Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 724

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Everyone was shocked by the key terms of the contract.

"Impossible! If Wanda had negotiated with us on the same terms, we would have agreed. We are not greedy after all!"

"Yes, we'd accept such reasonable terms."

"Why are they signing such a contract in secret?"

Everyone was gabbling on. They couldn't understand why there were two different contracts, a public one and a secret one. In their opinion, the secret contract was the most reasonable one.

Qin Guan would have also agreed to that price. Actually, Wanda had its own reasons for acting like this.

Qin Guan turned his eyes to Chen Kang. Although Chen couldn't see his eyes behind his, the clever lawyer could guess his next question, so he decided to explain everything.

"They are doing this to save money. Your alliance could threaten the company and make it pay a reasonable price for all the houses. That would be beyond its budget, as the company has to pay for the relocation, houses, road maintenance, circuit rewiring, urban construction planning, and so on. Every one of these things requires a large investment."

"The marked prices are fixed. This is the company's only way of reducing expenses and saving money."

"Differentiation is the best way to deal with a group. People like to protect their own interests, so bringing the weakest of them over to our side is the best strategy. When people start compromising one after another, everyone tends to follow the crowd's mentality."

"Your neighbors will gradually sell their houses and leave. G.o.d knows what the actual price will be! It's very complicated. When most people leave, they are just sent the secret contracts. Most of them are grateful to us for saving their lives..."

Chen slowly explained the darkness of human nature in the quiet room during the peaceful night. No one said anything.

When he finished his words, Chen relaxed, unfastened his tie and sat down on the floor.

"That's all I know. As you can see, my firm is independent. We are just cooperating with each other. So what will you do to me now?"

We are no cannibals. We are not interested in your flesh.

Qin Guan was quite interested in the man. He was very adept at changing his att.i.tude based on the circ.u.mstances. Threatening, silence, surprise, cooperation... He was an actor during his everyday life too. His acting skills were really exceptional.

Satisfied, he decided to answer Chen's question.

"I know there's nothing you can do, but you must know how to get in touch with w.a.n.g Jianlin. I want to meet him."

Chen Kang nearly fainted. What? w.a.n.g Jianlin? The w.a.n.g Jianlin?

"You want to meet the owner of Wanda?" he couldn't help but ask. "The man at the top of the pyramid? Do you mean the same man I have in mind? Ha ha! Why? What for?"

F*ck! He is so charming! He is a G.o.d-like ent.i.ty, but he has misjudged the situation. People who wear tank tops and shorts to meetings are hopeless after all.

Qin Guan remained calm as Chen laughed at him. He just kept talking slowly as he took off his silly His dazzling eyes shocked everyone as his words shocked Chen.

"Do you think he would meet me if my houses were garbage? I'm an award-winning actor who turned down a proposal to emigrate to America and returned to his hometown. Fans all over the world idolize me. Imagine if an actor like me lost his home..."

Qin Guan wiped non-existent tears from his face.

w.a.n.g Hailiang tried his best to hold his laughter back as he watched Qin Guan's performance. You would not be homeless! You have a house to live in. You have a new apartment on Financial Street! Plus, you own eight yards in this neighborhood! You are filthy rich! You could book the presidential suite of any luxurious hotel!

Rebirth: How A Loser Became A Prince Charming Chapter 724

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