Psychic Tattoo Chapter 89 Invite God To Enter The Body

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w.a.n.g Qingqing asked us, "Strange, isn't it?"

I said it was strange; very strange.

It should be easy for students of the music department to play on her instruments. Why wouldn't they be able to produce any sound?

Then I asked her, "What about her drums?"

"We tried them all, and none made any sound." She shook her head. "We couldn't make the drums beat. Therefore, everyone in our cla.s.s dislikes Su Yizi. She did not become famous by relying on her own skills."

Then, w.a.n.g Qingqing said very quietly, "Well, give me another one hundred Yuan and I'll continue to talk to you, otherwise go away."

I immediately took out one hundred Yuan.

She grabbed the money and immediately smiled. "I'll tell you something. Have you heard about the curse of the Fox spirit?"

I a.s.sumed she was talking about the curse of the Fox Empress.

When I heard that, I got excited. I asked her, "What about it?"

She smiled and said, "It was said in our cla.s.s that that it was not Su Yizi playing those instruments, but the Fox Empress attached to her body. She became famous by relying on the Fox Empress, and we... Who'd want that? Bulls.h.i.+t."

I looked at her indignant appearance. In fact, if w.a.n.g Qingqing could take Su Yizi's place, she definitely wouldn't say it was bulls.h.i.+t. She'd certainly want that.

I bid farewell to her. It seemed like Su Yizi's situation was not so simple.

She was the only one who made the sound of her instruments. Did she have some secrets with the Fox Empress?

"Don't overthink it. Su Yizi definitely has problems. Let's go back to the tattoo shop first and see if we have any new customers today," said Feng Chunsheng.

Along the way, I was thinking. Was Su Yizi really cooperating with the Fox Empress?

She couldn't possibly win so many musical awards by relying solely on her own talent and skill.

I thought the Fox Empress promised to help her become famous, she might have promised Fox Empress something?

Now, she became famous, and wanted to borrow our hands, dispose of the Fox Empress?

I told Feng Chunsheng about that.

After he heard, shook his head and said the possibility was not big, it wasn't the Fox Empress.

But I thought, the Fox Empress might really exist. Otherwise, she wouldn't have thought up the curse.

I thought about it all the way to the tattoo studio. I still couldn't understand it when we reached the door of the studio.

Since I couldn't make sense of it, I decided to let it go for now.

When I entered the tattoo shop, Cang Shu was unexpectedly doing aerobic dances inside. She looked very focused.

"Swing arm, stomp leg, jump. One two three four, one two three four... " She jumped very carefully.

I coughed.

She turned around, smiled shyly, and said that no one came this afternoon. She got bored, so she started dancing.

I said nothing. Life lies in movement.

In fact, I hoped her jump, when I looked at the corridor, many people saw my tattoo shop, this was a small stunt.

She smiled and hurriedly went to inner to bathe and change clothes.

Feng Chunsheng sat down and lit a cigarette.

I got a call from Mr. Guan.

I grabbed the phone and asked him: "What's up?"

He said, "Shui, you asked me to inquire about living people with livor mortis."

"I know, I know. What did your master say?" I hastened to ask him.

His master once comment about a person covered with livor mortis: the more he tries to hide, the more he is exposed.

I guess he must already know.

He said, "My master said that a living person covered with livor mortis only has one purpose - to cheat."

"Why do you say that?" I asked him.

He said, "Because the only way for a living person to get livor mortis is to drink corpse oil."

"Drink corpse oil?" I was a little surprised.

He said, "Corpse oil contains a lot of lifeless gas. Drinking it can caused ugly livor mortis to appear on the skin. Corpse oil tastes horrible and has no apparent effect except making you look ugly. So why would anyone drink corpse oil? There is no reason but deceit."

Then he said that the man who had bought the coffin from his master was covered in livor mortis for a trick.

What trick?

He said that his master had done a little research.

The man with livor mortis, called Tian Qiye, was the owner of a porridge restaurant. He had a son called Tian Duo, and Tian Duo was an opium smoker.

Although Tian Duo earned some money selling porridge, he couldn't afford opium.

Tian Duo went often to smoke opium. When he had no money, he came home to take it by force. He even sold the house and the family lands. If Tian Qiye tried to stop him, he would beat him.

