Pristine Darkness Chapter 24.1

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With the closure of the ancient city case featuring Yao Yuange, it’s time for our team to meet a new challenge. What will this story arc bring us? Read on to find out as new (and old) characters are introduced.

(As this chapter and the next are longer than usual, we’ll be posting them in two parts.)

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Chapter 24.1

The sunlight was resplendent, and the morning breeze was blowing softly. On the quiet Lin Meng Road, An Yan was flying by on his bike. A girl by the side of the road was struck by his lithe figure, but she was only able to catch a glimpse of his white s.h.i.+rt and handsome face.

He had a black computer bag on his back, earphones in his ears, and running shoes on his feet. He looked like a university student. Maybe it was because the weather today was too good, but his actions seemed particularly lively. It was to the point that when he parked his bike and walked into the Bureau of Public Safety, the security guard even asked him, "Is your mood is really good today?"

It was only at this moment that An Yan noticed, from his reflection on the gla.s.s door, that a light smile curled on his lips.

He immediately straightened his lips, returning to his poker face.

The security guard said, "Hey. . ." There he goes again, pretending to be sophisticated and wise beyond his years.

An Yan pushed open the office doors, but there was no one inside.

They had not arrived yet.

An Yan tossed his bag on the table, saw that the time was still early, and opened the computer to play games, blacklisting some of the game's vicious  bullies while he was at it.

The door was pushed open again, bringing in fresh, cool air. The face of the tall man who used his arms to hold the door open was supremely indifferent. The slender woman  walked lightly into the room, and said "Ah, An Yan is already here!

An Yan was distracted, and was killed in the game, He lifted his head, glanced at them, and said, "Mhm."

Aiyo! He was just about to defeat his opponent.

Only G.o.d knew how bored he had been all alone in the office these past few days. Because Bo Jinyan was away, they couldn't accept cases. An Yan had already hacked into the Bureau’s system three or four times, since life was so lonely and cold.

Although his eyes stared at the screen, An Yan still shot a glance at them from the corner of his eye. Bo Jinyan took off his coat, hung it on the rack, rolled up his sleeves, and went to make coffee.

"Make me a cup, too." said An Yan.

"I'm only making one for Jian Yao. Don't you have hands?" Bo Jinyan replied.

Jian Yao sat down in front of her desk, and immediately objected, "Jinyan, just make him a cup, it won't take any effort at all."

Bo JInyan had nothing more to say.

An Yan lightly smiled.

A box of peach blossom biscuits was placed in front of him. Jian Yao smiled and said, "How is it that you like to eat sweet things?

An Yan immediately opened the box, took a biscuit and popped it into his mouth."Thanks, sister-in-law."

To one side, Bo Jinyan chuckled and said, as if speaking to himself, "I am one who doesn't like sweet foods."

An Yan  put the entire box into his own drawer straightaway.

The bell to begin work rang, and the gentle fragrance of coffee permeated the entire room. Sunlight quietly shone through the window. It was another calm yet productive day. Without any cases to worry them, Bo Jinyan read dossiers; Jian Yao wrote the follow-up a.n.a.lysis report about the ancient city case; and An Yan calculated the year's newest criminal statistics.

The Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Psychology Special Cases Unit was established at the beginning of this year. After Bo Jinyan returned to China and led in solving a series of cases, the superiors specially formed this unit for him. Jian Yao and An Yan were both considered as his a.s.sistants, and they were a.s.signed the status of   criminal investigators for now. Usually, when they were in action, the city's police department would send a team of officers to work with them.

After the "Flower Cannibal"* case, plus the ancient city case, they had already solved three cases.

*T/N This was the main case in the previous novel, 'When He Comes, Close Your Eyes' aka 'Love Me if You Dare'.

"Oh yeah, Chief Yan said last week that he would a.s.sign us another officer  again, transferred in from somewhere else." An Yan said.

"Any information?" Bo Jinyan asked.

"Not sent over yet."

Bo Jinyan made a "hmph" sound, and said, "I don't want some untalented person."

As An Yan and Jian Yao were both busy with their own tasks, they both ignored him. After a while, he said to himself again, "But, then again, I really do not have any good officers at my disposal."

An Yan said, "Sister-in-law, make him shut up."

"Shut up." Jian Yao said.

At the same time that this was all happening, Fang Qing was dragging his luggage, walking out of the Beijing train station. He lifted his head, looked at the not-so-blue sky and the heavy clouds. It was only a day in May, and it was already weirdly hot like this. This lousy weather, so far from the constantly spring-like weather, the faraway sky, and the vast clouds of the ancient city. As he looked, his nose itched, and he gave a great loud sneeze.

Hey, who was thinking of him?

He dragged his suitcase, and squeezed onto the bus going towards the Bureau of Public Safety.

At night, Bo Jinyan went for dinner with his old friend, Fu Ziyu.

Fu Ziyu was driving the Cheroke, toward the area around the Bureau of Public Safety. He thought it was funny. Why was it that Bo Jinyan returns and he (FZY) had to drive his (BJY) car and get it washed it for him? Other than Jian Yao, didn't Bo Jinyan have that one called An Yan who worked for him? Last weekend, he had even seen An Yan at the Bo home, helping himself to food and drink.

Why did the servile task of was.h.i.+ng the car still land on him? Now that Bo Jinyan had new friends, shouldn't he be upgraded to the position of a VIP friend?

Although he angrily thought like this, yesterday, after receiving Bo Jinyan’s "I'm coming back" phone call, Fu Ziyu still bore the responsibility of getting the car washed without any resentment. He even used his own money to buy replacement floor mats for him.

From far away, Fu Ziyu could see Bo Jinyan standing at the doorway of the restaurant, both hands in his trouser pockets. He emitted a chilly aura, giving the impression that he didn't fit in with those around him. As Fu Ziyu looked on, he suddenly smiled again.

Maybe what Bo Jinyan said was right – he had the disposition of an old woman, the fate of an old woman.

It must be that he had too much gentle and soft love in his heart, and without anywhere to expend it, he could only shower it on Bo Jinyan.

The two sat down, and as usual, ordered a fish, a vegetable dish, and a dish of stir-fried wuhuarou* – the meat was for Fu Ziyu.

*T/N 五花肉 – lit. five flower meat – a typically fatty pork meat dish.

After eating a few bites, Fu Ziyu asked, "Where is Jian Yao? How come she didn't come to eat with us?"

Bo Jinyan acted as if he didn't hear anything. He lowered his head and carefully picked the fishbones clean with his chopsticks.

Fu Ziyu said, "Hey, I'm talking to you! Where's your wife?"

It was only then that Bo Jinyan put down his chopsticks, took a sip of his tea, and lightly answered, "She's at a gathering with people from her home town."

"People from her home town?" Fu Ziyu started to understand a bit more and smiled. "And her childhood sweetheart is there as well?"

"Hmph," Bo Jinyan answered, "If we look at it from the point of view that humans live to a hundred years, I am Jian Yao's sweetheart. That person is just someone from her home town in her youth."

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Pristine Darkness Chapter 24.1

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