Psychic Tattoo Chapter 88 The Music Prodigy

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Su Yizi told me that the livor mortis on her body was spreading.

Then she asked me: "Will I die when the livor mortis covers my entire body?"

I told her to stay calm… I would come and tell her.

I also told her: "It is only a matter of possession by an evil ghost. It will be solved when I give you the Yin and Yang tattoo to suppress the ghost."

Su Yizi nodded quickly and said: "I hope so."

After the call, I said to Feng Chunsheng: "Let's go to Su Yizi. We have to solve this girl's problem."

"We have to be careful; I feel she didn't tell us the truth." Feng Chunsheng frowned.

I had the same feeling.

Now I could confirm two things about her.

First, the curse of the Fox Empress never existed. Feng Chunsheng had confirmed this with the Fox King's family.

Therefore, Su Yizi's roommate didn't die because of that curse.

Second, Mr. Guan told me he had once met a person covered in livor mortis. At the time, his master had only one comment about that person - he was a big liar; the more he tried to hide, the more he was exposed.

That's to say, that man with livor mortis seemed to be hiding something.

Could it be the same secret as Su Yizi had? Well, it might, but I couldn't be sure, since Mr. Guan still hasn't gotten any reply from his master.

I told Feng Chunsheng: "We have to keep her calm for now and wait for Mr. Guan's call… Of course, we have to investigate, too."

Feng Chunsheng gasped and asked: "What do you mean?"

"Do as we usually do. We have to give her the Yin and Yang tattoo only after receiving the call from Mr. Guan," I said to him.

Feng Chunsheng smiled and stuck up a thumb: "Well, aren't you smart! Let's go and find Su Yizi."

Now we had Chen Sanli's address, but we could only make move after we've had dinner with Li Xiangbo tonight. Now we had enough time to visit Su Yizi.

On the way to Su Yizi's home, the scene of Chen Yuhao carrying the coffin into the ghost house to suppress the weasel played over and over in my mind.

Chen Yuhao left without hesitation, which showed his trust in me. I had to take this great responsibility… I guaranteed on my life that n.o.body would die. Ever.

When our car stopped at Su Yizi's place, Feng Chunsheng asked me what I was thinking about.

I said I was thinking about the ghost house matter.

He said it was unnecessary… It's always coming. It's always going. I would exhaust myself thinking about it too much.

I smiled.

This time we met with Su Yizi in the band rehearsal room at her university. Su Yizi took home so many awards that she could have her own private music room.

Su Yizi was beating the drum when we entered. I thought she was really good.

Feng Chunsheng whispered to me: "Su Yizi is really such a strange person."

I asked him: "Why do you say that?"

He said: "Actually, she doesn't play so well."

He told me secretly that she was playing the Ansai waist drum, and he had listened to this tune before.

Feng Chunsheng also told me: "Her rhythm's off."

He continued, "I had communicated with a professor before, and he told me that if you want to tell whether a person was talented in music or not, you could tell according to the rhythm. Those with good musical sense would keep the rhythm on point.

"For example, Jay Chou, who has great musical sense, is very good at keeping a rhythm. He couldn't only play the notes on point but could also identify the tone of each note by ear.

"But Yizi isn't on point, or I could say… she doesn't have that much talent."

Anyway, Feng Chunsheng said again: "Everything has two sides. She can make a nice sound; it is powerful… Sounds very elegant."

I had to say Feng Chunsheng was really an expert.

After when she finished playing her drum, we went over to her.

Well… it was true that her livor mortis had grown recently.

Yesterday, there wasn't any obvious livor mortis on her neck, but now… it was full of livor mortis.

"Mr. Yu and Mr. Feng, there you are." Su Yizi gestured for us to sit.

I sat beside her with Feng Chunsheng. "Miss Su, you're really good."

"Thank you. Actually I didn't do it so well, since I was distracted." Su Yizi smiled and asked: "So, Mr. Yu, any ideas on how to remove this livor mortis?"

She told me she couldn't perform if she couldn't remove this livor mortis.

The music industry was like the entertainment industry, and an artist had to have sustained exposure, or else, people would start forgetting about them.

I couldn't understand her when she got nervous like that.

