Rebirth Of A Supermodel Chapter 203-204

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Chapter 203

Entertainment Industry Gossip Squad was a well-known Huaxia entertainment marketing company. They might often include fake news but there would also be true news. This led to many fans and the account had millions of followers.

Now they posted about a small newcomer in the fas.h.i.+on industry so close to the Xi Ze and Ming Yu event, increasing the exposure even more. However, people quickly said that this small newcomer couldn't be Ming Yu. Ming Yu had never changed agents so it certainly wasn't him.

Since it wasn't Ming Yu, the attention of the fans gradually weakened. Now the focus of the whole Internet was on Ming Yu and Xi Ze's coming out. Everyone was waiting to eat sugar and it was impossible to pay attention to some inexplicable news.  In addition, this explosive news was likely to be false so there was no interest, no interest.

The fans who thought that 'this is definitely fake news' never expected that the next day, Entertainment Industry Gossip Squad actually broke the news!!

【 Entertainment Industry Gossip Squad:  A C surnamed supermodel entered the industry, joined M Company at the age of 15, shot for his first magazine at the age of 16, partic.i.p.ated in several fas.h.i.+on shows for second and third-tier brands in the same year. However, he didn't become too big before the age of 18. At the age of 19, he relied on the resources of the younger generation and suppressed the younger generation to gradually become famous. At the age of 20, he kicked away his original agent and climbed onto a more famous agent. He has just entered the world supermodels list in the past six months. 】

This was a bit too much!

A code? This was called a code? It could be easily guessed!

A Huaxia male supermodel who joined the world supermodels list in the past six months. It definitely wasn't Ming Yu. Joining M company, this was obviously a Muse model! Another calculation, surname C…

【 Cheng Su! It is Cheng Su!  He is the only Muse model and his surname starts with a C! 】 All of a sudden, many fans in the fas.h.i.+on industry were in an uproar.

Cheng Su's exposure was too low in the past two months, causing his fans' cohesiveness to be a bit weak. As the other netizens were speculating curiously, Cheng Su's fans couldn't react. It was only when there was a successive burst of materials from several other marketing accounts that they understood what happened.

【 Gossip Small Expert: Hahaha, Supermodel C has a bad reputation in the industry. All day he plays like a self-important person. But previously, he grabbed the resources of a younger generation model. If he can afford it, he will bully other newcomers. Previously, he partic.i.p.ated in the fas.h.i.+on show of a second-tier brand and argued with the makeup artist. He dismissed the makeup artist for not making him handsome enough! 】

【 Entertainment 818: His oppression of Supermodel M wasn't easy, Now Supermodel M recently has black materials released and it is unknown who is behind it. 】

【 Time Entertainment News: Now this Supermodel C isn't the opponent of Supermodel M. At the beginning, he stepped on Supermodel M. Now I'm afraid that in the company, who would dare act self-important with Supermodel M? Haha, he is much bigger than the C small newcomer! 】……

At first, people were just watching casually in a lively manner. Only Cheng Su's fans were jumping in, saying that this was absolutely slander. Their Ah Cheng wasn't such a person and worked hard to order to partic.i.p.ate in a fas.h.i.+on show!

However, once the Supermodel M appeared, the onlookers felt that something wasn't right.

【 Cheng Su's current agent is Zeng Shu. Didn't it used to be Zhao Rui? Zhao Rui is also Ming Yu's agent… 】

【 Supermodel M? Is Muse's Supermodel M my mushroom? What does this mean? Cheng Su bullied my mushroom? What does this mean?!! 】

【 Cheng Su acted self-important with Ming Xiaoyu? What is going on? 】


They guessed the ident.i.ty of one person and then linked it to the explosive news that Entertainment Industry Gossip Squad previously released.

