Quick Transmigration: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats! Chapter 85

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Chapter 85 – The Duke’s Heir vs Abandoned Woman’s Counterattack (25)

Recently, there was a lively event in the house of the Duke of White Rose.

“Have you heard? Her Highness came back with a man.”

“Of course, I saw it. Tsk, tsk. His appearance is really handsome and is well-matched with out Highness.”

“I just don;t know what his ident.i.ty is. After all, Her Highness is the next Duke of White Rose…”

His daughter went out on a trip and came back with a lover. Even if Duke Richard had a strong psychological quality, he still felt somewhat stupefied when he suddenly heard the news.

The d.u.c.h.ess was very satisfied with the man her daughter brought back.

The Demon King looked very handsome, had a pleasing mouth, and within a day, he let the d.u.c.h.ess give a beaming smile whenever she sees him.

The Demon King deeply understood a human’s heart and knew what countermeasures to take.

He spent less than half a day to get the love of the d.u.c.h.ess and spent even less time to get the recognition of the Duke.

The process was simple. He and Duke Richard fought in the training grounds of the Duke’s house.

To obtain the Duke couple’s acknowledgment, the Demon King did not slack off. Otherwise, he could not live in the Duke’s house with his baby.

Even if Gu Shengyin did not care, there would certainly be a variety of rumors. He could not bear for his baby to be wronged.

Thus, half a month later, the Emperor of the Carter Empire proudly announced to the ministers that he welcomed another Sword Saint to the Empire and personally granted him the t.i.tle of Earl.

When the opponents of the White Rose family were ridiculing about their heiress’ vision for selecting their partner, the Demon King used action to let them know what it means to be hit in the face.

In the following days, it was time for the beautiful Highness and the new Earl Nuoman to show their love.

You go out to see an opera, and when you inadvertently looked up, you could see Her Highness sitting there. Earl Nuoman was meticulously picking out the unpleasant ingredients from the little snack in front of her.

During the court banquet, as soon as a man appeared next to Her Highness, Earl Nuoman would immediately appear next to his fiancée and possessively extend his hand to cover her waist to declare sovereignty.

You ask whether Her Highness was unhappy? Take a look, who is that woman with a smiling sweet face?

People who lived in the capital often saw Her Highness in the streets and the Earl walking along the road, because Her Highness did not like servants following behind her. Earl Nuoman, who was one of the strongest Sword Saint, willingly bore the task of escorting and clearing the road for Her Highness.

This directly caused the unmarried ladies in the capital to change their standards in selecting their future husband towards Earl Nuoman, which resulted the birth of a group of older people in the w.a.n.gdu aristocracy.

Married ladies would also complain to their husbands that Earl Nuoman was very intimate and meticulous with his fiancée. They were also women. Why was the disparity so large?

This anecdote was later called “The Earl Nuoman Effect” by historians.

Eve was now already a captain of a small squad in the Duke’s house.

She looked at Her Highness and the Earl as they lived together. Sometimes, she imagined that if the person who had stayed besides the Earl was herself, wouldn’t the person who was with him now be herself?

“Captain!” Eve turned her head. It was a guard in from her squad. It was said that he was a Viscount who came out to gather some experience.

Eve looked at him with a puzzled look.

The guard’s face flushed red and said: “If there is a campfire tomorrow night, do you want to join me?”

Eve looked at him seriously and suddenly smiled: “Yes.”

She should also pursue her own happiness.

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Quick Transmigration: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats! Chapter 85

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