Plundering the Heavens Chapter 291

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'No one stopped the young master of the western deserts' Han clan, no one stopped the three fairies of temptation from the northern mountains, but when I showed off my banner, someone came to stop me? Are they looking down on me?' Fang Xing's anger went without saying, and he didn't even ask for the other person's name before he commanded the Peng King to directly run him down. Anyone who dared to stop their Uncle Fang needed to die….

The path-blocking cultivator wielded a blue sword while wearing a hemp coat and conical bamboo hat. His cultivation level was at Foundation Stage tier three, and he'd kept a low profile sitting beside the edge of the basin guarded by a group of clansmen, seemingly for quite some time. When the Han clan's young master arrived, he merely turned for a quick glance. When Fang Xing was flirting with the three fairies, he simply calmly watched without bothering too much. When Fang Xing showed off his banner, however, the cultivator's gaze suddenly chilled, his body suddenly flashed, and he crossed a hundred feet while becoming like a grey shadow. After flying above everyone else, he stopped in front of Fang Xing's horse carriage and pointed at it with his sword.

This cultivator had actually prepared quite a speech for Fang Xing, yet not only had Fang Xing unexpectedly not asked any questions in return, he'd directly ordered the Peng King to run him down with the carriage. The five dragons furiously waved their fangs and claws to strike directly at the cultivator as though he was nothing more than a small fly, and in his shock, the shadow of the sword in his hand moved beneath his feet to lift him up into the air.

"I am speaking to you! Are you deaf?" the cultivator coldly demanded before the sword in his hand flashed. A blue ray of light struck out towards Fang Xing a moment later, and although it was only a ray of light, wherever it touched seemed to be bathed in winter and a trail of frost was left in its wake.

"Sword strikes utilizing frost, a single strike akin to a cold winter. That's actually one of the top four elites of the western deserts, Hahn Longzi! When did he arrive?"

"I heard Hahn Longzi and Yuan Shenglian were best friends; no wonder he'd stop Fang Xiaojiu on his path. Is he going to avenge his friend?"

"Two of the top four elites of the western deserts have arrived; this Fang Xiaojiu of the Snowy Mountain is running out of luck. Apparently all the cultivators from the western deserts seem to see him as an enemy now."

Within the crowd of cultivators, there were some who were quite quick-witted who managed to recognize this cultivator with a blue sword. As those people began to mutter amongst themselves, Leng Ziyan not far away showed a smile and looked towards his Wanluo disciples as though to say, 'I was correct after all. His arrival brought about a difficult enemy, so how would your days be good following after him?'

Rather than dodging the attack, Fang Xing simply sat at the edge of the carriage and showed a cold smile before starting to activate his Ancient skill. Two golden wings suddenly appeared on his back and moved in front of him to form a barrier of interlocking layers, and when the blue sword light from Hahn Longzi reached those golden sword shapes, the light was shattered into nothing. Although it had seemed so strong at the beginning, Hahn Longzi's first attack was blocked in such an anticlimactic manner and had no effect at all.

When the first strike landed without any effect, Hahn Longzi didn't continue with a second. Instead, he began to loudly speak, as though he truly did seem intent on avenging Yuan Shenglian. "Brother Yuan might have been loose with his romance, but he was kind and virtuous. To have been killed by you, I will need to ask you—"

However, after Fang Xing dissolved the attack, his wings fluttered and he rushed forward. He raised the one-legged-man lance in his hand and swung it down while yelling. "Ask your uncle!"

Hahn Longzi's expression changed and the second half of his words were pushed down into his throat, leaving only a low growl. He used the blue longsword to draw more than a dozen circles in the air, with each circle quickly turning into ice wheels overlapping each other in the shape of a giant lotus flower of ice. The lotus formed right in front of Fang Xing as he slammed down with that one-legged-man lance.

Fang Xing released a loud roar and violently slammed the one-legged-man lance down while sending the Peng King a quiet message, "Come help, Old Peng."


