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Chapter 344: Murong Ni Kneeling and Begging for Help (3)

At this moment, Murong Ni finally understood why there was no need for anyone to stand guard for Huang Yueli's array.

It was because this array could automatically dispel the forces of external force, hence eliminating any fear of attracting the attention of any Magical Beasts that may have accidentally touched the array.

The reason why Murong Ni could feel the barrier was because she had used up all her profound qi in that one attack that was targeted specifically at the array!

If it was just a Magical Beast that was pa.s.sing by and had inadvertently encountered it, with such a feature, it would be difficult to attract its attention. Moreover the intelligence of Magical Beasts were much lower than humans so they would certainly be unaware and would bypa.s.s it unknowingly.

She had understood the profoundness behind the array but Murong Ni was in complete shock.

She just couldn't fathom … how was this achieved?

Why did her array, which had been laid using third tier crystals and materials, had attracted the attention of the Iron Claw Silver Wolves and was even forcefully broken by them!

Yet Huang Yueli's array which also used third tier materials not only was concealed so well, it even had such an outstanding effect!

This was simply unheard of!

"Junior Sister, be careful!"

Luo Jiyun cried out in exclamation not far from behind.

Murong Ni hurriedly turned around and saw two Iron Claw Silver Wolves headed towards her.

The iron claws glinted under the moonlight and flashed in front of her.

Luo Jiyun was under the combined siege of four other silver wolves and he was already having difficulty protecting himself, let alone save her.

Murong Ni panicked and slammed the barrier of the array but could only feel that her fist and leg had stepped into water, not a single sound could be heard.

"Senior Brother! Help! I beg of you, please save us….Sister-in-law, I was wrong! I know that I'm in the wrong! You are the real Array Master, please save us!"

Murong Ni had plopped to the ground on both knees and was crying as she begged desperately, yelling until her voice was hoa.r.s.e.

If Huang Yueli was here now and had asked her to kowtow to her, she would definitely not hesitate and do it!

In the tent.

Huang Yueli had actually been awake for some time.

Although there was no arrangement for night vigil, Huang Yueli had already informed Li Moying and his guards in advance to not sleep too deep and they should be awake by the fifth period of the night watch.

Mo Yi was somewhat puzzled, "There's really no need for me to guard at night? Actually the three of us can take turns. It's not too hard and we do not need to trouble Master and Third Miss. After all, this is the Dark Moon Forest, it's better to be more careful…"

"No, you can sleep with ease." Huang Yueli replied immediately, a cold glint flashed by her eyes. "You may have to fight a big battle in the second half of the night so don't waste any unnecessary energy for the first half. Rest well to preserve your strength!"

At that time, Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San were still apprehensive but when they had awoken by the second half of the night, they realized that Huang Yueli had already expected that Murong Ni's camp would be a.s.saulted by Magical Beasts!

These had all fallen within her expectations and she had even thought things out so carefully, this had gained the shock and awe of Li Moying's subordinates.

This future Mistress of theirs, although she didn't have a high cultivation, however, her ability to plan was no less than their Master!

In actual fact, this wasn't all that hard for Huang Yueli. Murong Ni's array was as she had mentioned earlier, although it could conceal, however too much profound qi was leaking out from it hence it was easy to attract Magical Beasts that were fourth tier and above.

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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 344

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