【 Cheng Su entered Muse at the age of 15 and didn't improve his career until he was 18 years old. When Ming Xiaoyu was a 14 year old Muse model, that was when Cheng Su was 18 years old! He and Cheng Su had the same agent so they must've known each other! When Ming Xiaoyu entered the company, his resources were quite good. I used to wonder about how Ming Xiaoyu's resources became worse and worse. Was it due to Cheng Su? 】

【 It really is the case! Cheng Su's career improved while Mushroom's went downhill! 】

【 Stealing resources, bullying the younger generation, changing agents… 】

【 Can Cheng Su compare to my Ming Xiaoyu? I have seen some of his catwalk videos before. His appearance and body are okay, but his aura is too small! In fact, it was really hopeless that he only entered the world supermodels list six or seven years after debuting. 】

【 Age: 18 years old and 22 years old. Debut time: 4 years and 7 years. World ranking: 16 and nothing. Number of endors.e.m.e.nts… Cheng Su dares bully my family's Ming Xiaoyu? My Ming Xiaoyu will completely beat up up! Beating up Cheng Su is no problem! How are he bully Ming Xiaoyu? 】……

The marketing accounts continued to expose Cheng Su's black materials. The Supermodel C code was still used but they started to talk about related events in detail. For example, in a reality show, Supermodel C deliberately bullied Supermodel M, making Supermodel M continuously receive punishment.

This type of thing wasn't a big deal. At the beginning, Ming Xiaoyu's popularity wasn't that high and Zeng Shu's PR ability was relatively strong. He completely crushed the incident. Now it was once again exposed to the sun, making the fans furious!

Cheng Su's current total number of fans on the Muse fan forum wasn't even half of Ming Xiaoyu's.

After this, many incidents were small models apart from Ming Yu were bullied by Cheng Su was exposed, all under abbreviations. These abbreviations weren't a code at all. Everyone sharp knew who was bullied by Cheng Su in the end!

It might've ended with just this. After all, it only came from the marketing accounts and the fans weren't willing to bow their heads. But after a few hours, a small third-tier model actually stood up and stated that he wasn't afraid of Cheng Su. He was bullied so miserably by Cheng Su that he must come out and speak!

Once the first person emerged, he was followed by a small star, a makeup artist, a small a.s.sistant…

More and more people came out to agree with the news from the marketing accounts, stating that it was true.

In just 12 hours, many Muse members unfollowed Cheng Su.

Originally, the number of fans was about to break through 10 million. Now it was reduced to 6 million.

The trend of fans leaving wasn't weakened and the number was continuing to decrease!

Despite the marketing account and the complaints of people involved, some of the brainless Cheng Su fans still insisted that 'My Ah Cheng worked very hard, can't you see his efforts?', 'My Ah Cheng walked hard to reach this status. He paid with sweat and tears, can't you see it?' and other similar words.

This type of brainless speech was really lethal. They said that their idol worked hard when the results were obtained from others!

How could his hard world be compared?

The famous hard work Lin Xi in the entertainment industry, could Cheng Su compare to him?

Could he compare to the famous labour model in the fas.h.i.+on industry?

There were 365 days in a year and this person worked 350 days! Works emerged in an endless stream. Do you think that these words were made while lying in bed and appeared out of nowhere? This was the sweat that other people paid!

Then what about Cheng Su? He seemed to rest practically every day. Was this called effort?

Fans were stunned by the villain who bullied newcomers, making Cheng Su's reputation stink. On the second day, many media newspapers and public accounts also expressed their view.

One of the most influential was the short message from the fas.h.i.+on version of Huaxia's top newspaper, Huaxia Daily.

【 Bullying newcomers, seizing resources, seeking advantages and avoiding harm, climbing from other people's hard work. The fas.h.i.+on and entertainment industry needs to reject such cancer! 】

These words summed up Cheng Su's shameful acts.

No one thought that Huaxia Daily, one of the most traditional Huaxia magazines would unexpectedly write a serious summary of the Cheng Su incident and call him a cancer of the fas.h.i.+on industry.

The t.i.tle of 'cancer' was too big. The netizens laughed speechlessly while the fans had nothing to say.

