Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 197

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His impression of them lowered even more. His hopes for the one with healing abilities lessened too. But this man was right: healing abilities was too rare to lose.

"Follow along." Song ZiQian ended up compromising. As for his right hand man that was still tied up on the side, he decided to selectively ignore the situation. His integrity didn't make him stupid. Even if some things weren't said bluntly, he could still understand.

Yu WenBo was happy that he got the answer he wanted. He gestured for the rest of his group to get out of the car. Then, he introduced Ming Mei specifically to Song ZiQian. He had originally wanted to greet XunMi and her group. However, Ming Mei stopped him.
XunMi naturally didn't see their exchange. She was busy pulling the ramen out of the pot. She didn't dare be too eye catching outside. It would be best to be more on the downlow. But she didn't know that her so-called 'downlow' made those that had only been eating bread and crackers go red eyed with envy.
Ming Mei had seen Ye MingYe as soon as she got here. Without even thinking, she scurried over. She had always felt that Ye ge was hers. Ming XunMi was the one in the middle of them. As long as the obstacle was gone, they would be able to be together.

"Ye ge! I'm so happy that we get to see each other again!" She wasn't disappointed when he didn't respond. She continued, "Why did you leave so fast in the morning, you didn't even wait for me. Luckily, we b.u.mped into each other again. Ye ge, let's go together tomorrow." She pushed Ling Chen away and sat down by Ye MingYe's side, reaching out to grab his hand.

XunMi mercilessly used a vine to block her. "Ming Mei, watch your hands. Or else I'll take them for you." So annoying. She dared to pollute her dear husband? Did she think that she was blind? She gestured for Ye MingYe to stand up and then pulled him behind her, her eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fire.
"Ah ah ah, Ming XunMi, you b.i.t.c.h! You dare hurt me?!" Ming Mei's arms were twisted. She was currently sitting on the floor, her arms stretched out above her head. The skin that could be seen on her arms was tomato red. But in reality, it wasn't that serious of an injury. A simple treatment would return the arm back to normal.
XunMi laughed coldly. "He, Ming Mei you really don't want to live. No wonder our family head hadn't been able to like someone like you. Instead you offended the family head and got kicked out. After so many years, I thought you would have grown up a little. Now, I can see that I've overestimated you." She never could understand how this kind of person was able to become the female lead. People like Nangong Ci, Ouyang HanShuang, and Shangguan Qi weren't bad in nature. They wouldn't go hurt others for their own gain. It was reasonable for such a person like them to become the leads. But she was the lacking the IQ to see how people like Bai QianWei and Wenren YunFei could possibly be female leads.
Ming Mei really wanted to run over and bite some meat off of XunMi. "Ming XunMi, you only have Ming family. Now, you want to rely on Ye ge for stability? You're a bad luck charm. Ye ge will see your true face soon enough. He'll make sure you get what you deserve." Some people were slowly coming forth to watch out of curiosity.

Before XunMi could respond, Ye MingYe had had enough. Why did this person repeatedly try to ruin his and XunMi's relations.h.i.+p. It seemed like what happened last time wasn't enough for her to learn her lesson. A bright flame landed on Ming Mei's head, leading to a shriek that echoed across the lands. XunMi quickly grabbed a towel and shoved it into her mouth to stop the screaming. This was the apocalypse times. Such loud noises would only attract large groups of zombies. She glared at Ming Mei.

Then she turned to grab Ye MingYe's hand, looking pitiful. "MingYe, you…I…She…" XunMi didn't know what she wanted to say but she just felt pitiful.
The obstacle they needed to overcome from the last life was like an elephant in the room that all three of them knew about. But it wasn't something that she had done, even though she needed to take the blame for it now.  She had no way of justifying her actions though. She believed her husband would always stand by her side. She was more concern about those around them always reminding her husband of the pain of the past.

They weren't good memories. Why keep clinging onto them?

Ye MingYe hugged XunMi in his arms, lightly petting her long hair and comforting her. "Mi'er, don't think about those irrelevant people. Everything's fine as long as we trust each other." It was true. He always trusted her.
XunMi buried her face into his chest, not letting anyone see the tears in her eyes. Ye MingYe felt the tears on her chest and felt his heart ache. It was all that weird woman's fault for making XunMi unhappy. Looking at the newly bald woman, his eyes filled with killing intent.
"This is the last time. If there's a next time, I won't care if you have healing abilities." Everyone could hear the command in his voice. His tyranny made those that were simply trying to watch a show gulp. It might be best to appear invisible to this obviously dominant person.

XunMi rubbed her face into Ye MingYe's chest, wiping her tears off on his clothes. She lifted up her head, ignoring the glare of Ming Mei's bloodshot eyes.
"Leader Song, we won't be going with you tomorrow. Be careful on your own." She pulled Ye MingYe back towards their car. She felt disgusted just looking at Ming Mei. But she still needed to extinguish the Bug.

She first allow Ming Mei to go have fun in B city. There, she'll ascertain whether she was a transmigrater or a rebirther. After that, XunMi can make her decision.
Ye MingYe was completely obedient to XunMi. Whatever she said goes. If she said they weren't travelling together with them, then they won't be travelling together with them. Personally, he didn't want to travel together either. On the road to B city, they will pa.s.s an inconspicuous area with a granary. He planned to take some from there. If not him, the supplies would be given to those old leeches at B city.

XunMi was of course thinking about the war granary as well. Currently, Song ZiQian still didn't know about it. But after he sent these people to B city, he would accept a secret mission to transport food. She didn't want to hand over this batch of food to bad men. It would be safer in her hands.

As expected, two people of the same family thought alike.

Yu WenBo exhaustedly coaxed Ming Mei back into their car. They needed to rely on Ming Mei to slowly climb up the power ladder so of course they'll treat her well.

Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 197

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