Plundering the Dao of the Immortal Journey Chapter 162

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As the doors to the temple opened, Pei Zi Yun led all the members of his clan and family as they stood outside the temple.

A white faced eunuch stepped forward and moved past the soldiers who were escorting him. He took a look at the area, and saw that incense had been placed. He then nodded his head, the decorum had been properly followed.

"Receive the Edict!" The eunuch then held out the Edict with two hands, as he stood before the incense.

"Long live his majesty!" Pei Zi Yun, Pei Qian Shi and all the members of the Pei clan fell to their knees and kowtowed.

"The Imperial Edict: Ying Prefecture’s Scholar, Zi Yun’s father. For dedicating his life to his family, and for producing a Scholar son who had contributed greatly to the nation, Pei Wen Lin shall be bestowed this posthumous title. Zi Yun’s mother, Qian Shi, who tolled through hardships of a widow to allow her son to flourish, she shall be bestowed a title as well."

"Receive the Edict!" The eunuch shouted out.

"Thank you for your grace. Long live, long live, long live the dynasty!" Pei Zi Yun and everyone else present kowtowed once more.

A soldier then stepped forward, he was carrying a silver tray in both hands. On the tray were the robes of a seventh rank official. Although the rank was not the highest, it was more than what most of the population could ever become. This robe was meant for Pei Zi Yun’s parents, and indicated their new status. The robes were ornamented with jewels with glowed and sparkled under the sun.

Pei Qian Shi’s entire body was trembling in nervousness as she stepped forward to receive the robes.

Following that, Pei Zi Yun then stepped forward to receive the imperial scroll. The minute the scroll touched his fingertips, he glanced down at it and saw that it was red with golden threads all around.

Pei Zi Yun had become a Yin Master. At this point, he could feel a tremendous amount of energy reverberating at his fingertips. The energy wasn’t coming from the scroll, it wasn’t coming from him as well. When he looked down once more, he could see red swirls forming on the scroll. He then knew that it was the power invested into the Imperial Edict by the Imperial Court.

"Eunuch, please wait up." Pei Zi Yun spoke to the eunuch. He looked no different from most court eunuchs that he had seen, their faces often powdered white.

"Please carry on with your duties, Master Top Scorer." The eunuch replied.

When Pei Zi yun returned to the temple, he placed the scroll onto a scroll holder at the altar. Placing the scroll there was an important part of the rite. Such an edict which had been granted posthumously could be left in the homes of the subject. This scroll will then be passed from one generation to the next, as a symbol of pride.

The minute he placed it down, he could hear the faint and indistinct roaring of a dragon some distance away. Pei Zi Yun then looked down and saw something flicker. He could see an image of the very temple he was in, except much bigger, appear before him. Within that image, the temple was all black, but a bright white energy could be seen swirling around in the darkness.

The sound of the dragon roaring was being emitted from the image of the temple. He could see the swirling white energy descending down upon a person. The energy started taking a red tinge as it touched the person. This was the Imperial Qi enveloping him.

It seemed like the person inside that temple was his father. He bowed down once at Pei Zi Yun. Immediately, he was draped in the official robes, and was emanating a bright white light as well. Pei Zi Yun could see that the temple had the same signboard on the entrance as the temple he was standing in.

'So that’s what it means to honor and bring glory to your ancestors.'

'The Imperial Court bestowed titles for acts of martyrdom, for being loyal, or for successfully defending a member of the royal family. The difference in those type of titles and the one bestowed upon Pei Wen Lin had a small difference – the amount of Imperial Qi given to them.'

'The True Sovereign title which had been conferred to the Patriarch of my sect was of a much higher order than this, and thus received much more power and strength.'

Everything before his eyes vanished of a sudden. Pei Zi Yun then sighed and shook his head. He dragged his footsteps as he left the temple. When he walked out, he caught the sight of the eunuch staring at him. Pei Zi Yun then invited the eunuch to partake in the banquet. He personally escorted the eunuch to his seat, and poured some wine for him. Pei Qian Shi was filled with a mixture of happiness and sorrow. She was extremely grateful to the Emperor for this, and was glad that her son was doing well in the world. Even though she seldom consumed alcohol, she drank several cups of wine during this occasion.

"Eunuch, please follow me this way, where we can speak in private." Pei Zi Yun lowered his voice and spoke to the eunuch.

Hearing this words, the eunuch laughed, "Since Top Scorer Pei invites me, how can I refuse?"

Pei Zi Yun led the eunuch to an adjoining room and whipped out three hundred taels of silver in notes and smiled, "Eunuch, your journey here was long and arduous. Take this three hundred silvers to compensate your journey, and I hope that this would make eunuch smile more. Please do not think much of it."

The eunuch eyed the money, and realized that it bore the mark of a reputable bank. It came in three pieces of hundred taels each. His face was full of delight as he happily accepted it, "Master Top Scorer is extremely thoughtful, to be able to know how to please others. I shall not refuse it then."

