Psychic Tattoo Chapter 14

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In fact she still didn’t believe me.Well, I didn’t argue with her and only dutifully said: “I willtake a look atyour cat before selectingthe pattern, so that I candecide which dye and soul to use.”

“Well, you just take a look at my cat.This cat is very expensive;it’s a pure Bengal leopard cat and it’s worth as much as your tattoo studio”. Miao Weiwei said as if I had no way to refute her.

Damn it, I just hope not to see you again after this business. Anyway, we were classmates, but she was going too far when she insulted me like that.

Miao Weiwei took out the phone and called the baby-sitter: “Hello, Mi, you just takeZaizai upstairs, yeah, on the second floor of a shabby tattoo studio.”

I got angry but had to keep standing. After five or six minutes, I finally saw that leopard cat. My god, it was half ameter long and looked like a leopard. So there was no doubt thatthis wild animal might bite humans.

Miao Weiwei pointed at the cat: “You first help me check this cat, OK? Just find out what the problem is, why it always wants to eat me at night.It looksso grumpy.”

I couldn’t check this cat directly because I found it was so abnormal.Its eyes were veryfierce as it bared its teeth, showing its strong aggressiveness.

“Does your cat bite?”

“It’s OK, it only scares you and never bites you”. Miao Weiwei replied.

Then I just felt no worry and began to touch the cat’s head, pretending to be checking.Later I would summarize some quirky words to fool her.

Just when I stretched out my hand, there came a voice from the door: “Mr. Yu, you shouldn’t touch everything.”

I looked up, and saw that someone was coming.It was Liu the Sixth.

Liu the Sixth dressed himself like a farmer.He hada scarf overthe shoulder and he was shirtless.With wrinkles on his face, his eyes were not so cloudy like others his age, but looked very energetic.

He slowly walked to me with bandy legs and took my pushed away my hand that was reaching for the cat: “Why were you touching it? It isnot an ordinary cat;it isa white cat.”

“A white cat? Come on, old man, there must be something inyour eyes”. Miao Weiwei pointed at the leopard cat and said it was leopard-colored.

Liu the Sixth gave an angry stare to Miao Weiwei and said: “Ablack cat cansuppress evil and protect the house, while awhite cat candraw evil, but did you think I meant the color when I said white and black? I was supposed to give you some directions, but just look at your attitude.Well, get out of here right now, don’t bother me. About this cat…hehe…I was not cursing you, since you willdie because of this cat within one month.”

Miao Weiwei got mad atLiu the Sixth, she scolded him: “You old turtle, who doyou think you’refrightening? You, Yu Shui, you always stayed with this old man, that’s why you could only open a shabby tattoo shop like this.”

Then she took the cat and ran away: Damn, you just wasted my time.

But I didn’t want to lose this chance to earn money since I was already so close.

Just thinkingthat Miao Weiwei was acting like a poser in my studio and I had been taught a lesson by her,did I suffer all these tortures for nothing,sinceshe went away like that?

I quickly ran in front of her and blocked her way, saying: “Miao, you must know, Mr. Liuisa master and expert on dealing with funerals and the dead. “

“He knows nothing”. Miao Weiweiexhaledcold air from her nose.

Liu the Sixth came up as well.Hepointed at her nose and said: “You must believe I would never want to talk to you. But since you were the customer of Yu Shui, I just drove his guest away and I feel sorry about that. Now let me point it out openly, and it willhave nothing to do with me if you don’tagree.”

Liu the Sixth pointed at theleopard cat and said: “This cat grinds its teeth every day, right?”

Miao Weiwei just wanted to get angry again, butshe wassucked into hearing what he had to say.She nodded quickly: “Yes, yes.It did before, but a lotless.”

“This cat stretchesitself beside you every day aroundseven o'clock in the evening, right?” Liu the Sixth asked again.

Miao Weiwei could tellLiu the Sixth was really powerful.She lowered her head quickly and smiled:”Oh, Mr. Liu, I amso sorry about that just now”.

“Just call me Mr. Liu”. Liu the Sixth said unpleasantly.

This Miao Weiwei, who had a sugar daddy and always looked down upon others, spoke toMr. Liu respectfully indeed.

Maybe she just rememberedwhatLiu the Sixth said:“You will die because of this cat within one month”, and Liu the Sixth was the real deal.As a result, she had to stoop for her life.

WhenLiu the Sixth heard so, he just put up one finger: “You want to know more? Give me exactly ten thousand, or else I willsay nothing.”

Psychic Tattoo Chapter 14

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