Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 300

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Even bad publicity was publicity. Some people were famous for negative news. The situation was worse than they had expected though.

"Shao, calm down. We can gradually develop your career at home. There’s no negative news about you in China. See it as a new chance. We can start over with the brands we have cooperated with."

Shao looked up with a blank expression in his eyes. "Start over? What will others think of me? And what about the timing? How old am I?"

"26. You are still young."

"Yes, I’ll turn 26 this year. Look at my face. Do you remember what my tutor told me when we met for the first time?"

His agent got lost in thought. "Considering the extreme fineness and smoothness of Asian characteristics, you are different from other models."

"A model like me should become popular as early as possible and then turn to another industry when they earn enough capital. In other words, my career won’t last as long as other people’s."

He picked up a mirror from the table nervously and pointed to the corner of his eye. "Look here, here and here. These are tiny wrinkles. My face will start looking terrible as time goes by."

His agent s.h.i.+vered. It was difficult for him to imagine a beautiful face gradually destroyed by time. Unlike people who became more attractive as they grew older, Shao wouldn't get more graceful or elegant in time.

"I have to return to j.a.pan."

"For what? We just got here from j.a.pan. We have no business there."

"To have a face-lift at the best hospital. I’ll never give up."

His agent looked at him as if he was crazy. The determined expression in Shao's eyes told him that he was just informing him of his decision though, not discussing it with him.

That crazy man had nothing to do with Qin Guan. He and Cong Nianwei were sitting on the couch, opening his suitcase.

Under his clothes and sundries, there were small, delicately packed boxes.

"These are for our parents and these are for you. Open them. Do you like them?"

"Of course!" Cong Nianwei took different dolls out of the packages. The first one had a ponytail and a backpack.

It had been customized at a famous handmade doll store in Tokyo. Qin Guan had placed the order as soon as he’d arrived in Tokyo. He took out another one. It was a big boy in a sweater and jeans. The two of them were holding hands.

Qin Guan whispered to her proudly, "We can order a set of dolls in wedding attire when we get married. And when we have a baby, we can order a family of three..."

A chilling wind was blowing against the withered leaves on the branches outside the window. There were seeds sprouting under the thick gra.s.s. Winter would pa.s.s, and beautiful spring would arrive.

Director Zhang Jizhong’s new show had started filming according to schedule. Qin Guan had checked in with the crew. That would be his final job before leaving, so it was very important for both sides.

They had both thrown the helve after the hatchet. Convinced by Qin Guan, the production had given him the leading role. Qin Guan, on the other hand, had denied all other work and focused all his attention on that job.

Unlike other randomly-adapted versions, "Demi-G.o.ds and Demi-Demons" was basically a revival of the original work.

Director Zhang was bravely using green hands. Liu Yifei, who was a n.o.body at the time, had impressed Director Zhang and gotten the role of w.a.n.g Yuyan [1].

Nearly all the roles had been cast, leaving only place for Xuzhu [2].

It was a full-scale show with several directors. When they met, Director Yu Min asked Zhang a question.

"Most of the characters have been cast, except Xuzhu. I think young Gao Hu would be a good choice. He fits Xuzhu’s image and as a professional actor, he will give us a good performance."

Director Zhang shook his head at him. "I have a.n.a.lysed the original character in the book, as well as the one in the adapted script, and I have some questions about Gao Hu’s appearance."

"What questions?"

"One, he is the illegitimate child of an eminent monk and an evil woman. He must be good-looking. The ugly monk in the book doesn’t make any sense. His father is the host of the Shaolin Temple, so he should be a handsome man. He must have only violated his religious principles for a beautiful woman."

"Two, the Xiaoyao School set strict standards for the looks of its apprentices. Why would they accept Xuzhu? For his stupidity?"

"Three, Princess Xixia, who has everything she wants, picks him as a husband among powerful and handsome candidates. I think he must be an attractive man."

It sounded reasonable. Surely, that didn’t mean Xuzhu was an Adonis though?

Actually, his argument was fake. He would use any means to increase audience rates.

Suddenly, the minibus carrying supplies for the crew arrived. On the back seat was Huang Bo, who was in a really good mood. He didn’t have anything better to do, so he had gone over as soon as he’d gotten the chance. While Sister Xue and the a.s.sistant struck up a conversation, Qin Guan went to greet the director and the rest of the crew.

"Go to the dressing room first and cut your hair off."

"Okay." Qin Guan didn't say anything. It was just hair after all. He could compensate for losing the role of Bianji, who had also been a monk.

The other directors, who had never met Qin Guan, were shocked.

"Is this okay? He’s more handsome than Lin Zhiying, the actor from Taiwan!"

"Facts speak louder than words. He’s not the only popular star in my TV series. Let’s just wait for him."

Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 300

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