The eunuch reached out a pale hand and took the silver before stuffing it into the folds of his robes.

After receiving the silver, the eunuch blinked once before speaking softly in a sharp voice, "Master Top Scorer gave me a considerable sum, I wonder what he wishes to ask of me?"

Pei Zi Yun lowered his voice and replied, "This humble subject is in fear. I have no idea why the Emperor has decided to bestow this honor upon my family. I wish to know the reason, and I humbly request for eunuch to indulge my request."

"Haha, master Top Scorer, I was wondering what secret information you were trying to ply out of me. So it’s this matter. Master Top Scorer has no need to worry. This is what you deserve…. " The eunuch then laughed once more. Seeing confusion written all over Pei Zi Yun’s face, he then lowered his voice and continued, "This matter was not decided by the Emperor. It was the Crown Prince."

"Master Top Scorer came to the capital some time ago, and saved a lady didn’t he?" The eunuch spoke as he eyed his surroundings warily.

"What has that matter have anything to do with this?" Pei Zi Yun asked, somewhat surprised. Could it be that the lady he rescued was someone of the royal family?

The eunuch then replied, "The Crown Prince is celebrating an heir, and the Emperor is overjoyed. The royal family thus extended their favor upon you. That’s why master Top Scorer received the recommendation from the Crown Prince, and thus had titles bestowed upon his parents. I’m certain it’s because of what you did."

The eunuch eyed Pei Zi Yun with envy. Although the Royal Concubine was not the Royal Princess, she was the only royal consort who had managed to produce an heir for the Crown Prince. At this point she was the consort who had achieved the greatest feat.

"What? The Crown Prince is celebrating the birth of an heir?" Pei Zi Yun was taken aback. This piece of news was new to him, since few people knew of this matter. According to the original owner’s memories, the Crown Prince didn’t manage to have an heir. Soon after the throne was contested by King Lu, who eventually managed to obtain it over the Crown Prince.

Whether the Crown Prince managed to produce an heir was a matter of heaven’s will. Could it be that when he saved that lady in the capital, he helped him to secure the heir?

Pei Zi Yun glanced at the eunuch, and understood that the eunuch might not know much as well. It’s just that it was obvious that Pei Zi Yun was the subject of his envy, to have done something as remarkable as this. No wonder he was so polite to Pei Zi Yun. He understood the original owner’s memories and history, and drifted into an entire stream of thoughts.

'According to the memories, I found out about Xie Cheng Dong first. I then discovered the existence of King Lu, and now I’ve found out that the Crown Prince has an heir to his name. Now that the Crown Prince has a son, he has an extremely good chance of succeeding the throne.'

'In saving that lady, I’ve pitted myself against King Lu and offended him greatly. Because of that we’re now mortal enemies.'

'It’s just that should King Lu ascend the throne, I would be the first target of the entire Daoist realm, and they would make killing me their first priority. This new situation means a turn in the series of events!'

'Can this Crown Prince be relied on to succeed the throne?' In that fraction of a second, a thousand thoughts filled up Pei Zi Yun’s mind.

"Master Top Scorer, Master Top Scorer?" The eunuch looked upon Pei Zi Yun’s face and was shocked at his unresponsiveness. The eunuch was almost shouting at Pei Zi Yun.

"Oh, it’s just that after hearing such big and joyful news, I was taken aback. I sincerely seek your forgiveness." Pei Zi Yun snapped back and reacted hurriedly, a smile on his face.

The eunuch returned the smile and politeness, "It seems like the rumors are true, that due to your merit, the Crown Prince has a son and heir to his name. Since you’ve joined a Daoist Sect, the Imperial Court could only reward your parents. However, all this would pale in comparison to the favor and grace the Crown Prince would show to you when he acquires the throne."

The eunuch’s tone bore evidence to his envy. Having saved the grandson of the Emperor, and gained immense favor with the Crown Prince, Pei Zi Yun was in a very desirable position. Once the Crown Prince becomes the Emperor, Pei Zi Yun will indeed have a life of comfort and luxury. If this young infant eventually takes the throne from his father, Pei Zi Yun would be shown two generations of favor.

"Come waiter, pour some tea for eunuch." Pei Zi Yun instructed.

The eunuch was decided whether or not to have some tea when he suddenly thought of something. He then spoke, "Master Top Scorer, tea is a small thing. I’ve long heard of your reputation as an outstanding poet. I wonder if I can boldly request for you to personally write me one of your poems for me to bring around, so that I might appear to be more refined than I am."

Hearing these words, Pei Zi Yun mumbled to himself. He had initially thought he could still make amends with King Lu for killing the men in Ying Prefecture. At this point, there was absolutely no way to bridge their differences. However, it would be good to befriend this eunuch, and have him feel indebted to Pei Zi Yun. There might come an opportunity in future where he might need the eunuch’s help. With this thought in mind he asked, "I wonder which poem eunuch wishes me to write down?"

