Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 141

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Although Tang Guo'er didn't quite understand what XunMi was planning on doing, she still did as she was told. Making a decision on what to do was better than not doing anything at all.

Ou JinYan had actually wanted to react to the news immediately. But XunMi held him back. So since Mi'er wanted to solve the problem herself, he will support her decision.

But he would stand right behind her and ensure that she wouldn't get hurt.

The news that Queen Ni would be holding a press conference spread like wildfire. Soon, the reporters filled up the hall.

At 2:30, XunMi arrived on the stage accompanied by Tang Guo'er and her a.s.sistant. When the reporters saw XunMi come out, they immediate hurled out question after question while shoving their way closer.

XunMi lightly furrowed her brows. "Be careful. Please sit down first. I'll answer all the questions so there's no need to push and shove."If there's accidents and injuries coming out of her press conference, she'll start another wave of bad press.

But it looked as if the reporters might have misunderstood her intentions. Some of them looked up at her, touched.

There were no signs of anger or disdain on her beautiful glowing face. She only had a light smile.

They had all thought that her behavior at the airport was for show. But now, they saw that she not only treated her fans and workers well, but she actually held high respect for the reporters as well. Because of her short words, XunMi mistakenly gained their respect. Soon, everyone quieted down and returned to their seats to prepare their questions.

Even if they were touched by her actions, they still needed to do their jobs.

"We've called everyone here today to clear up a few things. Please wait until Mi is done talking before asking your questions. If anyone has malicious questions, we will kindly ask you to leave."Tang Guo'er spoke quickly to silence anyone with immoral ambitions before they could even begin. No matter what happened, she needed to protect Mi first.

The reporters all looked at XunMi nervously while clutching their pens to their notebooks in antic.i.p.ation.
XunMi adjusted the mic near her seat. "Everyone should already know the reason for today's press conference. I wouldn't say it's to clarify anything, since a part of it is true."

"Then, what part of it is true?" A reporter quickly asked.

XunMi raised an eyebrow, "This is not Q&A time yet.Please allow me to finish speaking. That photo is real, and everyone has already discovered the man's ident.i.ty. But there's a part that was wrong. Jin ge and I have known each other since childhood. It's also true that I returned for Jin ge this time. But Jin ge definitely did not use anyone as a subst.i.tute, and definitely did not have any ambiguous relations with anyone. As for those rumors that spread, we've already collected all the information and are preparing to hand the information over to our legal team for settlement. To Bai QianWei, I really do have to save she's a good schemer. Jin ge helped her once, she unsuccessfully wanted to climb into his bed. Seeing that she was his entertainment company's own artist, Jin ge had decided to not pursue legal action. The company would naturally have taken care of a strong artist, but who would have thought that she would take such an immoral path. Of course, there's evidence of all of this. My a.s.sistant will send it over to everyone later." From the start to the end of her speech, XunMi held a light smile on her face, as if she didn't see this whole situation as severe. She didn't bother looking at how the reporters were reacting and instead continued speaking.

"Since we're all here today, I'll take this opportunity to announce something. Jin ge, are you willing?" She stood and spoke looking at the entrance doorway with antic.i.p.ation. Today's main star was finally here.

To others, her decision might seem a bit rushed. Afterall, XunMi had just returned home a few days ago. But to XunMi and Ou JinYan, they've waited for too long already. They wanted everyone to know about them. That the other person has someone already so don't even think about flirting with them.

The reporters all turned to follow the direction of XunMi's gaze. They saw the man from the photos calmly walk in. He smiled warmly at XunMi, completely unlike his normally cold temperament and yet also unlike the gentleness that he often showed XunMi. Instead, his smile carried a masculine charm, as intoxicating as the scent of a red wine stored for decades before finally being let out.

"I'm very much willing, my Mi'er." His bright voice coupled with his face was enough to intoxicate listeners and viewers.
XunMi was pulled into Ou JinYan's embrace. Her smile was brighter than the sun. "Jin ge, you are also my Jin ge."

Ou JInYan put his arm around XunMi and nodded. He walked to the seat that was prepared for him. Soon, the happy smile on his face disappeared and he returned to the cold ruthless Ou Corporation's chairman that everyone else knew. It was like the momentary show of warmth came from a different man entirely.

"Hey, I don't think I need to introduce this one to everyone right." XunMi's lips curved upwards, speaking in a relaxed tone.

"I am Ou JinYan, Mi'er's legal fiancé." Ou JinYan gave a simple and blunt introduction without his gaze even resting on the reporters.

If not for Ni FengHua holding him back, he wouldn't just be Mi'er's fiancé. By now, he would already have been her husband by law. Just thinking about it made him unhappy. Had he known it would be like this, he would have just taken Mi'er to the registration office already.

The reporters were about to burst. Was he going to explain his words?
After receiving the resentful looks from the reporters, Ou JinYan opened his mouth again. "I have absolutely no relations.h.i.+p with Bai QianWei. I only took care of her on her brother's behalf. I have someone I love. I hope that people will stop causing trouble for my Mi'er." He eyed the reporters on site to make his warning clear.

The reporters looked at each other. Can they please let the poor reporters write a story without feeling as if they are putting their lives at risk?
XunMi hid her laughter. It was truly great watching the reporters gasp from shock. It's all their fault for thinking my Jin ge was easy, humph.

As if they had all been reminded by Ou JinYan's words, there was not a single reporter willing to ask a question.Taking advantage of the opportunity, Ou JinYan took XunMi and walked off the stage.

They left Tang Guo'er angrily stamping her feet. Why is she always left to take care of their mess after they run off?

It was either the female lead had great luck or Xumi's luck was horrible.  This press conference successfully answered the questions raised before and tied XunMi with her Jin ge romantically. Yet it was like Bai QianWei wasn't even part of the scandal. Although she did lose a number of fans and was cursed out a few times online, nothing major happened.

The television drama offer that she took from XunMi was still hers.

Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 141

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