Plundering the Heavens Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: Big Brother Xiaojiu

Within Falling Snow Valley, Ying Qiaoqiao's body was like a dancing butterfly as a Ying Dragon more corporeal and intelligent-seeming appeared above her head. After studying the secret technique of the Melodic Ice Palace taught by the old man Hu Qin, her senses had been nurtured; although she still hadn't formed the foundation, her senses had multiplied and she had already sensed a faint aura that felt very intimate to her.

A powerful sense or spirit sense was necessary in order to learn the secret techniques of the Melodic Ice Palace in the first place. Ying Qiaoqiao was confident in herself for this trial and she used her own sense to find the ten pieces of Dragon Blood Pellets. Hu Qin had even said this innate talent of hers would be considered rare within all of the Melodic Ice Palace—there was no reason for her to lose to that princess.

When Ying Qiaoqiao clearly sensed the aura of a Dragon Blood Pellet, she was filled with joy and immediately set off. It didn't take long before a cave came up into view where the aura was coming from, all but assuring a Dragon Blood Pellet had to be inside. She increased her pace and rushed into the cave, but she saw a yellow shadow flash across from her—it was the little princess from the Chu royal clan who'd been walking outside with light steps.

Ying QIaoqiao was stunned. She'd arrived here rather quickly, so how did she end up behind this little princess?

Princess Chu Ci showed a light smile to Ying Qiaoqiao without much hostility. "It was I who sensed it first."

Ying Qiaoqiao faintly smiled as well. "I'll go search in another place, then…." As she spoke, she began to quickly move away. Once she arrived at a peak, she began uses her senses to the utmost once more until she found another target soon after.

By the time she arrived at a snow pond, however, Ying Qiaoqiao watched in amazement as Chu Ci retrieved a Dragon Blood Pellet from the mouth of a giant fish inside the pond. Seeing such a thing filled her with great disbelief;

she couldn't believe she'd lost to this little princess twice in a row. The two did not speak to each other this time; instead, they just nodded at each other and took off in opposite directions.

Ying Qiaoqiao clenched her teeth while tirelessly controlling her Ying Dragon to sense that ever so faint dragon aura. "I definitely will not lose the next Dragon Blood Pellet…."

She eventually confirmed the direction of the third pellet and did her best to fly towards it at great speed, yet when she arrived beneath an ancient pine tree amidst this snow-covered land, she saw Chu Ci taking out the third pellet from a stone beneath the tree. Chu Ci gave an apologetic smile for claiming this third pellet as well.

Ying Qiaoqiao stared at Princess Chu Ci in open disbelief. "This… this is impossible…."

Princess Chu Ci sighed. "I'm really sorry, but this trial is one you will lose to me!"

Ying Qiaoqiao was stunned and suddenly asked, "Have you been following me the entire time?" There was no way every pellet Chu Ci had chosen to go after just coincidentally happened to be the same she wanted, to the point where Chu Ci retrieved it only a step ahead of her. The only possible explanation was that Chu Ci had been following her.

"I have indeed been following you," Princess Chu Ci quietly answered with trying to deny it. "After you confirm your direction, I will go and search for the pellets in that same direction and get it before you do. However, this does not break the rules. In fact, this is actually much more difficult; I have to wait until you confirm a direction a pellet is in, then I have to sense and search for the specific pellet you've chosen!"

Ying Qiaoqiao's face grew dark. "Why are you doing this?"

Princess Chu Ci appeared troubled for a while. "Sorry, I have no other choice," she softly replied without giving an explanation. Her brother had wanted her to take all ten Dragon Blood Pellets for herself, so she was using this method to get every single one of these pellets in her hands before

before Ying Qiaoqiao could. As soon as Ying Qiaoqiao determined a direction, she had to carefully find its aura and search the surrounding area. Although Ying Qiaoqiao had a head start in determining a direction, the dragon blood between Chu Ci's brows allowed her to home in on the precise location faster to get a step head by the end. Using a method like this, Chu Ci would be able to ensure Ying Qiaoqiao wouldn't be able to retrieve even a single Dragon Blood Pellet.

Chu Ci found it a bit unbearable to look at Ying Qiaoqiao's complex expression, so she took out the pellet she'd taken just earlier and placed it on a stone plate. "I can't let you have your way this time. I have to get every single one of the Dragon Blood Pellets. The Dragon-String Guzheng will also have to become mine. This time, I'm really sorry. This Dragon Blood Pellet can be considered my compensation for your loss." With that, she turned to leave.

"We are competing fairly!" Ying Qiaoqiao suddenly replied after her initial surprise. "I don't need your pity!"

