Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 199

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XunMi wiped her mouth. Seeing that she hadn't drooled, she snapped her eyes back up to watch her husband in action.

[Male idol! I've decide-from now on, Madam Host's man will be my male idol.] BaoBao's voice suddenly sounded. His furry body laid across XunMi's shoulder while cooing.

XunMi couldn't help but laugh at his fanboying.

In this world, there were naturally transformed animals along with transformed plants. No one questioned BaoBao's sudden appearance. She knew BaoBao had been feeling stuffy after so many worlds. Seeing how adorable he was, she'll allow him out. Meanwhile Xiao Bai still needed awhile before he could wake up again.

Meanwhile, Yu WenBo was in a horrible situation. He hadn't known that Little Five had become so powerful after becoming a zombie. As soon as Little Five activated his powers, Yu WenBo couldn't find anywhere to even attack him. The only thing he accomplished was ending up full of injuries. Even when the two other members of his group with abilities stepped in to help, it made no difference.

XunMi stood on the side, as if watching toddlers pulling at each other's hair. She had no desire to help out. She only moved from her spot when she heard a cry from Song ZiQian's side. She treated the zombies like watermelons, smas.h.i.+ng their heads off with one swipe of a vine.

Song ZiQian had a lot of men who had their own abilities. However, none of their skills were high levelled. They had wasted a lot of energy dealing with the few hundred zombies from before. They also weren't able to wholeheartedly protect the powerless ordinary civilians from the zombies.
Luckily, XunMi came at the right time. Soon, the zombies were cleanly wiped out.

Song ZiQian placed his gun back in its holster, his face as white as a ghost's. It was a symptom of overexertion of one's ability. If one used an energy stone at this time, they could very quickly regain their strength and expand their meridians.
XunMi reminded him of this. After speaking about Ming Mei for a second, she left. She didn't want her husband to misunderstand anything. It would be better to go see what's changed with Little Five's side. She was curious to see his energy stone.
Yu WenBo and Little Five were at each other's throats. Neither were backing down and yet neither could finish the other one off.

"I wonder what Ming Mei will do when she wakes up to find that her abilities were now defunct." XunMi rubbed her chin.

Ye MingYe laughed when he came over to her side and saw her actions. She was as adorable as a little fox. His heart suddenly became hotter. He walked forward and pulled her into his arms, hugging tight. She was his. She always will be.

XunMi obediently returned the hug, adjusting her head comfortably on his chest. Even though there was a b.l.o.o.d.y scene surrounding them, the two couldn't be bothered.

"Useless. Can't even finish off a level three zombie." Ling Chen was criticizing Yu WenBo's group before he even arrived by XunMi and Ye MingYe's side. They were the ones who brought the zombie here. Yet, if XunMi and his Ming ge hadn't been here today, there would have been far more casualties.
XunMi lightly lifted her head up from Ye MingYe's embrace to take a look around. She happily watched as Little Five left Yu WenBo and his group completely helpless. She couldn't resist thinking it was karma. This was what happened when you trust in Ming Mei.
Ye MingYe dotingly smoothed her hair, etching her adorable expression into his heart. But those eyesores should be taken care of.
"Ling Chen."

"Yup. Got it." Ling Chen unwillingly stepped forward to go help Yu WenBo. Although he was only level two, his earth ability was powerful. As Yu WenBo and his group held down Little Five, Ling Chen ran a circle around him. He then pulled back to a safer place. With a stamp of his feet, the place where Little Five had been standing was only left with a large hole. Before Little Five had time to climb up, Ling Chen used his ability to bury him in. The refilled area would shake every so often. However, there was no further movement.

Ling Chen wiped his hands. Done! He turned and ran back to his team's side. "Eh, XunMi. What's on your shoulder. So cute." It was so tiny, a white fur ball. Even a manly man like Ling Chen found the animal cute.

XunMi lightly pinched so that Ye MingYe would let go of her a little. She took BaoBao down from her shoulder.

"This is my partner, its name is BaoBao." She had travelled so many worlds with him by her side. They were already family.
Ling Chen wanted to reach out and hug it. However, BaoBao mercilessly let out his claws. He then turned, facing his b.u.t.t towards Ling Chen. I won't let you hug me.

Ling Chen's mouth dropped open. This animal was way too arrogant!

XunMi burst out laughing. "BaoBao is a bit hostile towards strangers." She couldn't tell them that BaoBao actually just wanted her husband to carry him. She wouldn't allow that. Her husband can only hug her.

"Alright. Little BaoBao, I'm Ling Chen. Remember me, okay?" Ling Chen ran to XunMi's other side and spoke to BaoBao. The muscular man bending down to coax a little white fur ball created a cute image.

"Alright, let's go rest up. We'll be moving out at dawn." Ye MingYe supported XunMi up their car, leaving Ling Chen behind.

Why did he feel like he had become the third wheel? This was a misperception, right? Right?

Song ZiQian stood staring at the group of men with bullets in their heads. His heart clenched. They were all those who had been scratched by the zombies. There was no cure, they would have only transformed. Meanwhile, the rest of them could only help send them on their way up to heavens. They had thought of the healer Ming Mei.

But before, Miss Ming had told them that Ming Mei no longer had the healing abilities anymore. Moreover, her healing abilities weren't stable to begin with. Little Five was proof of that. Upon hearing this, they had gone to investigate themselves, even checking on the comatose Ming Mei.

It was like her ability had been stolen away. There was only a hollow energy stone left.

They had never felt so hopeless. Was the only possible conclusion of the apocalypse really the death of humans?
"Leader Song is a pretty good person. I hope he's able to think things through sooner rather than later." XunMi was laying in Ye MingYe's arms, looking up at the sky. Ye MingYe knew that Song ZiQian would adjust later on and reach great accomplishments. "En, he will. Go to sleep. We have to be up pretty early tomorrow." He lightly patted XunMi's back, as if coaxing a little child to sleep. The only thing missing was him seeing a nursery lullaby.
XunMi found a comfortable place in his arms, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

Ye MingYe looked down at the face that was etched into his soul. His eyes were filled with warmth. "XunMi. Mi'er. It's a blessing to meet you."

It's a blessing to not have lost you. It's a blessing to fall in love with you.

Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 199

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