Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 48

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When she regained some of her strength, XunMi firmly reached out and pinched Zongzheng Mufeng’s waist, only letting go when she heard a satisfying hiss of pain. That’s what you get for bullying me. 

“Let’s continue with serious business. I’ll deal with you when we get home.” She said as she gave two more pinches.

At this time, An Yi returned.

Zongzheng Mufeng obediently allowed his Belle to bully him, behaving like a domestic pet.

“An Yi, keep monitoring them. When they are about to enter their main event…..coughcough….you know what I mean. Then, pour the honey on their surroundings. And then-” She lowered her voice to instruct a few more things. Afterwards, she followed Zongzheng Mufeng back out of the garden.

She didn’t have interest in voyeurism. Moreover, her man was even more unwilling to let her watch. The two of them got back onto the horse leisurely. The natural landscape in ancient times was illuminated by beauty untouched by pollution and human architecture. Just observing made the spirit feel free and untroubled, especially the green mountain tops covered with robust pine blurring as they pa.s.sed by, allowing their noses to breathe in the smell of nature. The atmosphere was as peaceful as returning to the safety of the mother’s womb.

If only there wasn’t a sudden blood-curdling screech, then this picturesque scene would have been perfect.


“d.a.m.n it!”

Shrieks continued to ring, catching XunMi by surprise for a moment. Luckily, Zongzheng Mufeng was holding her tight, or else she would have been flung off the horse. Was this Wenren Yunfei trying to replicate the G.o.ddess Na Ying or imitate big sister Han Hong? With that throat, people could be sent flying. (T/N: Na Ying and Han Hong are well known singers in Mainland China).

Along with the scream, two men and a woman emerged with their unkempt clothing. Unkempt was a understatement.

The two men were naked from the chest up, revealing patches of scratch marks. Their hair was a mess as they used their outer jackets to drive away the bees around them.  Although the woman next to them was covered loosely by flimsy clothing, it only barely covered up her most important parts. Her legs, her arms, and chest were plainly visible, revealing the wanton red marks imprinted on her pearl white skin. Her lips were swollen red, her facial expression dark as the new b.u.mp on her forehead from the bees grew.

But no matter how much they ran and chased away the bees, the group of bees seemed to be purposely targeting them. They stubbornly followed them, forcing the group to run further away.

The people still present were struck frozen in shock. “My G.o.d, in broad daylight….This is too, this is too offensive to public moral!”

“Wasn’t that Sir Nangong and Miss Yunfei?”

“Shameless, they really have no face. How lowly.”

“Was that the legendary Fairy from the Ninth Heaven, capital city’s number one beauty?”

“What number one beauty? She should be number one most dishonorable.”

“Yes, yes. In a public place, they dare conduct illicit s.e.xual relations? They are so shameless.”


Murmur of critiques spread across the crowd that had been there to witness everything. XunMi’s expression was mysterious.

This was karma. If Wenru XunMi didn’t first scheme against her, and then so stupidly appear in front of her, then none of this would have happened. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow.

Wenren Yunfei and Co. weren’t looking so good. They had arrived at a small riverbed with great difficulty. Without hesitation, the three had jumped right into the shallow waters.

They had been enjoying rolling in the gra.s.s when they heard a buzzing overhead. They hadn’t paid much attention to it at first. When it became louder and louder, it was too late. In a hurry, they grabbed whatever clothing they could and ran. They didn’t think that these bees wouldn’t go to anyone else, and continue to stubbornly following them.

Wenren Yunfei’s head emerged out of the water. When she saw the bees still hovering over her, she was ready to curse.

Nangong Muchen also appeared above water, his eyes filled with rage. He  remembered how so many people witnessed their pathetic state. d.a.m.n it, his reputation and image is ruined now. It’s all because of these d.a.m.ned bees, where the h.e.l.l did they come from? He obviously wouldn’t put the blame on his beloved FeiFei. FeiFei is so great  that she is willing to go against the world by simultaneously satisfying all of their needs, just so that she wouldn’t hurt any of them. He couldn’t bear to blame such a kind FeiFei.

Bai Ling was someone who had practiced martial arts so he was able to last longer in the water. By the time he raised his head, the bees had finally left.

After soaking in the river water, the honey on their clothes had disappeared without a trace. When the three climbed back onto sh.o.r.e, they couldn’t find any hints as to what had caused their episode. Ultimately, they could only blame it on bad luck.

The three were only able to sneak back into the city around sunset.

Bai Ling was still fine. He was a secret guard. He wasn’t very worried about potential rumors since very few people knew who he was.

But Nangong Muchen and Wenren Yunfei didn’t have his good fortune. The  kindhearted fairy miss in the citizens’ eyes had become a shameless wanton woman that would controversially interact with two bachelor men in broad daylight in the span of one day. One of the two men was even the number one merchant, Nangong Muchen. This news would originally have been seen as disgraceful at its worst. However, everybody knew that the Eldest Miss of the Prime Minister estate had reciprocated feelings for the crown prince, even marrying him. No matter what method she may have used to achieve her goals, this was the undeniable reality. She was a married woman and yet was outside committing adulterous acts.

Not only did she lower the prime minister’s reputation, but she was able to even drag down the crown prince’s.

“Slap!” Wenren Xiang raged out against Wenren Yunfei, who had just sneaked back into the estate. “Get out! The Prime Minister estate won’t allow such a thing that offends public morals to live here. I shouldn’t have believed your nonsense words in the beginning. You really act like the lowly concubine’s seed that you are.” Wenren Xiang was feeling the blood rush to his head. He wished he had choked this unhelpful daughter to death.

In just an afternoon’s time, the Prime Minister’s reputation rot to death.

People were saying he had pa.s.sed off fish eyes for pearls, he had been blind to gold and jade, and that there was water in his brain. It was all because of that Wenren Yunfei. If not for her, then all of this wouldn’t have happened.

Wenren Yunfei hugged herself as shrank into fetal position on the floor. She was yelling in pain, her heart filled with bitter hatred. But she was afraid. This wasn’t something that she predicted would happen.

She thought that it was those people just making a big fuss over nothing: she only had a few extra boyfriends than any other person.

Ancient people were just ancient people, their brains were just stupid.

“Father, you can’t treat me like this. If not for me, how would you have ties to the crown prince? I’m the crown princess now. If crown prince gege knew you treated me like this, then he would want to help me take revenge on you.”

She was in pain, her mind was confused, and her heart was filled with resentment boiling over.

Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 48

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