The collision against the ice wheels caused an ear-grating screech to cover the sky. Small cracks formed along the wheels until they began to shatter in a crystalline rain of ice, and two strands of black smoke seeped up quietly from the earth at the same time. The smoke soon soon rushed towards Hahn Longzi's back like a tornado, and when Hahn Longzi sensed the danger at his flank, he let out a loud yell before thrusting his sword behind him. After the thrust, the sword light turned into a chilling wall of frost that blocked the two dragons attacking from his back.

It had to be said that these dragons were the young dragon spirits sealed within the weapon Grand Elder Jing Guang used to become famous in the past. They were extremely powerful, but Hahn Longzi had enough insight to put all of his focus completely into his defense. However, he hadn't expected those two young dragons to simply move past while Fang Xing in front of him smirked and slammed his lance downward once more.

A loud bang rang out from the power of the strike. More layers of ice wheels broke, and the wave of force continued cras.h.i.+ng right towards Hahn Longzi. Faced with this, he clenched his teeth before turning his sword back to defend his front while moving backwards at the same time to soften the blow. When Hahn Longzi landed on the ground, he was forced back a dozen feet even farther. His face was pale, and his chest quickly rose and fell as though he'd been wounded. As for the Peng King's sneak attack using the two young dragons, not many people had seen it.

Fang Xing quickly drew himself back up on his horse carriage. He held the one-legged-man lance with one hand while sitting on the shaft and showing a cold smile. "You're asking why I killed him? Whether that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is virtuous or not is something I don't know, but he sure liked to run his mouth. I don't think I've done anything wrong by killing him!"

Hahn Longzi tightly clenched his teeth without saying a word. The blow he'd taken was so heavy it'd caused his blood to reverse, and he wouldn't be able to suppress his wounds if he spoke now. He was also able to sense that Fang Xing's attention was still firmly locked on to him even now; who knew, perhaps that brat would attack again if he said something? That would make his loss even greater, so for the moment, all he could do was tightly shut his mouth and send a sharp glare back in response.

"Do you have something to say? If you don't, then p.i.s.s off!" Fang Xing coldly commanded while secretly advising the Peng King to run him over again. The Peng King snickered before directing the horse carriage with all five young dragons forward directly towards Hahn Longzi, and although Hahn Longzi was furious and his gaze was newly filled with hatred, he had no choice but to dodge to the side.

"With only a single strike, he so casually beat Hahn Longzi—one of the four top elites of the western deserts—so badly he doesn't dare to speak. This Snowy Mountain disciple is so vicious!"

"It was rumored he'd ended four branches all on his own and killed Yuan Shenglian—the other top elite of the western desert—along with Jing Fu, the Foundation Stage elite of the Jing Guang branch. His viciousness is beyond comparison. To get the chance to see it with my own eyes…. But how strange, why is it he has such battle prowess but isn't considered one of the five Foundation disciples of the Snowy Mountain?

"Perhaps this is the secret weapon of the Snowy Mountain? With his battle prowess, he's certainly not any weaker than any of the Snowy Mountain disciples…."

After seeing Fang Xing's abilities firsthand, all the cultivators became timid and began whispering amidst themselves.

Within the crowd, Leng Ziyan angrily turned his head away with a truly dark expression. Just moments ago he'd been filled with pride for his decision, but now it was as though he'd been slapped harshly across the face. It was true that as soon as the banner appeared, the boy had brought strong enemies… but so what? Fang Xing's single attack had thrashed Hahn Longzi so thoroughly he didn't even dare to speak, which only caused Fang Xing to seem even more dangerous and impressive.

Right now, Leng Ziyan's last hope rested on the other top elite of the western deserts. If the young master of the Han clan were to join forces with Hahn Longzi, perhaps the two of them would be able to suppress this Myriad Beasts Sect servant. And yet, for some reason, although this battle between Hahn Longzi and Fang Xing had grabbed the attention of so many people, the Han clan's young master sat on the back of his dragon-horse and didn't even bother sparing a single glance towards the exchange.