A waiter then came over and poured some tea for the both of them. The eunuch then received his cup of tea. Hearing that Pei Zi Yun had agreed to his request, he laughed out. "Haha, master Top Scorer is really easy going, and clearly respects us eunuchs. You’re very different from so many officials who don’t. I’ve been in the palace, listening to people recite your poem. If master Top Scorer agrees to pen it down for me, I shall be eternally grateful."

"Can eunuch please retrieve my quill, ink and paper for me!" Pei Zi Yun requested

Before long, someone brought out some quill, ink and paper out. Pei Zi Yun unrolled the large piece of paper and used some paper weights to hold them down.

The eunuch then stepped forward, "I shall help master Top Scorer to prepare the ink."

As he spoke, he started grinding the inkstone.

After some time, the ink was prepared. Pei Zi Yun retrieved his ink and dipped it into the paper before starting to write.

"Good poem, what fine words. It’s one thing to hear it, and another to actually read the words written by master Top Scorer." The eunuch praised as he read the first line written.

Pei Zi Yun remained quiet as he placed the quill down to admire the words he had written before completing the rest of the poem without stopping.

Pei Zi Yun then kept his quill as the eunuch applauded him loudly, "This poem is indeed the finest piece of work I’ve ever seen. Now that I’ve acquired a poem personally written by you, when I return to the palace I shall be the subject of envy within the entire palace!"

Pei Zi Yun didn’t speak as the eunuch retrieved the poem and examined it, clearly satisfied. He then inched closer to Pei Zi Yun and whispered, "Since master Top Scorer agreed to my request, I won’t be petty too. I shall tell you a rumor I’ve heard. It’s been said that King Lu is extremely furious that the Crown Prince now has the upper hand. I urge master Top Scorer to be careful."

When Pei Zi Yun heard this, his expression turned sour. The eunuch then straightened his posture and shouted loudly, "Many thanks master Top Scorer for the tea. I cannot stay for long, for I have to return to the capital and serve the Emperor. Farewell, Master Top Scorer."

"I still have not heard of eunuch’s mighty name." Pei Zi Yun asked.

"My surname is Liu, master Top Scorer can refer to me as Eunuch Liu." The eunuch then bade his farewell, as Pei Zi Yun escorted him to the entrance. When he walked out, soldiers surrounded his flanks as they rode off into the distance.

Pei Zi Yun then cast his glance away from them as he paced several steps. He sighed loudly.

Just now Eunuch Liu had warned him of King Lu’s revenge. How should Pei Zi Yun avoid it?

He knew that he must not stay long in Snail Village. King Lu wields tremendous power, and might not bother to determine who Pei Zi Yun was among this population and might just kill everyone.

Just as Pei Zi Yun was deep in thought, the village chief then led the rest of the villagers over as they offered their congratulations. "Congratulations master Top Scorer. You are indeed extremely fortunate and blessed, to constantly bring glory to your household and ancestors. Snail Village hasn’t seen anything like this in the past hundred years."

The village chief congratulated him and was met with Pei Zi Yun’s polite reply. Now that the Imperial Edict had arrived here, the next few days were going to be filled with people visiting to offer their praises.

"Madam Pei, you’ve really raised such a fine young man. Barring his ever growing reputation, he even managed to obtain official titles for you and your husband. Everyone’s so envious of you." An old aunt told Pei Qian Shi.

Pei Zi Yun looked over and saw his mother smiling. His heart skipped a beat and yet his face showed no sign of it. "Mother today is a big occasion for all of us. We have to prepare a banquet for all the guest who’ve come to offer their praises."

"I’ll let you arrange these matters." Pei Qian Shi smiled and replied. Much glory had been brought to the Pei house. At this point she felt like she could die without much regrets.

"Yes, Mother. I shall handle it. After the conclusion of this affair, you should return to the city. I have errands to run elsewhere. You shall be lonely at home here if you stay." Pei Zi Yun sensed an opportunity and spoke out.

"Fine, fine fine." Pei Qian Shi’s face was still beaming with joy as she replied.

After several days had passed, Pei Zi Yun hurriedly escorted his mother and Liao Qing Ye to Fu Mansion. Having his master look after them would mean they would be safer, although at this point it was hard to be assured.

In the past when Pei Zi Yun pitted himself against Holy Jail Sect, his master could fend them off. Could she do the same for King Lu?

Not mentioning just Fu Mansion, but would the whole of Free Cloud Sect be able to fend King Lu off? However at this point, there was nothing to be done. Fu Mansion was still much safer than being in the village. Hence, he knew that he could not stay within the village for long.

As this thought flashed across his mind, Pei Zi Yun could not suppress the fear he felt. He sighed, "Heavy rain is about to descend!"

Plundering the Dao of the Immortal Journey Chapter 162

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