I told her: "I'm waiting for a message from someone regarding the livor mortis, and it should all be OK once I get it… By the way, Miss Su, I saw your video and noticed that you can play many kinds of instruments… Drums, dulcimer, erhu, Sanxian… Any others?"

"No, I only like those four." She smiled professionally.

I asked her whether I would be lucky enough to listen to her playing the erhu?

"Of course." She smiled and took up her erhu, and played a tune called Race Horse.

When she played that tune that I was familiar with, I could feel its beautiful tone and I could imagine I was on the prairie. The melody was only improved by the intermittent sighs of a woman.

However, as Feng Chunsheng said - the sense of rhythm was not right.

It was only a local folk tune, but it was still fairly popular.

I could hear that some of her notes were out of tune.

Of course, she could make beautiful sounds, even though some of them were out of tune, but… how could she make such beginner mistakes?

I felt a little strange.

Well, I quickly became immersed in her rhythm and spontaneously extended my hand toward her erhu.

I just touched it.

Suddenly, the music stopped. Su Yizi stood up and pulled the erhu away from me. "What are you doing? Why did you touch my erhu?" she shouted.

I was stunned when she shouted at me like that. Why did she get so angry when I only touched the erhu?

Well, Feng Chunsheng stood up and mediated the dispute. He pulled me aside and said sorry to her: "Sorry, Miss Su, he's a bit of a boor. I know that you artists often have a special fondness for your instruments. Sorry for that, sorry."

"It's OK, but please don't touch my instrument in the future." Su Yizi glanced at me and said: "Please come to me when you get the information you need. I don't feel so good today and want to continue playing. So, goodbye."

She just sent us away.

Feng Chunsheng took my hand and dragged me out.

When we left that room, Feng Chunsheng said carefully: "What a weird woman."

"How do you mean?" I asked him.

Feng Chunsheng said: "Can't you feel that there was not a single qualified rhythm, despite her being such a successful musician? Furthermore… Why can't we touch her instrument? Why did she react so violently? It is all very unusual."

I asked him what we should do next.

He replied: "Well, we have to talk to her cla.s.smates."

I thought it was a good idea.

Feng Chunsheng asked me: "Do you know who her cla.s.smates are?"

I laughed and teased him for not thinking more carefully. It would be very easy to get the answer, since Su Yizi was a campus star.

Feng Chunsheng was suddenly enlightened.

It took us fifteen minutes to find one of Su Yizi's cla.s.smates — w.a.n.g Qingqing.

We asked her about Su Yizi.

w.a.n.g Qingqing seemed to be resentful about Su Yizi. She gave us a disdainful look and said: "Why do you ask about an idiot like her?"

"An idiot?" I didn't understand.

Then w.a.n.g Qingqing said again: "Yes, that's Su Yizi."

I thought she had something good to tell us, so I immediately gave her a few notes.

She was happy to get the money, and started talking about Su Yizi right away.

The reason was, Su Yizi was an overnight prodigy in the music department.

When she just came… she had poor musical sense. During a test in cla.s.s, the professor shook his head after listening to her playing and said: "Coming to this music school was really the wrong choice."

But after several years… Su Yizi changed completely. She became a big star suddenly.

It was strange. Su Yizi couldn't make more progress due to her lack of talent, and she actually hadn't improved in recent years… However, her music got much better.

Then w.a.n.g Qingqing said there was another strange thing about Su Yizi - she could only play the drum when she came to school, but after only a short three years, she could play the dulcimer, erhu and sanxian.

What did this mean?

It took over ten years to master the dulcimer and erhu, but, somehow, Su Yizi succeeded.

And the sanxian was also a difficult instrument to learn.

"Why do you say it's strange?" I asked w.a.n.g Qingqing.

She said with a smile: "It is unusual because there's something demonic about her… I think her instruments aren't normal… It is not her playing those beautiful songs; it's the instruments themselves."

Then w.a.n.g Qingqing blinked and said: "Let me tell you something even weirder. A few other students tried playing on Su Yizi's instruments… but n.o.body could get any sound out of them, except Su Yizi. Her instruments wouldn't play at all. Don't you think that's weird?"

Psychic Tattoo Chapter 88 The Music Prodigy

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