Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 460

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 Lou Ye felt proud at his question. Even though I’m a Chinese director, I can also make a film that will interest an international festival.

 He shrugged and began to make jokes. "Wow! And you? Why are you here? Did your agency pay for you to appear on the carpet, or do you have a big brand as your sponsor? Well done, Qin Guan! After one year, we meet again in Cannes!"

 Qin Guan shot a supercilious look at him. "As a director participating in the festival, shouldn’t you know who your competitors are? My film is also nominated. I am the leading actor!"

 Surprised, Jian Wen sized Qin Guan up from head to toe. The boy looked as clean as seawater. He could only be compared to clouds and bamboos. What indie film would cast such an actor? He’s the best choice for domestic commercial films!

 Lou Ye was just as stunned. He dag in his ear, and then burst into laughter.

 "Ha ha ha! I must have heard wrong. I heard that you were the lead in an indie film! I’m sorry for laughing, but what silly director would have cast you as the protagonist? If you were a girl, you would definitely have been my exclusive female lead! Are you playing a woman in the film? Impossible! You are too tall..."

 Lou had lost his role as a representative of the 6th generation of directors. Qin Guan shot a disgusted look at him again and stood up, flicking sand off his bottom.

 "I’m not kidding. You can watch my film after the opening ceremony. It’s called ‘Elephant’." Lou stopped laughing abruptly. Jiang Wen winked.

 Jiang Wen had been invited to be a judge at the festival. "Elephant" was the first film that would be evaluated after the ceremony. 

 It was said that the indie American director had aroused a discussion during the small-scale test screening. The film was a documentary, which was a favorite of the senior judges.

 "Really? What kind of film? You’re the protagonist? I’ll watch it tomorrow."

 Excited, Lou asked Jiang Wen for an invitation to the test screening.

 Giving him a polite smile, Jiang replied in a low, deep voice. "You are asking the wrong person. He will be the hero of the premiere. Getting you an invitation would be easy for him."

 He pushed the responsibility to Qin Guan. According to Qin Guan’s observations, Lou must have been causing Jiang a lot of trouble those days.

 Listening to Jiang’s advice, Lou hugged Qin Guan around the neck and started talking rubbish. "Qin Guan, get me an invitation tomorrow after the opening ceremony. Please! I’ll introduce some beautiful girls to you in return. Zhang! Little Zhang! Come here!"

 Who is little Zhang? Qin Guan was out of breath, when a pair of bare, clean feet appeared in front of him.

 The complexion of the feet was not fair, but they were as smooth as pure honey. Their bones were slender, and the muscles under them were strong and elegant, like winter jasmine on a cliff.

 Qin Guan looked up slowly. It was a girl with freckles on her nose. She was Zhang Ziyi, a rising international star.

 The film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" in 2002 had made an international impact, and the Western audience had kept her in mind after the film.

 She was the heroine of Lou Ye's "Purple Butterfly". She had come to Cannes to beat the drums for Lou.

 Lou began to beg for her forgiveness as Zhang smiled.

 "Hello, Zhang Ziyi."

 Qin Guan shook hands with her. "Hello, Qin Guan."

 "I also played a small part in ‘Heroes’. It was a pity that I didn’t get to meet or cooperate with you."

 Compared to Lou, Zhang had a favorable impression of the elegant boy.

 He is a normal man. Lou is unworthy of his title as one of the leaders of the 6th generation. 

 They talked happily on the beach as the reporters began taking photos again. Luckily, Qin Guan was no longer in the background. Thanks to Jiang and Zhang, he took up one fourth of the picture.

 Nobody knew who Lou, the guy in the shorts, was.

 "Let’s take this chance to take a group photo!" Lou did not like being ignored. He hugged Jiang and Qin Guan around the shoulders and told Zhang to stand beside them.

 "Attention! You, the photographer over there! Three, two, one, cheese!"

 They smiled in joy as the foreign media recorded the memorable moment.

 It was sunny on May 25th, 2003. Sister Xue helped Qin Guan get dressed for the ceremony and walk out of the hotel leisurely.

 The blue carpet on the stairs of the Palais des Film had been replaced by a red one, which was only used for special occasions.

Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 460

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