Rebirth of MC Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Emerging at last

Ever since he started practising the "Mysterious Nine Dragon's Heaven" art, Huo Zaiyuan conscientiously meditates and circulates his spiritual energy daily. This is the first time he has exhausted it to this point. Although he managed to sleep for a while and replenished a little energy, the empty feeling where his spiritual power should flow through and occupy leaves him with a mounting sense of insecurity.

It was during the night when everyone else was fast asleep and he was deep in meditation that he discovered something a little different about his body. Typically, when he meditates and breathes in the surrounding air, he could only absorb a minuscule amount of natural spiritual energy from the environment. Now, however, the amount he absorbs from every breath is a lot greater. Bit by bit, the energy he intakes trickles into the empty meridian within his body, filling it up slowly.

As his energy is replenished, a warm feeling spread throughout his body, and he spent the entire night regulating it. When dawn broke and sunlight shone into the room, he was already conscious. Only when Long Zhanye left did he enter his space.

The space is isolated from the outside world and blocks out all sound. This way, it allows him to concentrate solely on the flowing currents in his body. It slowly speeds up, moving unobstructed through his entire being until his body radiates a faint silver light.

As for the peach tree planted in the centre of the array, its branches begin extending out in all directions, leaves becoming more lush. Two small flowers bloom at the end of a branch, gradually reaching the stage to bear fruits…

In one sitting, three days pass just like that. While outside, in the real world, Li Qing can't stop pacing up and down like an ant on a hot wok ever since discovering Huo Zaiyuan's disappearance.

"It's been three days and little Yuan has yet to appear…"

“Since eldest brother Long says there's nothing to worry about, then everything will be fine. Don't fret." Not able to stand idly by and watch any longer, Qin Jun reaches out and hugs his agitated lover. A hand on Qin Jun's waist, Li Qing snuggles up to the taller man as his gaze drifts towards the courtyard outside. At this time, Long Zhanye is there with a tool in hand and intense concentration on his face, making minute adjustments to the off-road vehicle parked there after overhauling it yesterday.

Faint rays of silver light slowly seep from his still form and scatter in random directions, gathering to revolve around his body once, then flowing back into his person. The hand resting before his abdomen opens leisurely, then clenches as slowly back into a fist. Following the movement of his hand, the spiritual energy within unfurls from his meridian, then retreats once more. Unhurriedly, he opens both eyes, now back to peak condition. Gaze shifting, his sight falls on the fully grown peach tree in the middle of the array and the two sparkling peaches hanging from the tip of a branch, each one the size of an adult's fist.

Sitting in meditation for so many days, he has abundant energy flowing through his body and when he rise from his cross-legged position, there is no stiff joints or rigid muscles. Walking towards the tree, he plucks the two peaches, not quite sure why there are two fruits this time.

The first time Huo Zaiyuan consumed the peach, he felt an immense amount of spiritual power merging with his own. Thus, he wouldn't be so foolish as to think he can finish these two peaches at once. If he really did swallow both at the same time, the immense amount of power will most probably result in him exploding from excessive intake.

Even without a master telling him to always be aware of one's internal spiritual energy when cultivating, from his relatively long experience meditating and absorbing natural energy from his surroundings, he is more than aware that being greedy is a fatal mistake for all cultivators. If one wishes to become stronger, one will need to follow safe procedures and take your time.

The moment he plucks the fruits, the peach tree predictably shrinks into a sapling again. Bringing the peaches back into the bamboo house, he places it on the table before exiting the space. Since he has lingered here for quite a while, he is afraid his friend might start tearing the skies down if he doesn't emerge now.

Sure enough, the moment he steps out of the room, he is nearly sent flying off his feet and back into the bedroom as Li Qing throws himself forward.

"What are you doing? Trying to knock me to death ah?" Dammit, if it wasn't for his cultivation and daily meditation transforming his body so it is sturdier and stronger than before, he would have really been sent flying away by the force of this brat's tackle.

"Little Yuan, where did you go for these few days? We were all really worried! Also, how did you disappear then reappear and walk out of the room? Tell me, what sort of creature are you?" Still plastered to Huo Zaiyuan, Li Qing fires of question after question while he pokes and prods all over his friend's body with one hand.

Huo Zaiyuan's face darkens before finally exploding. "Scram! Scram far away from me!"

Rebirth of MC Chapter 52

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