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As the power of the Curse spread out from the spot where Su Ming was, black patches immediately appeared on quite a large number of Evil Sect disciples. Panic descended on these people, while Su Ming left into the distance.

Two more rapidly darkening bodies appeared in his hand, as he moved without a sound. After a moment, once the sounds of two explosions spread out, the Curse's presence became thicker in the air.

The Curse did not act fast, but looked incredibly terrifying. It did not matter who it was, when they found a large amount of black spots appearing on their bodies and smelled the sweet but nauseating scent while feeling the black patches on their bodies continue spreading and rotting away, terror would crawl up from deep within their hearts.

After a moment, Su Ming went past between some Evil Sect's a.s.sault teams. The fear creeping in their hearts exploded, resulting the teams becoming more and more chaotic as time pa.s.sed .

This chaos was immediately discovered by the Immortal sects and spotted by the powerful warriors in Ascendance from Evil Sect and the Immortal sects fighting against each other. However, it was difficult for them to break off from the life and death battles they were engaged in at the moment, so they could not pay too much attention to it.

A glint appeared in the woman in white's eyes. She could immediately see that this chaos was a perfect opportunity to turn the tides of the battle. She lifted her right hand, but just as she was about to send her orders, she instinctively paused.

She was incredibly hesitant. This chaos was clearly man-made, but who exactly would create such an opportunity for the Immortal sects…? The first person that came to her mind was Su Ming. She had originally thought that he came from Evil Sect, but due to her survival after hi attack, she began to have other thoughts regarding his origins.

When she saw the chaos among the Evil Sect, there was no way she would be unable to guess what was happening with her intelligence.

She sighed softly. Even if she was able to tell that the person had intentionally caused this, she still had to seize this chance. She no longer hesitated. She swung her arm, and a dozen something jade slips flew into the air.

"Have all the remaining six Galactic Warrior Immortals from Hidden Dragon Sect attack. You must absolutely change the tide of this battle right now, when Evil Sect is in chaos!"

One of the woman in white's jade slips flew towards the direction where Hidden Dragon Sect was. It was caught by Chenchong, who was standing on one of the big stones. His eyes sparkled, and when he formed a seal with his left hand, loud booming sounds that shook the sky reverberated in the air. The six Galactic Warrior Immortals lifted their heads from the mountains and roared.

As they roared, the six giants flew into the air with a bang. The six huge mountains also rose up and followed right behind them, slicing through the air with rumbling sounds in their wake.

When the six bangs connected with each other and echoed in the air while the ground trembled, the six mountains crashed into Evil Sect's army. The pressure that spread out from them caused all those who were enveloped within it to feel as if their bodies had been bound. They could not dodge, only stare as they were crushed and turned into minced meat as they screamed in pain.

The ground trembled once again, and this time, it was because the six Galactic Warrior Immortals had landed from midair. Once they descended, a bloodthirsty, murderous aura spread out from their bodies. These giants' eyes were bloodshot. Roaring, they charged forward into six different directions. Wherever they went, the Evil Sect disciples would be completely unable to retaliate. From the giants' mad charge, these disciples would usually either have their bodies broken, or be ripped apart and tossed away once grabbed.

"Go on, kill. Kill more, then my Verdant Abyssal Seal will become stronger…" Su Ming mumbled under his breath.

He cast a glance at the green mark on his left hand. It was now letting out an enchanting light, which made it look incredibly strange. At that moment, Su Ming's gaze fell on his right palm.

There was a black bundle there, which was letting out a sweet scent. Naturally, that was the Curse. Su Ming had come up with this form of the Curse on the spot - to use nearly a hundred thousand bodies to provide nourishment so that the Curse would become more terrifying as time pa.s.sed.

When the six Galactic Warrior Immortals started their counterattack in the fog, once chaos became apparent in Evil Sect, the Immortal sects received orders to no longer retreat but instead turn around. All of them transformed into long arcs with loud roars. They brought out their divine abilities and Enchanted Treasures and charged against those from Evil Sect. The tables had been turned.

The booming sounds from Arts and divine abilities rang loud within the fog. The waves of power from the spiritual aura in the world continued spreading outwards, but it still could not make the fog show any signs of disappearing.

Su Ming no longer paid any attention to the battle. He rose into the air until he reached the edge of the fog. When he was there, he lifted his head and looked at the sky. At that moment, clouds were tumbling about, and the three figures within were executing a series of divine abilities. Ripples spread out from it, making it seem as if the sky was about to shatter, and it was a shocking sight to behold.

However, there were two spots in the sky where the ripples and waves of impact would immediately dissipate when they closed in on them. Those two spots were two vortexes that were showing faint signs of their existence!

These two vortexes were spinning slowly at that moment, and when Su Ming saw them, he had a strong feeling that these they were the spots where the Immortals descended!

He s.h.i.+fted his gaze away and finally looked towards the three fighting figures in the clouds and fog. Su Ming saw Di Tian's clones. One of them was casting that Art to mend the sky, and the other was casting the Art to submerge the sun [1]. As the two clones executed these two divine abilities, the world lost its color, causing Su Ming to narrow his eyes.

He looked towards the boy in black. Ji An's magical body was still holding the fan in his hand. His expression could not be seen, but his movement of swinging the fan was clear. Immediately, a huge ghost-face appeared before him. It was ten thousand feet big and looked incredibly ferocious. It opened its mouth wide before it snapped its jaws shut, as if it wanted to swallow the whole entire world.

