Pristine Darkness Chapter 13

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The case has apparently closed, but there are still some mysteries behind our culprit and some emotional moments with Mr. Fu, Fu Wei’s dad.

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Chapter 13

By the time that Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan had arrived upstairs, they watched as Fang Qing led an emergency response team to action. After having established the reason for this, Jian Yao said, "We'll come with you guys." Bo Jinyan nodded in agreement.

As they were speeding along in the back of a police car, Jian Yao expression was extremely tense. Bo Jinyan was able to discern her thoughts from reading her body language and asked, "Are you worried about that father?"

"Yes." Jian Yao replied, "He has already lost his son. I would hate to see him getting into trouble by acting aggressively."


"Does he remind you of your own father?" Bo Jinyan asked again.

Jian Yao rested her head on his shoulder and remained silent. Bo Jinyan gently caressed her hair and thought for a moment before coming up with the right words to say, "You still have me."

Jian Yao smiled as she replied, "You're not my dad."

"I meant . . ." His eyes were shining clearly as he spoke. "In the future, I'll be a good father."

Jian Yao was speechless. Her eyes were rapidly blinking rapidly as she looked at him l.

The Yao household, as expected, was already in a state of chaos.

The inn was closed, but that wasn't the only pressing issue at hand. When Fang Qing and his team entered the premises, the service staff were all in a dither.

Something had happened in the backyard.

After Mr. Fu gave a general glance over the criminal investigator's notebook, it was as if he was being possessed by a demon of insanity. He grieved over his son's bad fortune, that he had the misfortune of encountering this madwoman and was killed in such a violent and tragic manner. As he was thinking deeper into the subject matter, his gaze finally lit upon the description of the Yao household situation.

If the Yao household had not been mistreating Tong Min in such a manner, she would not have had to suppress her raging emotions, and she would not have had to release her anger by killing people. Was that not so?


If Yao Yuange had not taken in so many wives, so much so that those who did not have his love and favour would vent their spleen on the servants, his son would not have been involved. Wasn't that true?

A recipe for sudden and unexpected disaster!

Even if Tong Min were captured, what was the use for? Just what was the point of it? Mr. Fu was not completely ignorant about the prevailing culture; he knew that many criminals suffering from mental illness would not be incarcerated, but would instead be sent to mental hospitals. Then, who was going to suffer so that his son could rest in peace?


If, if they were not rich people, putting on airs and acting recklessly, treating people like dogs, if it hadn't been for them . . .

Mr. Fu quietly left the police station and had been tailing the cars transporting the Yao household back home. Right in front of him was Ming Lan's Audi A6, its shining black exterior dazzling to the eyes.

Mr. Fu sat in the back of a taxi, unable to keep his tears from falling, crying so bitterly that even the old taxi driver was rendered speechless. When they reached the Yao family inn, he waited until he had witnessed each and every one of them enter the premises, before following them, armed with the fruit knife he had purchased a few days prior.

Because of the ongoing case, the Yao household had been sealed off by the police, but the inside of the inn was still messy, and there were many people about.

Just then, Mr. Fu caught sight of Yao Yuange's only son, 5 years old, chubby, and sitting unattended in a corner, crying. When he saw this child, his eyes burned intensely.


The garden behind the Yao household was overgrown with flowers and shrubbery, with many winding walkways.

The sounds of crying and shouting, footsteps, pleas, roars of fury, all mixed together.


The criminal investigators had already entered the garden and sent away the Yao women, leaving behind Yao Yuange and the child's birth mother, Ming Yue. Mr. Fu had already taken the child hostage with the knife and was being forced to retreat, step by step, into a corner of the garden. His face was flushed and distended, and the hand holding the knife was trembling. His eyes were full of madness yet vacant.

"Let my son go!" Yao Yuange bellowed, "You lunatic! What's this got to do with me if your son got himself killed? Just see what's going to happen if you dare to touch a hair on his head!"

Ming Yue clung on to him, crying and shouting, "Don't say anymore! You don't say anymore! Sir, if there's something you want to discuss, please let my son go first, ok? He's only a child, only 5 years old!"

The child had already been scared silly, and his face was full of tears.

Mr. Fu spoke with a quivering voice, "Nothing to do with you? If it wasn't for all of you . . . if it hadn't been for all of you, my son would not have been murdered! The son of a rich person is so extraordinary and precious, you won't be able to bear it if I even touch him! My son has died, so you're going to pay me back with your son!"

Yao Yuange was already furious beyond limit, and yelled, "You're crazy!" Ming Yue who had been crying, collapsed on the ground. Both of them were being restrained by the criminal investigators.

Fang Qing shot the criminal investigators next to him a look, then slowly backed out of the circle of policemen. He exited the garden, and went around behind the garden wall.

Jian Yao stepped forward and said, "Uncle Fu, Uncle Fu! Please listen to me and don't be rash. What's you're doing now is against the law. We will definitely catch Fu Wei's killer. However, if Fu Wei's spirit were here with us right now, he would not want to see his father spending the rest of his life in prison! Furthermore, there's also Auntie, right? If you were to get yourself arrest, who's going to look after her? Do you really think Fu Wei would want his Dad and Mum to spend their twilight years alone, without support? Come, put down the knife first. We know you were acting on a moment's impulse, it's ok. Just put down the knife first."

