Rebirth of MC Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Target practice

In the initial stages of the apocalypse, although zombies roam the earth, the sky is still unpolluted. Therefore, the early morning air they wake up to is still as fresh and clean as before. Huo Zaiyuan did not enter his space, instead sitting cross-legged on top of the soft blankets and cultivated for an entire night.

Long Zhanye has a habit of rising early, opening his eyes to the view of the youth sitting cross-legged and meditating. His lips pull up in an attractive smirk, movement gentle as he turns over. Fingers stroking his chin, he allows his gaze to wander.

The morning sun so happens to shine upon the meditating person. Peaceful expression, slim figure, a curtain of long jet-black hair loosely scattered over his delicate shoulders, pale and tender skin, a cute, straight nose, full-petal lips…all these features meld together to produce a beautiful visual. Nonetheless, he didn't give off a feminine air, for the youth retains a strong heroic spirit and intelligence on par with his beauty. Un, he is still young, still possesses some childhood innocence, but after a few years, this child will grow into a handsome guy. For some reason, Long Zhanye is really looking forward to that day.

As Long Zhanye's heart continues to calculate the possibilities that might occur in the future, Huo Zaiyuan softly exhales, fan-like eyelashes fluttering, eyes opening unhurriedly, performing a few stretches to make his body feel more comfortable. The moment he catches Long Zhanye watching, he abruptly freezes.

"Little Yuan, good morning."  Long Zhanye smiles in greeting as he sits up.

"Good morning, older brother Long."

After making themselves presentable, Huo Zaiyuan makes a simple broth breakfast. Once they are finished with their meal, Huo Zaiyuan retrieves an MP5 submachine gun from his space. As the area where the Hummer was placed in for repair is the very room connected to the balcony they jumped into from the perimeter wall, Long Zhanye wouldn't need to keep walking back and forth between teaching Huo Zaiyuan how to shoot and completing the touch-ups on his vehicle.

Lifting the firearm, Huo Zaiyuan leans against the balcony's railing, aiming down the sights as he singled out a zombie clad in purple nightclothes amongst the mass of undead below. Target in sight, he pulls the trigger. Muffled gunfire resonates out, muzzle flashing as bullets are spat from the barrel. Due to the stronger than expected recoil, the submachine gun shifts a little, causing the shots to go askew. The zombie on the receiving end of the bullets was the one a meter away from his intended target, a rotting shoulder reduced to a pulp.

Scowling faintly at the miss, Huo Zaiyuan isn't too pleased with his results for this try.

Chuckling, Long Zhanye who was standing aside to watch plucks the MP5 from Huo Zaiyuan's hands, then take aim at the pack of zombies below the balcony, a finger teasing the trigger.

Pew pew pew!

A continuous burst of fire erupts, and approximately ten zombies collapse with broken heads.

How accurate.

"Come, I'll teach you." Returning the MP5 to Huo Zaiyuan, he moves closer until his front is all but moulded to the slim back, left hand wrapping around Huo Zaiyuan's own to grip the firearm properly, the other hand shifting the butt of the submachine gun so it rests comfortably at his (HZY) shoulder, explaining as he adjusts the position. "Target, iron sight, line of sight. These three things must be aligned."

The torso pressing up against his back as well as the breath tickling his ear as Long Zhanye speaks makes Huo Zaiyuan's muscles tense and his ears to redden, heart pounding a little faster.

That damned - this is - what is he doing!

As Huo Zaiyuan's focus wanders, Long Zhanye guides his finger to pull the trigger, successfully shooting a zombie in the head.

"Here, you try it."

"Eh? Oh, all right." The older man's voice abruptly brings Huo Zaiyuan out of his thoughts.

Although he was a little distracted during the demonstration, he still remembers what was being said and follows the instructions carefully. With Long Zhanye's teaching in mind, he commences shooting at the live practise targets below.

Rebirth of MC Chapter 42

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