The sight made Su Ming's pupils shrink for an instant.

After some moment, he closed his eyes and suppressed the urge to attack. When he reopened them, he cast a deep look toward Di Tian's clones. Su Ming knew that he could not be hasty in this. Only when Verdant Abyssal Seal and the Curse became stronger as the people from both sides continued dying would the time come for him to truly attack.

Besides, this was not the time for him to launch any sort of ambush, either. The moment he walked out the fog on the ground, he would be immediately discovered by Ji An and the two Di Tians in the sky, and more importantly…

'Their battle has just started. There's no heat to it as of yet… and neither are they injured!'

Su Ming suppressed the urge in his heart. He knew that if he made a single mistake he would be easily revealed. He had to continue hiding, and when the time came for him to launch his attack, he would burst forth with a will to kill even the nine heavens!

"The Seven Abyssal Yin Death Art and the Curse are the first burial gifts I've prepared for you, Di Tian…" Su Ming mumbled softly. He still had a few burial gifts he had in store for Di Tian in the depths of his heart, and they were all gifts aimed to take them man's life, all fit to bury an Emperor!

At that moment, booming sounds from the ground shot through the fog and arrived near Su Ming, breaking his thoughts. He looked down, towards the direction of that sound.

There were now only three of the Galactic Warrior Immortals left on the land.

The six giant mountains shattered, one by one, and the booming sounds he heard just now were due to them exploding. The cause for their destruction and the reason behind the deaths of the three Galactic Warrior Immortals were the eighteen Yin Dragons from Evil Spirit Sect within the fog.

However, there were no longer eighteen of them. Only nine remained. These still alive Yin Dragons roared and swept through the land within the fog, charging straight towards the last three Galactic Warrior Immortals.

Most of the Evil Sect disciples had already recovered from the chaos, and the ones who were injured were sent to the rear. The main body then organized itself into a formation with those from Evil Immortal Sect, clad in black armor, right at the front, those from Evil l.u.s.t Sect in the middle, those from Evil Dust Sect to their left, and those from Evil Spirit Sect to their right.

They were fighting against the Immortal sects in the land where they descended.

Su Ming saw Chenchong, Shanhen, Bi'su, Beiling, and Chenxin… in different locations within the fog fighting against their enemies! He also saw the Tian Lan sisters, as well as the woman who he knew as Wu La and Wu Le. They were all in the fog, and as booming sounds rang from both sides, each of these people showed off their brilliance.

They were prodigies and geniuses of their sects. Even among the crowds their talents still shone brilliantly, causing all those who saw them to be able to see their breathtaking abilities.

They were either skilled with Runes, or with divine abilities, or with seals, or were in possession of shocking Arts, or were skilled in laying out defenses. They had all sorts of abilities, and Su Ming was able to tell them apart with just one glance!

Besides them, Su Ming also saw the Evil Immortal Sect members clad in the black armor while he was in the sky. One of those people positioned near the frontline of the army hurled his fist against the ground, causing it to tremble and explode. The earth gathered together into an earth sword before it went rus.h.i.+ng towards the Immortals before it.

That cultivator in black armor let out a shrill roar towards the sky and yanked off his helmet, revealing long black hair that danced in the air. It was a man, and he looked incredibly similar to Evil l.u.s.t Sect's Bi'su. However, the hard lines of a man on his face let Su Ming know… that he had the exact same face as Bi Su in his memories!

He was the Bisu from Evil Immortal Sect, the person Qian Chen had mentioned earlier!

But that was not all. What made Su Ming feel anguish was that he saw an old man standing to Bisu's left among the cultivators clad in black armor. There was no way Su Ming would forget that old man's face… It was Nan Song [2].

There was also an old woman to Bisu's right. Su Ming still remembered her… She was Bai Ling's grandma and Dark Dragon Tribe's Elder, Le Su!

'It doesn't matter whether they are real… or fake…'

Su Ming closed his eyes and sucked in a deep breath. When he reopened his eyes, he quelled the emotions in his heart. At that moment, a voice that echoed throughout the battlefield appeared from the Immortal sects' side.

"Bring out Sky Mist's Battle Corpses!"

At the instant that voice traveled through the entire battlefield, nine shooting stars appeared out of nowhere from the direction where Sky Mist Dao was located. With a shocking boom, they charged towards the battlefield, and they were so quick that they closed in on the war zone in the blink of an eye. Loud rumbling sounds shot up into the air and the nine shooting stars disappeared…

Instead, nearly a hundred shadows appeared in the battlefield!

There were ninety-nine of them, and all ninety-nine of these shadows exuded a powerful presence that belonged to Shamans. And one of them… made Su Ming's head roar right at the instant he saw them!

That shadow… served under his eldest senior brother, and he was the bald man who had fought with Su Ming in Phantom Dais Tribe in the past!

Translator's Notes:

1. These Arts appeared in 'Berserker Tribe's Sacred Vessel!'.

2. Nan Song: The old man who had teased Su Ming when he was about to go into the herbal storage in Dark Mountain Tribe. Later on helped during Dark Mountain Tribe's migration and died during the last stand.

Pursuit of the Truth Chapter 650

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