originally thought that Chiba was a genius, and from the flag family, his age is small, so his strength will certainly be not too good, but they did not expect, Chiba gave them a bigger surprise.

The other two ninjas on the cultivation field saw that a partner was defeated and suddenly became upset. They dared not to squat again and must pay attention to it. Otherwise, they might be defeated.

“You can’t care about it, let’s go together.” Before they look down on Chiba’s power, but they have to be serious.

they took out three Kunai and quickly threw it toward Chiba, and then release hteir own Chakra, his hands quickly printed, and he carried out Ninjutsu and attacked Chiba.

Chiba did not fear, he use shaved, easily avoiding the attack.

“Shadow clone jutsu!”

After avoiding the kunai, Chiba directly print seal and display the technique of shadow clone.

A soft bang, a person who looks like him, appeared beside Chiba.

Seeing the technique of the shadow clone of Chiba, the many ninjas in the audience suddenly caused a sensation.

“He was so small that he learned a shadow clone technique and I couldn’t believe it.”

“His talent is really enchanting.”

Many people sighed and were surprised by Chiba’s talent.

Two ninjas approaching Chiba, seeing his technique of shadow clone, also made them alert in their heart, which was a bit difficult to calm down.

They really don’t dare to neglect now, they must go all out.

After the practice of shadow clone jutsu, Chiba rushed toward the two ninjas and took the initiative to launch an attack.

“Fire fist!”

Chiba slammed into the hands, and the ninja who was ready to display the ninjutsu attacked the past.

As he waved his right fist, a flame erupted like a beast and attacked the other side.


The seal of this jutsu was not complete yet. So Ninjutsu was not able to display it, and he was attacked by fire fists. The whole person was blasted out, rolling a few laps, exiting a dozen meters, fainting and losing combat power.

The people originally thought that if the three ninjas joined forces, there would be no way for Chiba to pa.s.s the a.s.sessment, but Chiba showed strong strength and suppressed the three ninjas to form a one-sided situation.

Moreover, from the beginning of the battle to the present, there have been no past half minutes, and two have been resolved.

After Chiba defeated the two to endure, he did not stop, or cast a shave, quickly went with his shadows to atteack the last ninja together.

The ninja wearing a mask gives Chiba the feeling of being stronger than the other two ninjas. Perhaps it is not a Genin, but a chunin.

However, even if it is a shot, it is still impossible to change the result and cannot defeat Chiba.

“Wind and wind cut!”

The ninja wearing a mask saw two defeats and was defeated one after another. The heart was stunned and solemn, and did not dare to squat on Chiba.

He runs Chakra, and the right palm turns into a palm knife, attacking the past with Chiba and Shadow, but it can send out weak power.

In the face of the other side’s attack, Chiba did not have a hard shackle, and the foot made a force. The whole person rushed into the air and came to the top of the other side. It was also a fire fist, and the whistling broke out and rushed to the other side.

The mask ninja saw the fire fist attack, knowing that this attack was powerful, did not dare to neglect, and quickly retreated.


A powerful fire fist attacked and blasted a large pit on the ground, generating great power.

Even if the mask ninja can avoid the attack, but the impact of the fire fist is very strong, or let him be affected, the whole person flyout.

However, before he adjusted his state, Chiba use shaved and appeared like a ghost, coming to the other side.

At the next moment, Chiba’s right foot swept out and landed directly on the face of the mask ninja, kicking him out with one foot.

This attack, although not to let the mask ninja coma, but for Chiba, is enough.

Seeing the mask Ninja’s body flew out, Chiba did not stop, or quickly rushed over, took out a shuriken, and held it in his hand.

When the mask ninja’s body fell to the ground and could not stand up, Chiba was already approaching, and the sword in his hand reached the other’s throat, giving off a cold breath.

If Chiba wants to kill each other, as long as the shuriken is stabbed forward, you can erase the other party.

“Do you want to continue fighting?” Chiba looked at each other and smiled and said.

“You won.” Mask Ninja said, surprised at the strength of Chiba.

This graduation a.s.sessment, Chiba showed enough amazing combat skills, and defeated the three ninjas in a crus.h.i.+ng posture, including a ninja with a tolerant level, showing strong strength.

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Pirate In Naruto World Chapter 17

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