Princess Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

Translated by Aletx

Finished all my final exams, freedom is delicious. Celebrated on the weekend and now I got a stomach ache…

Also I have a good/ bad news (depending on your perspective). While I was browsing other CN webnovel, I came across a very interesting / hidden gem title that got my attention. I am super tempted to pick it up as a side project.

Before some of you started to scream “bloody murder”, let me explain. I understand the concern that picking up another project could divert the time/ effort away from the current series. Taken into consideration that I am practically doing everything by myself, it could result in over-extension.  However, picking up this side project could yield unexpected benefits to everyone.

-A side project provides diversity. It would drastically reduce burn out, while offering new challenge/ perspective in improving my translation.

-As a super picky CN webnovel reader myself, I think people who likes “My Chief Husband, Too Mensao!” would definitely enjoy it since it shares similar characteristic, but with a sweet twist. I had read through plenty of CN webnovels, but I rarely get as excited as this. (temptation in translating it)

Let me know what are your thoughts of Al picking up a side project in the comments.


Gong Jue ate the enoki mushroom, which Gu Qi Qi had originally served for him, with a straight face.

Everyone present were petrified.

The naval commander and Adjutant knew that Gong Jue would never allow anyone to serve a dish to him!

Especially not with a pair of chopsticks already used by others!

On the other hand,

Gu Mei Feng and Gu Xue Xue were astonished by Gong Jue’s discriminate treatment——

He resented against the dish that Xue Xue had served for him, but he didn’t voice any objection when that little bookworm slut served a dish to him?

This slap to the face was too much.

It was not only extremely ruthless, but also very straightforward!

The cheek of Gu Xue Xue felt painfully hot, as if someone had peeled her skin off.

Gu Mei Feng watched anxiously as she was thinking by every possible means to redeem her daughter’s dignity. This military boss probably has an obsession with cleanliness.

If serving a dish to him wouldn’t work, perhaps……

Gu Mei Feng, who was smooth and slick1, compensated with a smiling face at once: “Esteem gentleman, my daughter Xue Xue was not very thoughtful in her action. Why not give her the opportunity to apologize with a toast! Xue Xue, make haste!”

While Gu Xue Xue was holding a glass of wine in one hand, she once again with a boundless shy smile walked toward Gong Jue’s side while passing by Gu Qi Qi.

Ever since she had tumbled down the escalator stairs, the wounds on her arm were not fully recovered yet. Her arm still wrapped with cotton bandage.

As she raised the glass of wine for a toast, the muscle tendon on her wrist ached dully. So she deliberately acted in a body posture befitting of someone who was too weak to stand to the wind2 and was in need of protection. Then she presented the glass of wine to the front of Gong

Gong Jue while her hand was trembling.

Gu Qi Qi remained speechless as she looked on.

Why didn’t she finish off this idiotic lotus on that day?

A miscalculation!

Meanwhile, when the wife of the naval commander saw the action of the mother-daughter, her facial complexion improved as she nudged her husband: “Husband, Gu Qiu Shan is a decent person, and he can handle any big and small hospital matters. As long as the penalty fine is paid later on, is there really the need to detain him any further? Why don’t you give a call to the police department to bail him out?……”

Before she finished her words, she sensed an ice-cold aura shrouding around her. Her body startled and her teeth chattered unexpectedly from it.

The conversation of pleading for leniency could not continue any further.

Only the cold and deep low pitched voice of Gong Jue could be heard: “Adjutant, do you think now it’s the time to conduct an investigation on the navy corruption? It seem that someone with dog-like guts were helping some shady people for ill-intention.

Adjutant replied immediately: “Yes chief. It is inappropriate for the armed force to meddle with police department cases. Otherwise, it would be considered a corruption offense!”

The naval commander and his wife were overflowing with cold sweat from those words.

Gong Jue is the commander-in-chief of the sea land air forces, and he is their immediate superior. If an investigation were to be conducted, it would be the end of the road for them.

Gong Jue was never concerned with these minor trifles before, so why the change of

change of stance today?

Gu Xue Xue was inexperienced and didn’t react to the implication. She was engrossed in acting like a spoiled child while holding the glass of wine: “Esteem gentleman, there’s no need to be this angry, it’s my mistake…..”

She originally expected that Gong Jue would accept the toast and forgive her.

When Gu Qiu Shan took her to social party previously, didn’t all government officials fall for the same trick?

At most, one would just pinched her buttcocks and laughed like a trumpet.

However, she could never anticipate that Gong Jue’s response would be vastly different than those men!

“If you are aware of your own wrongdoing, then get lost!”

Gong Jue coldly reprimanded her.

Get lost……

The prince charming unexpectedly told her to get lost!

Tears of grievance rushed forth from the inside of Gu Xue Xue’s eyes. Unwilling to allow herself to shamelessly “get lost”, she said with a sobbing tone: “Forgive me esteem gentleman, but please save my uncle3. Gu Qi Qi was the one responsible for the anesthesia procedure. She’s the one who committed the crime, so she ought to be arrested instead……”

While she was talking, her body slowly leaned toward Gong Jue. She’s attempting to use her own soft body to rouse some degree of pity from the cold ruthless man.

The eyebrows of Gu Qi Qi frowned. How is she related with that matter?

This idiotic loctus sure knows how to drag someone into the water.4
She even wanted to frame her for the anesthesia mishap.

However, she was not truly concerned of how Gu Xue Xue was trying to frame her. Rather, she her. Rather, she noticed that Gu Xue Xue was leaning toward Gong Jue’s body.

That soft white flesh was about to contact Gong Jue!

At this moment, Gu Qi Qi felt very uncomfortable!

The indescribable feeling that someone had invaded her own territory.

This phenomenal was too baffling!

1. [Smooth and slick (八面玲瓏) is an idiom of describing someone who is good at establishing social relationship. Especially capable of pleasing everyone.]

2. [Too weak to stand to the wind (弱不禁風) is an idiom of describing someone that is extremely delicate. It is either used to describe someone (female) with a fragile/ delicate posture, or someone with a weak body health.]

3. [In the raw, she used the term 大舅, which was best translated as uncle in English. But unlike the western definition of uncle, it could be used to as a respected Chinese title of addressing someone older, not just solely the elder brother of one’s mother. Some people who read the MTL asked me of whether Gu Mei Feng had an incest relation, Gu Qiu Shan is most definitely not Gu Mei Feng’s brother (I am 99.9% certain of that in the story). This 大舅 term is the cause of of misunderstanding/ confusion.]

4. [Drag someone into the water (拖人下水) is an idiom of describing an act of getting somebody else in messy trouble. It’s most commonly used to describe someone who’s already in trouble, decided to involve somebody else with that trouble as well. In a literal sense, just imagine someone who was about to fell into a water, and that person decided to drag someone into the water with he/she.]

Princess Husband, Too Mensao! Chapter 53

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