Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 478

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Qin Guan shrugged in confusion.

"How is that difficult? I just memorize their self-introduction and tell you about them."

His colleagues straightened their backs. They live on their appearance, while you are crus.h.i.+ng them by using your brain!

Qin Guan's ability had actually saved the judges. Jay carried more laptops to the office and everyone got to work.

The models outside were taking video interviews one after the other. Their work was unexpectedly finished in advance.

In half a day, thanks his good temper and perfect looks, Qin Guan had become the favorite of the team. There was a beautiful harmony among them.

Jay, who was captivated by Qin Guan's charm, told him goodbye reluctantly in the parking lot.

"We must have been good friends in a past life. I like you a lot. We will have plenty of time to cooperate in the future. Ha, ha... I’m really shy..."

Qin Guan tried to take his hand back. The tall black man was very tender and sensitive. What a sissy!

Before he could come back to his senses, Jay turned around and blew a kiss at him. "See you next week!"

 Then he left, his behind swaying in a flirty way. Qin Guan coughed and drove away as fast as he could.

That was so stimulating!

It wasn’t until next week that Qin Guan really experienced Jay’s power. As a top model, Qin Guan had been entrusted with the training of the models. Jay, who was in charge of runway training, was his closest partner. Their jobs supplemented each other after all.

The girls had left their hometowns and settled temporarily in a large villa in the suburbs. During the show, they would be living, training and working together. They would be both rivals and friends.

 Despite their good looks, most of them had no idea about the industry. They couldn't be called supermodels. They would need training, guidance and experience, as well as a lot of knowledge, in order to become models.

Qin Guan and Jay were preparing for their first cla.s.s with eight girls in a private room.

There was a white runway inside, broad enough for a professional show. The backstage area and spectator seats made it look like a real runway. It was perfect for green hands to get familiar with the industry’s working conditions.

The eight girls were standing on the stage nervously in the same swimsuit. Qin Guan frowned at them, while Jay bounced up and down.

Beating his chest, he shouted at them angrily. "What are you doing? I’m starting to second guess our decision now! Why are you hiding in the corner like quails? Am I a tiger? Shouldn’t you rush up to us in adoration, like the first time we met?"

You overestimate yourself. The girls had rushed up to Qin Guan, not you.

Jay used his pointer. "Walk! Straighten your chests! Walk in a circle! One by one! One, two, three, four!"

The girls walked on the stage, while Qin Guan observed them carefully. The bold American girls got excited when they saw Qin Guan looking at them from under the stage. Some girls went wild. When they got close to Qin Guan, they would shake their, twist their bottoms, smooth their hair or cast enchanting looks at him. In other words, they resorted to extreme measures.

Some girls were elegant and shy though. They pa.s.sed by Qin Guan nervously, their cheeks blus.h.i.+ng. The only girl who paid no attention to Qin Guan was Jenny, who was a lesbian.

Before Qin Guan could finish his observation, a black arm was placed on his shoulder. Jay was complaining in his ear in a soft voice.

"Wow! You have such a strong impact on them. My heart is breaking. This is for the best though. Any girl who can walk on a runway calmly under the effect of your charm can be considered a real model. That's why you were chosen as a guest judge. The producers are so smart!"

Qin Guan moved his arm away with a disgusted expression. "The round is finished. Wanna go first, or should I?"

Jay winked at him naughtily, his frog-like eyes scaring Qin Guan. "You first," he told Qin Guan with the most horrible expression.

Relieved, Qin Guan rushed to the stage. I’ll go crazy if I stay around him.

"Some of you might be models, and some of you might not. Everyone here is an amateur when it comes to the runway though. You can't get a job like that."

The girls grimaced at his words. They were considered outstanding in their hometowns. This was their first time hearing such criticism.

Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 478

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