Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 458

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Dogsh*t was piled on the streets, especially on patches of grass. Qin Guan wrapped up a piece of dried dogsh*t in a cotton cloth carefully and dipped it into some fresh sh*t.

Using the wind and humidity to his advantage, he threw it away. Franklin and his partner got one each. The distinctive smell drifted out as Franklin grabbed it subconsciously.

"Oh, bullsh*t!" Wrong! It was dogsh*t.

They were both furious, when suddenly a soft sound was heard from around the corner. Both of them felt a sharp pain on their necks.

"Was it a f*cking mosquito?"

"I’m fainting..." Before they could figure out what was going on, they collapsed on the ground.

"Ha ha..." Coulibaly jumped out of the flowers, laughing proudly. His friends finally spotted him thanks to his glowing white teeth.

Now they realized why he had asked them to turn off the lights and where he had gone in the dark. Taking advantage of his complexion, he had sneaked behind their enemies in secret.

"All clear!" He waved at Qin Guan.

The lights were turned on again. Standing in a heap of bullet shells, Joseph looked perfectly satisfied. Qin Guan walked to their enemies' car curiously, wondering how Coulibaly had taken the two strong men out silently.

Coulibaly kicked the two robbers, who were lying on the ground like dead pigs.

"It's a weapon my African tribe uses for hunting." He waved the blowgun around proudly.

"It's opium, but it's not toxic. If it was the poison we used to use, they would have been in Heaven by now."

He pulled the thin needles out of their necks.

"Cunning guys... And very professional. Thanks for the diversion, Qin Guan."

He put the needles carefully into a small case. "That's dogsh*t... Watch your hands," Qin Guan warned him kindly.

Everyone had gathered around them. They burst into laughter at his words as the two criminals snored on the ground.

"What shall we do with them?" They called the police. Ten minutes later, nobody had come yet.

"I’ll take them away." Xu Xiaoxiao pointed at his old truck. There was enough room inside for them.

The shabby truck drove to the police station along Chelsea Street with the two troublemakers in it. The dense smoke made it look like a steamship. The international students looked at each other and burst into laughter again.

The shining spears and armoured horses were only a brief interlude in their ordinary lives. A few weeks later, Qin Guan asked for leave from his tutor. He had gotten perfect scores in the seasonal tests.

The city of Cannes was famous for its film festival. In May, stars and pilgrims from all over the world poured into the city with the most luxurious hotels, romantic marine drives and significant cinemas. Cannes combined French romance with style and fashion, which blossomed splendidly on the dazzling beach in the spring.

Qin Guan was waiting for Sister Xue at the airport with his ticket. Meanwhile, Cong Nianwei was busy working in his new office without any distractions. She preferred a quiet house over her boyfriend or a chance to visit Cannes.

Actually, Qin Guan had a tight schedule, so he wouldn't have any spare time in Cannes.

The opening ceremony was the most important part of the whole festival. All the stars, producers, film lovers, and distributors would get together for the grand feast.

On the way to the hotel, Sister Xue was telling Qin Guan about his order of appearance again and again. Unlike at other festivals, the order of appearance was very important at the Cannes festival.

The festival combined the culture of commerce and the tourism industry. During the ceremony, small stars would get more chances to promote themselves. Even if their film was not nominated, they could still enjoy themselves on the red carpet.

Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 458

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