So, Tian Qiye wanted to kill his son.

However, Tian Qiye couldn't overpower his son, so he began to drink corpse oil.

Then Tian Qiye pretended to be dead, and got into the coffin with the help of his neighbor. At the same time, his neighbor told his son to return home for the funeral.

Tian Duo went back home, checked on Tian Qiye for a while, and found that his body was covered with livor mortis. He knew his father must be dead, and went to the funeral that night. He did not want to go, but the neighbor advised him to.

All right.

Tian Duo held a wake over his father's corpse that night. At midnight, his father, Tian Qiye, burst out of the coffin.

Thinking he was seeing a ghost, Tian Duo immediately died of fright.

The Old Hammer of Liuzhou said that the more one tries to hide, the more one is exposed. He was talking about Tian Duo drinking the corpse oil to pretend to be dead and scare his son to death.

I asked Guan, "Besides this, is there no other way to get livor mortis?

"Absolutely not." He was very confident. "My master said none at all."


I thanked him and hung up the phone.

So it was.

The livor mortis on Su Yizi's body was self-inflicted by drinking corpse oil.

I told Feng Chunsheng about it.

"What? Seriously?" he exclaimed.

I nodded and said, "Of course, Guan told me."

He didn't understand why Su Yizi drank corpse oil.

"To deceive."

"Deceive who?" he asked me.

I didn't know, either.

While Feng Chunsheng and I were thinking, Cang Shu appeared.

Cang Shu looked at us and said, "What are you doing? Why are you frowning?"

"We're not doing anything. I was thinking about a woman who's deceiving me," I said to Cang Shu.

She immediately said, "Is there such a thing? Tell me, tell me. I have telepathic psychic powers, I really do!"

Her gossipy appearance made me doubt her.

But she was really persistent. She just kept pleading by my ear. Of course, this was a girl who could eat six bowls of rice in one go. Just how much energy did she have?

In the end, I couldn't stand it anymore. I could only tell her what we'd learned about Su Yizi, and that she was drinking corpse oil to deceive someone.

After that, Cang Shu patted her chest and said, "I'll deal with this for you."

"What?" I couldn't believe my ears.

She said, "I have a way to help you find out what that woman is doing."

"Ah?" I was stunned.

Then she said, "Let me handle it. You said that woman was a star."

"Yes," I nodded.

She said, "The star must have a song?"

"Yes," I said.

She immediately nodded and said, "It is easy to do."

Then she closed the shop door and asked us to play Su Yizi's song.

I downloaded the song from the internet and gave her my phone.

She closed her eyes. While she was listening, her appearance changed.

I saw Su Yizi's shadow on her face.

This was all very strange.

But Feng Chunsheng stood up from his seat and said, "This is spirit possession."

"spirit possession?" I asked him.

He hurriedly made a silencing gesture and said, "Do not speak. Don't not disturb the spirit possession."

I immediately shut my mouth.

Then I saw Cang Shu's expression become very ferocious. She grabbed a knife and sliced the air in front of her.

Then, she picked up a bench and smashed it on the ground.

Then she picked up my tattoo needle and stroked it lightly.

Finally, she grabbed a hammer and threw it down on the floor.

I immediately began to count. Cutting with the knife… Did that mean cutting the heart?

Hitting the bench? A broken hand?

Taking a needle and gently stroking it, it meant stripping the face?

Taking a hammer and throwing it to the floor… it meant breaking a leg.

This was how Su Yizi's four roommates died!

I was immediately surprised. The four roommates were all killed by Su Yizi.

Why did she drink corpse oil? Apparently, to hide the fact that she killed her four roommates.

But I didn't know how she planned to hide the murders with livor mortis.

I just knew Su Yizi killed them.

Feng Chunsheng said to me, "I didn't know she could do this. Cang Shu can perform Invite G.o.ds? Shui, you picked up a treasure this time. She's very suitable to work in our shop."

I hurriedly asked him, "What is spirit possession? Is it for real?"

At this time he had not answered my question, and then he said, "I know. This is not spirit possession. This is, this is a natural Yin medium."

Psychic Tattoo Chapter 89 Invite God To Enter The Body

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