Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 603

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Qin Guan leapt into the sky, his shoe sole getting closer and closer to the crazy man.

Bang! He stamped the man's face, who flew backwards with a happy expression on his face.

After hitting his target, Qin Guan landed back on the stage and kneeled in an elegant manner. He had put an end to the incident.

"Well done, Qin Guan!"

"I love you, Qin Guan!"

"I want a chance to save a beauty too!"

The security guards finally came back to their senses. Streaking in a football court was done for freedom and streaking on a rugby field was done for courage, but streaking on a T stage was disgusting.

Two strong men in black suits ran to the stage. In the meantime, the man, who had been lying on his back, jumped up with an elated expression on his face.

"Ho ho..."

He stretched his arm out to Qin Guan and Rubi. The girl kept grabbing Qin Guan's coat to stop him from hitting the man again.

"Let me go! Go back to the backstage area! I'll teach him a lesson!"

Qin Guan was still on guard. When he saw the two strong men rush over though, he let out a long sigh of relief. See? That's the difference between Cong Nianwei and other women. She would have left as soon as possible without hesitation.

The crazy man was doomed. The two security guards ran over to him and caught him.

"We are safe, Rubi! Let me go!"

Suddenly, Rubi's arms wrapped around his waist. Meanwhile, the man grabbed his pant legs.

"Ha ha! I got Qin Guan! I got him!"

When he was pulled away by the security guards, he kissed the hand that had been holding Qin Guan's pants. 

"Qin Guan, I love you! I can die without regrets now..."

Rubi craned her neck around Qin Guan. What a mistake! Everybody had thought that the crazy man had been after the girl, but he was actually Qin Guan's admirer!

Qin Guan turned to Ruby with a sigh. "You heard him, right? Let me go!"

Rubi smiled shyly and ran back to the backstage area without looking back. The reporters had already started to approach them.

"Qin Guan, what's your opinion on the accident?"

"Qin Guan, look at me! Can you smile?"

"Qin Guan, are you satisfied with the security at the Fashion Week? Do you feel the enthusiasm of the Italian public?"

Qin Guan was speechless as they asked him questions amid the flashing lights. That was not on his schedule. He never did anything without getting paid. He fixed his suit and gestured at the stupefied host.

"What are you doing? Put some music on!"

"Okay, okay..."

Holding the microphone in his hand, the host pressed some buttons in a hurry. In a few seconds, an exciting song filled the square.

Qin Guan didn't say anything. He just shot a steady look at the audience, turned around without hesitation and returned to the backstage area. His straight back was his farewell to the audience. A woman almost fainted at the sight.

On his way back, all the designers and VIPs of the fashion circle stood up one after the other to greet him. The highest honor for a top model was not their perfect appearance, their wonderful figure or wearing Haute Couture. It was this.

Everyone admired the personal integrity of a model and their ability to finish a performance under any circumstances. Qin Guan knew that he was the only one on the stage, so he was responsible for everyone. Some other celebrities had forgotten what had made them successful.

Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 603

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