Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 113

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XunMi moved too quickly for Liu ZhenXin to react.

“Ahhhhhhhh, what is this! Ahhhhh!” Liu ZhenXin painfully shrieked. That liquid spilled off her scalp and onto her face. By the time it reached her shoulders, it felt as if her body had been surrounded by fire.

Bang! She fell to the floor with a thud. White meat bugs scurried out of the parts of their host body not yet corroded and began gnawing on the fallen pieces of blood and ground meat.

XunMi and Ouyang HanShuang felt nauseous from disgust. Even as her face turned pale, XunMi endured to watch until the end. When there was only white bugs left, XunMi and Ouyang HanShuang flew above the Liu family residence.

The bright fire in her hand surged. “Liu family should go accompany first and second elder.” The blaze blasted down onto the Liu family residence. Screams and frightened shouts sounded out through the night. People rushed to the front doors and banged on the walls. Although these people had already lost their souls, they still had their survival instincts.

XunMi formed a binding spell and used the golden seal to completely seal off the Liu family residence.

“Let’s go.” The mighty Liu family transformed into a mere mark on history in just one night.

Ouyang HanShuang watched over her teacher’s mood as they left. She finally let out a sigh of relief when she noticed that her teacher was no longer drowning in pain. When she heard her teacher explain her plans to go to Shenggu to find her lover, Ouyang HanShuang decided to follow along.

She definitely wasn’t going to be a third wheel. She was just curious and wanted to go visit this hidden secret family clan.

“Junior sister, are you sure?” Tian Xuan asked worriedly. In the few months that he hadn’t seen her, his junior sister’s cultivation has once again risen.

Tian Xuan was a bit saddened. He hasn’t been focused lately so his cultivation hasn’t been able to increase. Maybe he could go and experience while Liu Guang sect doesn’t have any important things going on currently.

XunMi nodded. “Senior brother, I’ve already talked with Xuan Guang senior brother. I don’t know when I’ll be coming back this time. Junior sister doesn’t have much to give you but take this XiSui pill as a goodbye gift. I hope that the next time we see each other, we can have a friendly competition.” Partly due to the original soul’s influence, XunMi always had the urge to use her fists.

Tian Xuan didn’t persist. He understood his junior sister. En, in the future, he needed to gift more treasures to his junior sister.

“Alright, be careful junior sister. If there’s anything you need, just send a message.” XunMi smiled lightly and waved to Tian Xuan before taking Ouyang HanShuang onto the big greenfinch on the side.

This was a demon bird that XunMi had conveniently picked up while leaving Death’s Eye. It could only be said that the greenfinch was unlucky. He had been hiding but unfortunately reappeared just as XunMi was leaving Death’s Eye. Therefore, it was casually grabbed up by a lazy XunMi that was tired of walking. It had been a well-known demon lord back home but was now a saddle horse for this violent girl.

“What are the results of today’s protection seal?” Luo Ling rushed forward to greet GongZi Su as he left the restricted area. When they came back, they found that it was the seal against the demon energy that had loosened, causing numerous deaths in their clan already.

More alarmingly, the seal was still slowly splitting open. No matter how much spiritual energy the family elders and members used, they were unable to restore the split. They could only attempt suppress the demon energy.

When GongZi Su and Luo Ling came back, they were able to mediate the situation a little. Demon energy was of the ying energy form. To suppress it, they needed some yang energy. In the entire hidden family clan, there was only about four people that practiced a yang energy form of cultivation. The strongest of the four was GongZi Su. But no matter how powerful he was, he couldn’t restore the broken seal by himself.

Thus, the clan was discussing a plan to have GongZi Su mate with another yang energy woman. With the added yang energy from the woman and the help of the clan elders, they could potentially restore the seal. At best, it could hold back the demon energy for a few more decades. This would give them the time to look for a more permanent solution.

However, GongZi Su had been against the idea from the start, leading to an increasingly strained atmosphere within the clan.

As GongZi Su’s close friend and the one that had accompanied him previously, Luo Ling knew why GongZi Su was so adamantly opposed. He had already given his heart out to someone, how could they ask him to marry someone he didn’t love?

GongZi Su: “The situation doesn’t look good. Luo Ling, I need your help.” XunMi, I will wait for you to come to me. If I absolutely cannot wait for you, then I will come find you first in the next life. 

Luo Ling’s heart jumped with a bad foreboding feeling. He hesitatingly asked, “You- what are you going to do?”

“If, one day, the clan is unable to hold down the seal, use me to create a new one.” GongZi Su knew that transforming himself into a yang energy magic treasure would allow him to restore the seal.

He wasn’t a great man that would sacrifice himself for others. He would only do it because a person called XunMi existed on TianZe Mainland. If this demon energy continued spreading out, she might get injured.

He didn’t want to gamble with her safety. She was the light of his heart, so he only wished that she could live well.

“You’re insane!” Luo Ling shouted out sharply. He was about to slap him to help this man come to his senses.

“GongZi Su, do you know what you are saying? Have you thought about how your uncles and aunts would feel? Also! Liu XunMi- no, GongZi XunMi! Have you thought about her? You told her to come find you but if she came only to find that you’ve left the earth, how do you think she’ll feel?” Luo Ling was about to go crazy. His friend had always been very rational so why was he suddenly saying something so absurd?

GongZi Su looked at Luo Ling calmly. His voice remained steady, “It’s because of her that I need to do this.”

Luo Ling fell silent. After awhile, he muttered, “Do you think it’s worth it?” Was it really worth it to throw your life out for a person you had only met a few times? 

“Completely.” GongZi Su replied without a single trace of doubt. He turned to leave, not glancing back at the hesitating Luo Ling.

GongZi Su was actually a bit reluctant in his heart. He wanted to see that fire red figure a few more times. But he was scared that he would be even more reluctant to do his duty after seeing her. He needed her to stay alive.

Luo Ling watched as his childhood friend walked away. Suddenly, life felt too heavy.

Of course, why wouldn’t it be worth it. They have been guarding this secret from one generation to the next. Everyone’s already tired of it.

Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 113

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