Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

After Chen Yang walked away, the originally quiet world became even more quite

"w.a.n.g Li, do you find it?" Chen An walked to the study room holding a newspaper in his hands. The woman who sat down in front of the computer looked up with eyes full of excitement and nodded: "Uncle Chen, I found it."

"Sure enough to let a programming expert come cleaning everyday was a waste of talent." Chen An laughed as he said it.

w.a.n.g Li who was praised became shy and her face got all red: "Uncle Chen, I will go get you a drink."

"En, thanks." He came to the computer, sat down and slightly blinked his eyes looking at the information. Sure enough, he could found some old fellows' except for himself.

Didn't have the acc.u.mulation of wealth and talent for these ten years was the same like 'make bricks without straw'. Even though one had the experience and capability but it would still difficult except if he had Ivanov's big kingdom and Lu Feng behind him. Thus he still needed to search some trustworthy people.

"I have found you."


In a poorly lit bar sat several people in two three line while the female jazz singer in the stage performed an enchanting and beautiful song.

"Mister, what do you want?" The young and handsome bartender's face was full with a welcoming smile as he looked at a guest who had just arrived. The man dressed in a simple and refined appearance while that pair of gla.s.sed that he wore made him looked like a warm and elegant man with a restrained temperament.

"Soda water." Chen An sat near the bar counter. He took out one hundred yuan from his wallet and handed it over to him as he saw the astonished look on the bartender's face, "No need for a change."

The astonished look on the bartender's face quickly disappeared as he warmly smiled: "Okay, please wait for a while."

It could be said that the only one who run into a bar drinking soda was only Chen An, Chen An's heart was a little uncomfortable as he looked at the varieties of wine on the bartender table. In the past he could drink a lot without getting drunk but now he couldn't even drink one and this change was a hard thing for him to accept.

Then he turned his head down and looked at the phone, the top was a message from Chen Yang who has just went overseas. The goods have been brought from Ukraine and right now they were going to go to the Middle East. Everything was fine.

If what Chen An has done before was to make a business that sold ordinary weapons, then this time it was to let Chen Yang handled a big business like helicopter and tank. He only worried that this would quickly attract that hairy bear after all Ukraine has always been Ivanov's territory.

s.n.a.t.c.hing things from Ivanov's territory, that hairy bear would certainly …….

"I almost couldn't recognize you, it has only been half a year, ckckck ( ̄ー ̄) My Dear, how could you be so charming?"

This familiar voice meant something bad was coming. He didn't expect he would really came just when he thought about that hairy bear. He calculated the time and practically Lu Feng could only be involved with Ivanov for half a year.

But what he didn't expect was Ivanov hasn't forgotten him after they met half a year ago, this time could be counted as a fate-like encounter or maybe this hairy bear was deliberately looking for him.

"I think I won't be able to recognize you if I didn't get a message that you are here."

Okay …  It turned out he was deliberately looking for him.

Chen An didn't move from where he was. He just slightly looked at the pretty blonde man dressed in a suit beside him. Ivanov's temperament was like an aristocrat in the Russian Empire and the handsome figure made this man clearly looking eminent whenever he went.

But obviously, there was also this cold bodyguard besides Ivanov.

Originally there weren't many people in the bar. Then he looked around and after a while, found that the only one left was only him and several of them.

"Mister, your soda water …" It was also the first time the bartender saw this kind of sight, somewhat nervous as he put the gla.s.s of soda water near Chen An side and keep watching with an alert eyes toward Ivanov and the others.

Ivanov laughed as he sat down beside Chen An. Using a standard Chinese and said "One gla.s.s of Vodka." Then he was caught by Chen An just when he wanted to reached out Chen An's waist and touched it.

Ivanov held the man's hand, grinning and revealing his neat white teeth, said: "Ckck ( ̄ー ̄) My Dear is so cold, is it that you don't remember me? But that's okay, I will make you remember."

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Rebirth of Chen An Chapter 58

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