Realms In The Firmament Chapter 684

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"Hmm. More or less like that!" Song Jue raised his head up. "If we are not going to leave, why would we look for troubles? Why would we offend those people? Do you think we are stupid?"

Zhu Chenggong was shocked again. After a while, he said, "Overwhelming! Excellent!"

Song Jue smiled. "Stop it, Zhu. Don’t do this. Now what? The blood. Why don’t you make some? You said you have many people and much blood. I don’t need you to get the blood from hundreds of young lords. Just get four or five of them. How’s that? Am I not generous?"

Zhu Chenggong shook his head. "Brother, I don’t have young lords in my troops. Even if I do, I won’t dare to do that… Fine. I was wrong."

Song Jue smiled. "Oh you admit it. Good. I am a generous man. However, you have to keep your promise, don’t you?"

Zhu Chenggong half closed his eyes and smiled. "Brother Song, come on. Look at you. Were we really that serious? No way. That was just joking!"

Song Jue raged up immediately. "Joking? Joking your fat ass! Quickly! DO it! A deal is a deal!"

Zhu Chenggong cupped his hands and sadly spoke, "Brother Song, please. You are like a real brother to me. I was being ignorant. I couldn’t even see it even if a god stood in front of me. Please, you said it. It was just a joke in my fat ass… I am the fat ass, alright? I am a fat stupid ass… How about that? Please, my dear senior brother!"

Song Jue felt good hearing Zhu Chenggong calling himself a fat ass. After all, he should be a generous man!

However, he drank up all the fine liquor that Zhu Chenggong collected for a long time…

Outside the city, on the other side.

The camps of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng.

The War God of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, and also the Prince, Wenren Jianyin, was frowning.

He was just over forty years old. He looked spirited, watching the top of the walls of Iron Peak.

He spoke in a low voice, "How come their army came so fast? That is must faster than we thought. There should be barely any powerful force inside Kingdom of Chen. They should be short for soldiers, also generals. The only possible commander is Chen Xuantian, their king. If he comes, it should be much later than this. It shouldn’t be so fast. Who is the commander this time?"

"Where is our spy in the Kingdom of Chen? He should have sent the message back!"

That was reasonable though. Back in the Kingdom of Chen, when the king appointed Ye Xiao to be the commander of the army, it took him three days, but only senior officials knew about it. That meant few people knew about it. Since Ye Xiao led the army to the west, he moved so fast. Day and night, the army marched ahead without rests. It was faster than anybody else for sure. That was why the spy couldn’t deliver the message to the Kingdom of Lan-Feng before Ye Xiao arrived!

Wenren Chuchu was wearing white suit and cyan robe. Her hair was tied up. She was still in a perfect body shape. She was also watching the Iron Peak, and then she slowly spoke behind the silk mask, "There may be something wrong with our intelligence system. We don’t know who their commander is yet. I am sure that is not Chen Xuantian. In other words, he can’t be any capable figure. As far as we could see, that is an army of no more than one hundred thousand men. That is not a small number, but they still cannot threaten us!"

Wenren Jianyin spoke in a deep voice, "We can’t underestimate them. Quantity does not guarantee victory. That sound earlier must be the rest of the western army shouting together. The new commander made those defeated men shout like that when he just arrived. I don’t think he is an ordinary figure!"

"This is war!" Wenren Jianyin took in a deep breath. "A commander’s capability and prestige could be shown from his soldiers. From that shout, I can feel that he is a strong enemy to us. He must be a tough bone!"

"He is very likely a difficult one to defeat!" Wenren Jianyin frowned and put an conclusion.

Wenren Chuchu nodded.

"Besides, the new commander has arrived, why haven’t they changed the commander’s flag yet? Are they trying confuse me? That is not a good move at all!" Wenren Jianyin looked at the Iron Peak and couldn’t understand it.

"Wu Gonglie was an admirable man. His soldiers are loyal to him. This new commander must be trying to buy popularity among them, so he didn’t change the flag right away," Wenren Chuchu said.

"That is possible. However, it is always the right thing to change the flag and set his own prestige. If he truly did this to buy popularity from those wounded men, he would be a fool. We shouldn’t fear for it!"

While they were talking, somebody shouted, "Their commander’s flag is rising…"

It was a normal thing to report, but the guy shouted like he had seen something extremely strange, as if he couldn’t believe what he had seen.

Wenren Jianyin and Wenren Chuchu were surprised, so they looked up to the flag.

No matter how they tried to stay calm, when they saw the flag, they were surprised.

A huge flag was rising up on the Iron Peak!

That was a huge flag. It was at least five times the size as normal commander’s flag. It stretched out under the brisk wind.

That was magnificent!

However, it was such a special flag… because it was a… white flag!

Men in the army of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng kept whispering about it.

"I’ll be damned. Did I see the real thing?"

"Holy heavens. A white flag? That is awesome! Are they surrendering?"

"I have fought in battles for so many years and this is the first time I see somebody get in the battle with a white flag. That is… pretty f*cked up…"

"That’s true. How strange! White flag… Oi? Words on it?"

"I saw it already. That is a huge flag, but it is still too far away. I can’t see it clearly enough. Maybe it says ‘surrender’?"

"That’s right. A white flag. It should be written something to surrender! Not much a surprise to me!"

Wenren Jianyin stared at the flag and tried to focus on it. He had a pair of sharp eyes. He couldn’t see the words clearly with his Sky Origin Stage capability.

"Lord Xiao, Kingdom of Chen?" He was surprised, "Chuchu, you have been staying in the capital of Kingdom of the Chen for a while, do you know who Lord Xiao is?"

Realms In The Firmament Chapter 684

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