The carriage continued forward before stopping at the border of the basin. Fang Xing swept his gaze across the surrounding cultivators before rudely yelling out, "What are all of you looking at? I'll dig out your eyes!"

n.o.body dared to look at him any longer and averted their gazes, all while cursing in their mind, 'This brat is way too impudent!'

Fang Xing was overjoyed to see everyone avert their gaze—this was precisely the effect he'd been hoping for. Putting on airs was the most important part of surviving in the realm of cultivators, and what he'd done today had been extremely successful.

In truth, if Fang Xing truly wanted to fight against that Hahn Longzi, his battle prowess was high enough he didn't even need to use the power of the Flag of Ten Thousand Spirits. That being said, he knew it wasn't merely one or two people here who wanted to cause trouble for him; if he got wrapped up in a conflict with Hahn Longzi, others would likely join in to take advantage of the situation themselves and help out the seeming underdog. In order to gain the upper hand and flaunt his strength without feeling concern, he'd needed to defeat Hahn Longzi with a single strike.

Fang Xing could've used the Yin Yang Sanding Disc to completely defeat Hahn Longzi if he truly wanted to, but if he did something like that, his Qi would've been completely emptied and it would've been difficult for him to control what happened afterwards. Instead, he secretly advised the Peng King to control two dragons to attack from the back while Fang Xing came from the front in a pincer attack, which would increase the intimidating effect on the other cultivators around the basin as well. To Fang Xing, the idea of fighting fair and square wasn't n.o.ble, it was foolish—something only an idiot would do.

The effect had been completely successful.

No fewer than a few hundred cultivators were around him, including between forty or fifty Foundation Stages. Just over thirty percent of these people wanted to capture him to demonstrate their loyalty to the Huangfu clan, and nearly ten percent had been robbed by him earlier. Every single person seemed like they couldn't stand him, yet by forcing Hahn Longzi to back off with a single attack, everyone was left awed. There were a few hundred Spirit Stages and nearly half a hundred Foundation Stages, yet no one dared to meet his eye.

A hundred feet away from Fang Xing along the border of the basin, the eyes of the three fairies of the northern mountains gleamed as they muttered quietly amongst themselves, "So he's the Snowy Mountain disciple who ended four branches. No wonder he dared to flirt with us sisters…."

"What about it? You want to bed him, Sister Furong?" the eldest in the green dress teased the middle sister.

The floral-dressed woman smiled. "Such a man, I would naturally want to bed him! But it's best to leave him for our little sister for her first experience!"

The youngest fairy's face blushed bright red and she kicked a stone next to her foot in embarra.s.sment. "I can't beat him, I'm not strong enough to force him…."

"Hehe, not to worry. Your two big sisters will help you…." The green-dressed and floral-dressed women laughed and began to carefully plan how to capture Fang Xing.

"Eh?" After obtaining a spot at the border of the basin and seeing how the three fairies from the northern mountains wouldn't stop looking at him, fang Xing winked flirtatiously right back. "Quick, look, they're smiling at me! I told you I'm very handsome and how everyone loves me when they see me!" Fang Xing proudly boasted towards Chu Ci and the blue-clothed bandit.

Chu Ci's gaze was filled with disgust and contempt towards the three fairies of the northern mountains. "Hmph, three undignified women! Brother Jiu, what are you looking at them for?"

The blue-clothed bandit let out a silent sigh. "If you knew what they're thinking, you probably wouldn't be so happy anymore…. Or not, perhaps you'd be even happier…." As he spoke, he suddenly paused before looking towards the west with a bit of worry in his gaze. "Another strong one has arrived. Looks like this opportunity won't be an easy one…."

Plundering the Heavens Chapter 291

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