Quick Transmigration: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats! Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (3)

The system’s voice echoed in Gu Shengyin’s mind: “…the so-called white lotus halo, anyone who was exposed to this halo would lose their ability to rationally think and the person with this halo would appear very beautiful in other people’s mind…”

The original person, Gu Weixin, was considered perfect, no matter how you looked at her.

Her family origin didn’t need to be said. The Gu family was the largest family in the entire Tianlan continent. Not to mention, her talent was the tenth order ice soul sword heart, which had the chance of becoming a Sword Saint! Even her appearance, the original story had described her: When she stood there, it was like the northernmost holy mountain, the most cold and flawless ice and snow, the limpid autumn waters and the ice jade bones of G.o.d. If she smiled gently, it was like a spring breeze. The ice and snow melted and hundreds of flowers blossomed with a ray of light that intimidated people.

(limpid autumn waters – description of a girl’s beautiful eyes)

However, this woman who was perfect in every aspects fell in love with a man for the first time was abandoned just after the man saw Bai Xinya.

What was even more distasteful was that when Bai Xinya was poisoned, not knowing where, the man found out that as long as he used the heart blood of a person who had the ice soul sword heart, he would be able to solve the poison. The man she trusted gave her medicine and forcibly removed her heart blood.

Pitiful Gu Weixin had her cultivation reduced, and also encountered demons who came to violate her, eventually losing her life.

I did not kill Uncle. Uncle died because of me(?). However, that man did not care about the disaster he had caused and only wanted to discuss pa.s.sion and talk about love with Bai Xinya. Bai Xinya did not even ask how her poison was solved and had no qualms with being with the man.

Gu Shengyin smirked: In addition to possessing the ice soul sword heart blood to solve the poison, there was no other cure. In the entire world, only Gu Weuxin had the ice soul sword heart. It was impossible to say that Bai Xinya did not know who saved her.

However, she could ignore this issue and never ask about it. Even when she learned of Gu Weixin’s death, she did not express anything.

She really was a pure white lotus, ah.

As Gu Shengyin was standing there absent-minded, all the elders in the hall were disputing about who would take Gu Shengyin as a disciple.

A tenth order sword heart was so difficult to find in years, who wouldn’t want her to enter their door?

However, without waiting for them to finish debating, a spiritual message from the most remote and mysterious mountain in Xing Luo Sect ended the discussion.

The old ancestor, who had been shut in closed doors for many years and had not even asked about the affairs of the world, went so far as to personally sending a spiritual message stating that he would receive Gu Shengyin as his disciple!

The old ancestor made a statement and the rest of the people naturally dared not to have any objections. The leader of Xin Luojian Sect, Xing He, personally sent Gu Shengyin to Ling Xiaofeng where the ancestor was.

Gu Shengyin was somewhat surprised because this did not happen in the original story. Gu Weixin was eventually handed over to Xing He to be received as his closed disciple and to become the next leader of the Xing Luojian Sect.

If she became the disciple of the old ancestor who had been retired for many years, wouldn’t he be more older than her father?

Gu Shengyin was a bit hesitant, thinking about the Demon King from the previous world, her heart could not help but to have a guess: Could it be that this legendary ancestor would be her lover?

In this way, it was possible to say the same thing as the original story.

Gu Shengyin could not restrain the little expectation in her heart.

Ling Xiaofeng was located in one of the most remote areas of Xing LuoJian Sect. There were usually few people who would come to disturb, and the home of the ancestor was at the peak.

In order to show respect for the old ancestor, the sect leader took Gu Shengyin step by step up to the summit.

Translator’s Corner:

Do you guys think hubby is this old ancestor? It’s been a while since I read this novel and I haven’t read ahead, so I am also not sure who hubby is in this arc! Lol!

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Quick Transmigration: Heroine Arrives, Woman Rapidly Retreats! Chapter 89

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