Quick Transmigration: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats! Chapter 175

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Chapter 175 – Online Game G.o.d vs. Beloved, Spoiled Apprentice (2)

Gu Shengyin thought for a long time before finding a mirror from an inconspicuous corner.

After leaving the hospital, Shen Xiaoxiao made the people from the housekeeping company get rid of all mirrors in the house.

For this mirror, Gu Shengyin found it after searching through her memories. It was estimated that the original Shen Xiaoxiao had forgotten about it.

The girl in the mirror had a delicate, lucid and elegant facial feature that was distinctive of a Southern girl; however, her beauty was reduced in half by her pale and dull skin color and spiritless eyes.

Gu Shengyin inwardly sighed. Shen Xiaoxiao was an unfortunate person.

“I will live the rest of this life for you.”

“System, help me confirm to inherit the vampire’s self-recovery ability.” Gu Shengyin commanded.

The system flashed a white light, and a bright halo suddenly flashed out from its body, slowly falling on Shen Xiaoxiao’s body.

In fact, it fell on Gu Shengyin’s soul that was in Shen Xiaoxiao’s body.

Gu Shengyin felt a relaxed and invigorating feeling spread throughout her body, as if the heavy and powerless feeling from before had disappeared without a trace.

However, a wave of soreness spread from all parts of her body, especially her pair of legs.

She knew that this was the self-recovery ability taking effect, but what this really felt like….it was difficult to say.

“System, to completely cure this body’s grave disease1, how long would it take?” Gu Shengyin asked.

System: “Based on Shen Xiaoxiao’s physical condition, the legs may take a month while the rest of the body takes half a month.”

Gu Shengyin: “Please help me block my body’s perception2.”

She was not in a hurry to play the game.

Looking around the entire room, Shen Xiaoxiao’s family’s condition was previously very good. After the car accident, she received a huge sum for compensation. It could be said that even if she did not work, she could still spend money confidently and with ease without restraint for a lifetime.

She was now left alone living in a high-end small foreign duplex.(她现在就剩一个人住着一套复式的高档小洋楼) This was the place where the family of three lived. After Shen Xiaoxiao’s parents pa.s.sed away, many people persuaded her to change places to live in so as not to touch the injury in her heart, but Shen Xiaoxiao insisted on not moving.

Gu Shengyin had no opinions about living here, but had a lot of opinions on the furnis.h.i.+ngs in the entire house.

A young woman in her twenties, yet a room’s interior was made like it was for a 70-year-old elderly woman. Was this really okay?

Looking around, she didn’t see a single bright color in the entire room. It was not a surprise that Shen Xiaoxiao would change into that character. Even if it was a normal person, staying in this kind of environment for a long time, it was estimated that they, too, would become reclusive and taciturn.

Gu Shengyin spent a whole week contacting the housekeeping company and department store to make her room brilliantly new.

Her legs were inconvenient, so she lived on the first floor. The floor above still had the style before the accident and did not need to be remodeled.

The aunt from the housekeeping company that frequently came to Shen Xiaoxiao’s house to do hourly work, smiled very happily: “Miss Shen ah, I had advised you so many times that young people have a lot of vitality. You finally figured it out.

Gu Shengyin was very grateful to this aunt’s kindness and smiled: “Aunt Liang, you are right. If I had stayed like that, I do not know how sad my father and mother would be if they knew. I want to live happily and let them feel at ease.”

Aunt Liang saw her like this. Her eyes couldn’t help but turn red. Her children at home were nearly as big as Shen Xiaoxiao. Over the past year, she felt it difficult to bear every time she looked at Shen Xiaoxiao’s appearance. Fortunately, this girl finally came out.

1. [沉疴] was used↩
2. I’m guessing it’s to block the soreness of her body↩


Quick Transmigration: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats! Chapter 175

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