Did they want to refute it? While some people blushed and shut up at the 'cancer' t.i.tle, other people opened their mouths and said, 'Don't call him cancer. At least our family's Ah Cheng doesn't do drugs."…

At first, everyone just used the word 'cancer' and 'drug addict' to ridicule the bad behaviour of Cheng Su's fans. They never imagined that the next day, explosive news would appear on the front page of Huaxia Daily.

[Supermodel C has reportedly been abusing drugs. His home has been searched for drugs and he has been arrested for questioning.]

Chapter 204

Drug abuse!

This was definitely a terrible scandal for any famous person!

Huaxia Daily only used 'Supermodel C' in the t.i.tle, but the editor used the term 'cancer' to describe the model in the article. Huaxia Daily had also used this word to describe Cheng Su the previous day, making it easy for people to link them together.

They didn't have to guess for two long. The afternoon of the day the newspaper was published, explosive materials were released online. They confirmed that Supermodel C was the one who caused a stir online the past few days and was criticized by Huaxia Daily. At the same time, the reason why Cheng Su was reported was thanks to the people of Chaoyang. (TL: A district in Beijing).

That night, the police confirmed that Supermodel C was indeed Cheng Su. A white powder found in Cheng Su's residence had been identified as a drug. The degree of addiction wasn't high but it was still a drug.

This time, the Cheng Su fans who refused to let go were dumbfounded.

【 Oh my G.o.d, even drugs? This is terrible! 】

【 Wasn't Cheng Su packaged as a handsome and sunny man? Yet he takes drugs? d.a.m.n, I'm a pa.s.sersby turned black! 】

【 What is this false imagine? A few days ago, my friend and I were talking about how hard he worked, how healthy his image is. Yet he is a drug-using health person. Ah, he was laughing at me… 】……

Cheng Su's image was already precarious. After the 'drug abuse' incident, a large number of brainless fans turned black and even became sunspots. They were deceived by Cheng Su and now they really hated him.

Most of the fans were clean people who hadn't even visited a prost.i.tute. There was no way for them to stick around. Cheng Su's fans were disheartened and soon threw away all their photos. They also said that they stopped following Cheng Su's Weibo and Muse's official fan forum. Even if Cheng Su was released from prison, it was no longer possible to look at him.

There was a buzz on the Internet. In reality, many newspapers and magazines weren't as comprehensive as Huaxia Daily. Therefore, they started to sort out the relevant information today in order to publish it tomorrow.

At the same time, a men's razor brand endorsed by Cheng Su confirmed that their contract with him had been cancelled and issued a notice on their website.

Cheng Su's reality show also released an official statement that Cheng Su being suspected of taking drugs. Due to Huaxia legal requirements that drug users weren't allowed to appear on any public platform, the program would edit out all shorts of Cheng Su. This would delay the airing by a week.

In general, the audience would scold the reality show if it was delayed. But this time, people applauded and supported the program once it was known that the delay was to edit out all footage of Cheng Su.

【 My daughter previously liked him. I saw his photo and thought he looked quite sunny, so I didn't stop her. Who knew that this Cheng Su would actually use drugs? It is is disgusting! My daughter has thrown away all his magazines. Thank you to the program for resisting this morally corrupt person! 】

【 Such a person isn't qualified to be a celebrity at all! I saw a TV series a few years ago. It was 'XX" a very popular costume drama. I felt that a small supporting role in it was very good and wondered why I haven't seen him for a few years. The day before yesterday, it was revealed that the small supporting actor had an advertis.e.m.e.nt with Cheng Su. He didn't show any special respect for Cheng Su and was ruthlessly suppressed! Cheng Su is a cancer! 】

【 Resist this cancer!” The existence of such a person in the fas.h.i.+on industry will make people mistakenly think that the waters are very deep! 】……

A variety of criticisms and mocking appeared on Weibo. In reality, people on the streets, in the fas.h.i.+on industry and in the entertainment industry were talking about it. The platform might be different but everyone was the same. They scolded this bully who dared act self-important and even took drugs!

Among these people, the angriest were the fans of the models and stars who had been bullied. In particular, the mushroom fans were furious and couldn't want to eat this sc.u.m alive!