Princess Chu Ci stopped before turning to look at her and shake her head. "You can't win against me! Fighting against me will only bring you a miserable loss. Listen to my advice: take this Dragon Blood Pellet and leave. I will compensate you even more in the future!"

Ying Qiaoqiao bit her lips. "Why are you so certain you'll win?"

Princess Chu Ci sighed. "Because I have a good royal big brother…." Once she finished, she left towards the bottom of the snowy hill, her silhouette swaying as gracefully as a fairy.

Ying Qiaoqiao stood rooted in place with astonishment as a memory flashed through her mind, of the cold and towering man she'd seen at the entrance of the mountain, the person whose three strikes she risked her life to take. Aside from her desire to not give up at the last minute, her other thought was a firm belief that since she'd already gone this far, that prince wouldn't actually kill her; although she'd been heavily wounded, she would still be able to

able to take that third strike….

It wasn't until after she saw the old man Hu Qin that she realized how dangerous her situation had been! Even the old man Hu Qin told her to be careful around those from the Chu royal clan; it was possible Prince Chu Huang wouldn't kill her, but he wouldn't show even a single strand of hesitation to cripple her.

Indeed, he was a golden foundation powerhouse, the successor of all Chufung who had endless potential. What did she have that could ever allow her to stand up against him?

Under normal circumstances, Ying Qiaoqiao would have been considered a little princess from the Bohai Kingdom as well, but she couldn't even compare to the real princess here. Even the cultivation of Ying Qiaoqiao's father was perhaps not even as much as a simple general of the Chu royal clan.

'She's got a good royal big brother, so what do I have?' Ying Qiaoqiao showed a weary smile and slowly lowered her head, yet in her mind a smirking face appeared for some reason….

'Big Brother Xiaojiu?'

The face in her mind was the person who had risked his own life to sneak attack Prince Chu Huang to help her pass the trial… but what about now? Ying Qiaoqiao shook her little head, throwing away such unrealistic thoughts. Even Big Brother Xiaojiu—someone who was somewhat cruel but who seemed able to solve every problem in the world—wouldn't be able to help her now! He probably didn't even know she was being bullied again right now….

Ying Qiaoqiao's small lips began to pout as she thought on, and there was even an urge to run into the embrace of her Big Brother Xiaojiu to cry.

After since that brat killed Big Brother Zhaoyang right in front of her eyes, it had been rare for her to feel the same level of comfort. Nightmares upon nightmares, so much so that even a night of rest became a luxury. Even in front of the top cultivator of Chufung—her teacher, the old man Hu Qin—she still couldn't feel the same feeling of safety and would always have a feeling of fear. This was fear. This was especially the case when she was alone, where her heart would be filled with cold terror.

The only time Ying Qiaoqiao would feel some measure of safety and comfort was when she was next to the servant named Xiaojiu. The last time she slept like a baby was that moment when Xiaojiu was carrying her into the Snowy Mountain, where those thin but strong shoulders gave her an endless amount of security. Although she'd been so wounded as to become unconscious, it was thanks to his presence that she slept so sadly; there were no nightmares, as though she had escaped all danger….

'Well, I'll just go back to Bohai then. Except, before I leave, I will have to see Big Brother Xiaojiu one more time!' Ying Qiaoqiao decided before moving to pick up that Dragon Pellet. If someone pitied her, then so it shall be. She was anyone who had great ambitions and aspirations, anyway, she just knew her Big Brother Xiaojiu in the Wanluo Court had unlimited future potential and would need cultivation resources. She had decided to give this Dragon Blood Pellet to him, and she'd also decided that when she returned to Bohai, she'd try to persuade her father to give him all the resources the Myriad Beasts Sect could afford.

When she thought of Xiaojiu's appearance, she couldn't help but to smile and softly call out, "Big Brother Xiaojiu…."

"What are you calling me for?"

Ying Qiaoqiao had subconsciously called out, yet there was an unexpected and rude response. It was then that she saw a thin youth jump out from under the snowy hill. Another person was on his shoulder, and upon closer look… wasn't that Princess Chu Ci? Yet the little princess had lost her senses and was apparently unconscious.

A bump as large as a goose egg could be seen on the back of her head; it was quite obvious someone whacked her unconscious.

Ying Qiaoqiao was extremely surprised. She rubbed at her eyes, thinking perhaps she was seeing some kind of hallucination. "Big Brother Xiaojiu?"

"What are you calling out to me for?" the person impatiently scolded. "Hurry and come help me!"

Plundering the Heavens Chapter 244

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