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However, things were beyond Ye Xiao's expectation. Xuan Bing heard Han BIngxue and actually nodded before saying, "Hmm. Town of Ye. Good. There seems to be some special medical materials in that place. It could be a good choice."

Han Bingxue opened up his eyes widely, staring at the dark fog and not knowing what to say.

[What? That's it? She believes?]

[Is there truly rare medical materials in Town of Ye? I just made it up… I didn't know… Are you sure?]

Han Bingxue was totally lost.

He couldn't understand why this famous Lady Devil of the realm was so easy to deceive.

Suddenly, he had a smas.h.i.+ng thought. [Does she… like me?]

Xuan Bing stayed quiet for a while and then said, "It is such a coincidence. I am going to the Oracle District too. We met here because destiny brought us here. Han Bingxue, we are going the same way. How about I go with you two?"

She spoke indifferently, "We may need each other's help on the road after all."

Han Bingxue was stunned.

[What? b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l!]

[That sounds familiar! Does she really like me?]

It was not a good excuse. Han Bingxue was familiar with this kind of excuses. Back in the old days, when he was staying among different girls, lots of girls used such an excuse to stay on his side. He was once very popular. Wu Huitian's wife, Ning Pinger was the one who always 'coincidentally' went the same way with him. However, Xuan Bing was the Lady Devil of the realm! He couldn't believe she would use such a… horrible excuse!

[Is it too obvious?]

[You? Powerful as you? You need help on the road? What a joke!]

[She likes me?] Han Bingxue was lost in thoughts. [If she likes me, how do I refuse her? I can't hurt her feelings… I don't dare to… I am a married man…]

Ye Xiao felt it was unbelievable too when he heard Xuan Bing. His eyes nearly popped out off the eye frames.

[This… This is absurd!]

He wouldn't be so surprised if Xuan Bing just got over and killed them both.

[You are from the north flying to the south earlier. You even have flown over us and returned when you noticed us.]

[Now you are telling me we are going in the same direction?]

[What part does this look like the same direction?]

[Are you trying to fool us or to fool yourself?]

"Well…" Han Bingxue was anxious.

[A G.o.d-like figure asked to be our travel companion… That's too much suppression!]

[Staying with this lady is like staying with a huge bomb!]

[Who knows when she will get mad and slap us both to death instantly!]

[At the very least, if she likes me and wants to do something to me… I have no choice but just let her do whatever she wants!]

[Oh my heavens!]

[I am a man with principle…]

Again, Han Bingxue was such a narcissistic person… Unbelievable…

If he said what he thought…

He would definitely have a miserable ending that n.o.body in history could ever imagine…

Han BIngxue was showing a bitter face and murmured, "We have some private matter to do over there… I don't think… I don't think you should come with us…"

Xuan Bing coldly responded, "Of course it is a private matter. Me too. What? You think there is any official business in this world?"

Han Bingxue was speechless.

He looked at Ye Xiao asking for help in the eyes. [Come on, Boss. I can't handle this. Can you do it?]

Ye Xiao coughed and said, "Well… Urh… Lady… Men and a woman… That's not convenient… Why don't you…"

Xuan Bing seemed smiling. She blandly said, "Really? I don't think so. What? Are you going to make any trouble for me?"

Ye Xiao rubbed his nose and stopped talking.

[We make trouble for you?]

[We will never dare to do that, not even if you feed us bear heart and leopard gall!] [1]

[But you will make trouble for us! You are our biggest trouble!]

"Cough. Well, since you insist. That is very kind of you. Let's go together then." Ye Xiao was a decisive man indeed. He knew she was never going to change her mind, so he said yes.

Besides, she was obviously going to stick with them. What else could they do if they didn't say yes?

Did they dare to say no? Did they dare to fight?

Could they? How dare they?

Han Bingxue looked at Ye Xiao with his eyes full of grudge. He was complaining in the heart, [Come on Boss. How could you say yes. Do you know what will happen after this…]

[Maybe I am going to lose my chast.i.ty to her…] He kept imagining how he 'had to' accept Xuan Bing…

[Oh. This is sad.]

Ye Xiao looked at him and showed a bitter smile. He wanted to say, 'I can say no. As long as you can drive her away, I will change my mind at once…'

Han Bingxue was showing a bitter face.

[If I can drive her away… do you think I would be like this now? I would have swept off the three factions long ago…]

Xuan Bing's eyes blinked. She was lost in thoughts, [What is going on? He has just come to this world for sure. He did improve a lot, but he is definitely much weaker than Han Bingxue.]

[Why is he making decisions? Why does he look like a leader?]

[Han Bingxue couldn't make the call, and he did!]

[This is odd.]

The decision was made. The three of them were going to go to the north together. Han Bingxue had to accept it. He spoke in a bitter face, "Lady, we are both weak. We can only go by foot. Look at you… You…"

He looked at the dark fog and twisted his lips.

[Those who know her might understand we are traveling with a lady. Those who don't… will definitely think we are with a ghost…]

"Easy." Xuan Bing thought for a while and then the dark fog suddenly started rolling and shrinking. In the end, a slim lady was revealed.

Xuan Bing was wearing all black. She was tall and had a slim body with a perfect shape. There was a layer of black silk covering her face. n.o.body could see her face. She was wearing a bamboo rain hat on the head, which nearly covered her eyes.

"What about now?" Xuan Bing said.

Han Bingxue and Ye Xiao were both surprised.

[What about now?]

"Good! Can't be better. Let's go…" Ye Xiao rubbed his nose and smiled bitterly.


[1] To eat bear heart and leopard gall is an idiom, means, to brace up; summon up one's courage; to be bold, audacious, foolhardy.

Realms In The Firmament Chapter 962

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