Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 459

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If only one had a firm… You know...

To make money. Oh no... To better differentiate between the people on the red carpet. There were three groups of guests.

The first group were the participants, including talented actors and directors. Famous or not, they would all get the highest respect from the media and the audience. Queen Gong, who was in that group, was one of the representatives of the Chinese film circle.

Those guys were really devoted to indie films. Maybe one day a shining star would rise from them.

When the people of the first group went by, people shut up and took as many pictures of them as possible.

The second group were the representatives of famous brands. They were not nominated for any awards, but they had been invited because they belonged in the fashion circle. They usually showed off and competed for the public’s attention.

The third group were those who had come uninvited. They had paid agencies to come for a chance to promote themselves.

Qin Guan read through the regulations of the Cannes festival and checked his schedule. Interesting! I have to be on the carpet with the first group for "Elephant", then twice with the second group for Armani and Tiffany. That’s three times! I’ll be the only one in Cannes who does that.

"Sister Xue, may I combine Armani and Tiffany? Would only one time be okay?"

Sister Xue, who was unpacking, shot him a supercilious look.

"How will the host introduce you? Will he thank both Armani and Tiffany for the clothing and the jewellery at the same time? Do you think this is a domestic bazaar? Other people would have done anything for such a good chance!"

While Sister Xue was cursing at full volume, Qin Guan got distracted by the beach and the sea.

"Keep doing what you are doing, Sister Xue. I need to take a walk along the seaside to calm down. Please make arrangements with Director Gus."

Before his voice could fade away, he had already disappeared.

Liar! Are you really nervous about the festival?

The opening ceremony would take place on a square only 200 meters away from the beach. The Palais des Festival beside it was only where the final award ceremony would be held. After the opening ceremony, the nominated films would be played there.

Qin Guan strode over to the beach, which was open to the public. He enjoyed the blue sky, the white sand and the soft waves. The beautiful view reminded him of his hometown. It was not as enchanting, but it was beautiful in its own way.

He took off his socks and shoes and stood on the sand on his bare feet. Cannes was beautiful in May. The sky was blue and transparent, and the air was wet and salty. After taking a few steps, Qin Guan felt sleepy. He sat down on the sand to savor the moment. Wow! This is so nice...

A blonde woman in white shorts and sunglasses walked by leisurely, followed by a group of reporters. Nobody dared get too close to her. She looks familiar. It’s Nicole Kidman! The most powerful nominee for best actress!

The actress seemed to relax on the beach.

Qin Guan felt like an extra in the background. I’m just enjoying some free time...

Click, click… Another handsome actor ran past Qin Guan in sportswear, followed by a group of crazy reporters. It was Keanu Reeves.

One of the reporters managed to take some pictures and shared the experience with his peers.

"I saw a passer-by in my photo. Look at him carefully. He is really handsome, isn’t he?"

"Yes, he looks good. He seems familiar. God knows who he is. There are stars everywhere around here. Is he Asian?"

"Yes. Chinese or Japanese. They are nominated for an award this year."

Qin Guan was shocked. A Chinese film? Which one? Who?

Meg Ryan passed by. Qin Guan lost the chance to watch the flying seagulls.

Monica Bellucci passed by... Dirt and dust were floating before Qin Guan's eyes.

Hey! Enough! 

The beach was not as quiet as Qin Guan had anticipated. It was as noisy as a bazaar. Before he got up to leave, a man called his name from somewhere behind him.

"Qin Guan! What are you doing here?"

Qin Guan turned around and saw Lou Ye walking up to him in a pair of shorts and slippers. The man beside him was dressed formally. Jiang Wen?

"What are you doing here?"

"What are you doing here?"

They spoke at the same time. Qin Guan shrugged. "Are you the director of the only Chinese film to be nominated for an award?"

Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 459

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