These days, Xi Ze's fans shared a common link with mushroom fans.

Bullying Ming Xiaoyu was tantamount to bullying G.o.d Xi's wife! Don't you think this was a serious problem? Seizing Ming Xiaoyu's resources and also bullying him. This sin couldn't be forgiven!

Cough, Whether it was Ming Yu's fans or Xi Ze's fans, no one thought that 'Xi Ze is Ming Yu's wife.' ╮(╯_╰)╭

After all, height determined the attack! Look at the 195cm G.o.d Xi and the 188cm Ming Yu… the height difference wasn't huge but the feeling of bowing the head to kiss was simply amazing!

In any case, Cheng Su's reputation had become stinky and could no longer be cleaned. Apart from people who had no interest in the fas.h.i.+on and entertainment industries, everyone would respond with disdain when Cheng Su's name was heard.

As Cheng Su was treated as dirty sewer water by the people, they didn't know that this target of hate was currently sitting in a police station with a shocked expression. He explained to the police, "I didn't take drugs, I really didn't take drugs!"

The police officer in charge was reminded by his superiors not to treat celebrities with extra care. Therefore, he impatiently hit the table and said, "You say you don't take drugs? Then why was it found in your house? The blood test report will come back soon. Don't even think about lying!"

Cheng Su was listless at being surrounded by such fierce police officers but he still insisted, "I don't take drugs. You won't find anything. I will wait for my agent and my company's representative to come. Then I am willing to talk to you."

The police officer sneered at Cheng Su's words.

Next, Cheng Su's blood test clearly confirmed that he didn't take drugs. However, the police officers didn't let him go. "The drugs found in your house should be over a year old. You didn't take it this year doesn't mean that you didn't take it before.  Now that we found it in your house, we have reason to suspect that you deal the drug to other people.

At first, Cheng Su desperately tried to refute it, stating that he didn't know what the police had found.

Then the police showed him a photo of a small gla.s.s bottle and Cheng Su unexpectedly blurted out, "How is that thing still here? I clearly gave it to…"

Cheng Su hurriedly stopped before he finished. However, the words were already half said. The police veterans understood that Cheng Su had clearly given this thing to someone more than a year ago. He unexpectedly forgot that it was still in his home!

Hosting other people and giving them drugs was a real crime!

Cheng Su was stunned but what happened next didn't allow him to defend himself.

He waited for Zeng Shu who never arrived. Even his most trusted a.s.sistant, Xiao An didn't come to the police station. Muse only sent a lawyer from the legal department to help solve the problem.

As soon as the lawyer sat down, he pushed his up the bridge of his nose and smiled. "You are really special for me to be asked to handle your case personally. Don't worry, there is no recording when you talk to a lawyer. Feel free to tell me about your affairs and I will consider how to solve this problem for you."

Cheng Su didn't know this gentle and elegant man, but he felt there was something strange about this person's smile.

Cheng Su didn't think too much and roughly explained the time and location where he bought this thing. He a.s.sured the lawyer that he really didn't take the drug. The one who took it was Ming Yu!

The lawyer's eyes flashed once he heard this. He comforted Cheng Su with a few words before saying, "You have explained everything clearly. Then I want to ask you, do you want to be imprisoned for five years or ten years?"

Cheng Su was stunned and couldn't react to what happened.

Even if he provided a drug for other people to use, he would at most be sentenced to one or two years. Why was the lawyer speaking so strangely…

As horror and fear filled Cheng Su's eyes, the lawyer shook his head helplessly and smiled, "As I said, you are very special. The company sent me down here to help you deal with this matter. Don’t worry, in my hands, you definitely won't be able to leave prison for at least five years."

This sentence finished and Cheng Su's heart sank. He wanted to yell, "I won't allow you to be my lawyer!" But once he looked into the other person's eyes that were as cold as a snake, he couldn't speak a word.

Yes, he was here to help Cheng Su. Helo him:


Rebirth Of A Supermodel Chapter 203-204

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