These words were effective and pierced straight into Mr. Fu's heart and stunned him somewhat. Who knew that when he lifted his head, he would find himself staring straight into Yao Yuange's eyes, and the expression within the latter was frighteningly sinister? Mr. Fu suddenly felt a chill grip his heart, and he burst out, "I don't care anymore! So what if I go to prison? My son is already dead. It's not like Fu Wei's mother has long to live anyways, so let her die together with him! Let our entire family die together! The kid can be buried* with us!"


*陪葬 (pei zang) – to be buried with or next to a dead person; used to describe a deceased person's partner, or funerary objects.

Jian Yao's mind raced, but she couldn't think of any immediate course of action . It was at this time that Bo Jinyan spoke out in a cold voice, "You think doing this is a heroic act? That your son is going to avenged in such a manner? Your son's killer is out on the loose somewhere. Yet here you are. You, a man, are exacting your revenge on a 5-year-old boy. How is this any different from what the murderer has done? So, you want this child to be another Fu Wei?"

A startled look flashed through Mr. Fu's eyes. His hands went limp, and drooped half an inch. At this point, Fang Qing had circled around and positioned himself behind Mr. Fu on the back wall. He seized the opportunity and, without even a whisper of sound, jumped on Mr. Fu's body. He was knocked down, pressed to the ground, relieved of the knife and handcuffed, all within the spur of action. Despite his height and build, Mr. Fu  never had the chance to resist, and was quickly subdued. Jian Yao hurriedly stepped forward and picked up the child. Ming Yue, crying, rushed forward and took the child. With one hand, Fang Qing pulled Mr. Fu up from the ground and pushed him against the wall. In that moment, he had no idea what to say to him, and in the end, only quietly said, "Come back with me to the police station."

Mr. Fu's tears gushed down his face.

Jian Yao and Bo Jinyan stood quietly at the side.

It was at this time that Yao Yuange abruptly shot forward towards Mr. Fu. He grabbed Mr. Fu's collar and raised a fist against him. "Fk you, you dare to hurt my son! Damn you, you don't want to live? Believe it or not, you would never have been able to leave the ancient city, I would have killed you, you worthless piece of st! You dare hurt my son, damn you, you hurt my son!"

"Hold it!" Bo Jinyan and Jianyao shouted out in unison. But they were unable to prevent the first blow, and Mr. Fu sustained a bloody nose. When Yao Yuange raised his fist to hit him again, Fang Qing restrained his arm in one swift movement and scolded the man, "Yao Yuange, how dare you hit someone in front of the police!"

Yao Yuange raised his head to glared daggers into him. "Police? Haha, you think the police some kind of hot s**t in front of me?"

Ming Lan quickly rushed forward and grabbed his hand. Under the watchful eyes of the criminal investigators, Yao Yuange seemed to realise his gaffe. While maintaining his silence, he turned and walked away.

The impending third tragedy was finally stopped.

With Mr. Fu in their custody, the criminal investigators headed back to the police station. Bo Jinyan and Fang Qing traded looks, and seemed to register a flash of understanding in each other's eyes.


Bo Jinyan and Jian Yao returned to the police station. Since the inn was sealed off, the branch had arranged for them to stay at a nearby guest-house.

At the simply furnished guest-house, Bo Jinyan was leaning on his arms on the bed, thinking about goodness knows what. Jian Yao, who had just finished packing away their belongings, sighed. Who would have thought that such a nice vacation would turn out like this? Full of blood and melancholy.


"Once Tong Min has been placed under arrest, the case will have been solved, right?" Jian Yao exclaimed. "Then we can go back to Beijing."

Bo Jinyan simply looked at her wordlessly.

Jian Yao stood in front of the bed with her head lowered. "However, there are still certain aspects of this case that make me uncomfortable thinking about it."

Bo Jinyan smiled, then got up and hugged her from behind. Resting his chin on the softness of her shoulder, as he usually did, he rubbed it against her skin as he said, " You deserve to be called . . . Mrs. Bo."

Jian Yao was startled. "What do you mean?"

Bo Jinyan quietly looked out of the window alongside her. "The situation that night with Tong Min still makes me feel like that this case still has mysteries to it. It's not as simple as a person with a mental illness killing someone. Moreover, with regards to last night's case, there are three very clear areas of doubt."

Jian Yao pondered for a moment before saying, "I can only think of one."

Bo Jinyan chuckled a bit.

Jian Yao used her face to prod against him gently. "You're incorrigible*! You're not allowed to laugh!"

*屡教不改 (lü jiao bu gai) – lit. not to change, despite repeated admonition

Right at that moment, a knock on the door could be heard. Jian Yao asked loudly, "Who is it?"

Bo Jinyan said, "Who else could it be? It must be Fang Qing looking for us to discuss the case."

Jian Yao opened the door, looked at the person outside, then glanced back at Bo Jinyan. Seriously, he was about to become a god.

Fang Qing spoke out the moment he crossed the threshold to their room. He said, right in their faces, "There are two new developments to this case. First of all, we could not find a match to any of fingerprints that were found on the handle of the knife which was used to kill Zhao Xia last night. Secondly, Tong Min's identity card* is fake."

(TN In China, several types of identification documents are issued. This is probably a Resident Identity Card 居民身份证 (ju min shen fen zheng) which all residents in China over the age of 16 are required to carry. See for more details)

Translated by: shl

Translation Checked by Tranzgeek

Edited by Advy


Pristine Darkness Chapter 13

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