Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 70

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XunMi hesitantly clasped her white hair, her eyes complicated.

She finally had the chance to experience life as a femme fatale {T/N: 红颜祸水 means a woman so beautiful that she leads to beauty}. Her current look has to be the top of the looks list.

Her white silk Chinese-styled robe was carelessly wrapped around her shoulders.  Her sparkling skin peaked out from underneath. Her captivating lips were pale yet alluring.

Drip, drip…. SLURP.

In the silent night, the sounding of dripping saliva followed by the sucking in of saliva stood out. XunMi turned around and saw the direct source of the sound, causing the corners of her lips to lift up slightly.

“BaoBao, can you hold back on making that sound?” Specifically, can you not look at her like that? That will make her feel as if she had turned into delicious food presented on a table.

[Madam Host, ah ah ah. You are so pretty! I didn’t expect that just a change in hair color would create such a difference!] As expected, his Madam Host is the prettiest! Quickly, take pictures take pictures! He’ll use them to show off later.

In a split second, the dripping sound of saliva disappeared and was replaced with a clickclick sound.

XunMi was left 100% speechless. This idiot BaoBao…

She would be better off taking a stroll to familiarize herself with the castle. She’ll see if she can be lucky enough to bump into a main character along the way.

Although it’s been almost 100 years since there have been outsiders in the castle, with only blood servants being sent over by RuiEn whenever she woke up, there might still be an unexpected visitor.

Furthermore, didn’t she just wake up? What if the prey that RuiEn will prepare for her just happened to be a main character? As she thought over the possibilities, her expression brightened significantly.

[Madam Host, your designated personality! Don’t act in contrast to the personality! This is the punishment world, if you break the personality mode of the original body, then twice as much points will be deducted!] BaoBao saw his Madam Host was actually smiling, immediately running over to stop her. The original body was a yearround ‘cold as ice’ person. She would hardly smile, even if she did it would only be a cold smile.

XunMi winced. Alright, she had forgotten about that part. The previous few worlds had original bodies that weren’t too different from herself.

She hid the emotion from her face, changing into a white dress and walking barefoot towards the coffin that she had woken up in.

En, the outside was painted with a layer of silver. It was the same color as her hair, with an ancient and detailed design engraved on it. Red roses surrounded and curved around the edges. Fiery red stood in the middle of a sea of silver, as if a metaphor for its owner’s heart.

The original body was a cold on the outside, warm on the inside person. For the past hundred years, she had been very lonely. She also wanted someone that would accompany her forever so that no one would look down at her.

Many vampires looked down at her because they saw her as someone that became the lord of her land by depending on her looks. Even though her strengths have already made her a countess, she was still seen as a flower vase in the eyes of others {T/N: flower vase means ‘nothing but a pretty face’}.

“BaoBao, is there a mission in the punishment world?” With a wave of her hand, the black filth in the coffin disappeared. XunMi was satisfied. This talent was quite useful.

Every vampire had their own different ability. A large part of the reason Mi was able to become the Lord of Wild Rose Manor with only a countess’ level of strength was due to the fact that her special ability was magic. It was different than the other dukes and pureblood princes’ abilities of fire, air, restoration, etc.

She was the first sorceress in the last several thousand years. Now XunMi had been elevated to the level of Queen. Her strength could easily be comparable to that of a thousands year old pureblood prince.

[There’s a mission, but you have to wait until Host meets a crucial character or someone related to the plotline. Only then will the mission be unlocked.] BaoBao jumped around the castle with curiosity while answering her.

When XunMi obtained the answer she was hoping for, she promptly opened the door and walked out.

The stronger a vampire, the more unafraid they were of the sun. Moreover, it was night now.

She moved through the long corridor and walked down the curving staircase. The large castle was brightened by sparse candles. The flickering light silhouettes added fleeting charm to the castle.

Stepping on the the furry rug, XunMi felt as if she was so comfortable she was ready to fly. She felt energy flowing in every cell of her body. Two canine teeth emerged unconsciously as she suddenly disappeared on the spot.

She took a seat on her throne, nestling in comfortably as she waited for the person that was on his way back.

Who could her dear husband have transmigrated into? Could it be the villain? The Big Boss or the male lead? But she didn’t even know anything about the plot right now. She wouldn’t even know what direction to even start looking for someone. Aiya. _(:зゝ∠)_

Creeek. The ancient castle’s gates were pushed open.

XunMi rested her head onto the back of the throne, her silver hair spread across her body and shone brilliantly under the moonlight, making her appear as a demon seductress.

RuiEn stopped in his steps. Although he had accompanied Master for over 500 years, he would still be inevitably attracted by Master in certain instances.

“Master, congratulations on successfully advancing up in rank.” That sudden feeling of stifling pressure wasn’t a misperception. Master didn’t just have a duchess level of power.

“En, ” XunMi indifferently responded.

“Master, this was prepared for you. Please enjoy.” RuiEn take his Master’s coldness seriously. He was already used to it. He presented the person he was holding in his grasps to Master and respectfully retreated.

XunMi glanced at the light hair, blue-eyed, foreign looking RuiEn, analyzing him quietly.

Loyal, trustworthy.

Only then did she turn her gaze to the prey about a meter away from her. XunMi almost jumped up.

BaoBao had suddenly excitedly exclaimed, [A crucial character has been discovered! A crucial character has been discovered!]

My God, she was actually right. She really did get lucky!

“Wake her up,” She was excited on the inside but her face was as emotionless as ever.

“Yes,” RuiEn stepped forward and patted the person on the floor a few times before they woke up.

XunMi only know realized that it was a woman. Could this be the Female Lead or Second Female Lead?

Immediately opening the arriving information, XunMi found that her guess was right.

[Host is currently in My Vampire Husband, and you’ve discovered the transmigrating female lead Nangong Ci.

First Mission: Protect the Female Lead and play matchmaker to bring her and the Male Lead together. 

Second Mission: Prevent the vampires from being exterminated.]

XunMi was a bit flabbergasted. It wasn’t a counterattacking mission but rather a Save the World mission? But saving the world would be exhausting!

Based on the system’s settings, this Female Lead should be a good person, or else it wouldn’t have had her protect her.

But how melodramatic is this. As soon as she wakes up, she’s expected to drink the Female Lead’s blood.

Even though she had just arrived, she had adapted to the idea of drinking blood. It was all due to bodily instinct.

“Where am I?” Nangong Ci massaged her aching temple. She was in a strange place. Why was she here. Was she kidnapped? There seems to be a person sitting in front of her. Due to the darkness, she couldn’t see very clearly. “Who are you?”

XunMi saw that Nangong Ci didn’t seem to be well adjusted. With a wave of her hand, the entire castle lit up.

Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack Chapter 70

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