Rebirth of the Marquis' Di Daughter Chapter 13 Part1

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Chapter 13

Part 1

Two days in a row, Ouyang Zhi and Li Yue'e subsequently meet at Laotaitai Li's.

Since Laotaitai Li sort of temperament did not disregard her sharp eyes within son and her nephew behaviors, thus she quickly thought an idea.

Madam Lin had exactly entered the door for few years now; still, she was extremely respectful towards mother-in-law. Thus her few years position stand firmed, at once it became significantly weak plus for some reasons her mother-in-law provoked her to tackle Jue'er things like killing two birds with one stone.

Yet, Madam Lin never thought Laotaitai Li idea was to pressure her.

Since Ouyang Zhi having such high, took a wife and 8-10 concubines commonly exist nowadays. Besides Ouyang Zhi currently have only two concubines and have not enough offspring's .Eventually starting from the point Madam Lin understand this truth.

Laotaitai Li deeply thought Ouyang Nuan treatment of Li Yue very good because she wanted Li Yue'e to marry his son. She pondered that her granddaughter may not be virtuous but as a grandmother and granddaughter discussing together her son concubine would not be a problem, thus she first send Zhang mama about her opinion.

Zhang mama take the initiative in finding Ouyang Nuan and rambling incoherently for a long time with her before they discussed Zhang mama true intentions, said:

“Miss, the old lady could not bear Miss Li to leave our home in the future and happened that Master lack also a caring person aside…..Just as you always been in good terms with Miss Li, therefore the old lady let me come here. Hope that you must not misunderstand Laotaitai Li intentions."

Ouyang Nuan listened, her mouth bent up a bit of joy:

“That would like be blessing to daddy … … when will that be?"

Zhang mama supposing countless of possibilities but did not expect Ouyang Nuan would has this kind of behavior. She suddenly very bewildered, shows her confidently face: “This depends on Miss Li if her heart desire!"

Ouyang Nuan pulled Zhang mama hand, affectionately said: “Grandmother did not ask aunt Li first, yet first to ask me. I was deeply moved grandmother really pamper me, and if anything else just tell grandmother I'm fine with it so as to avoid Zhang mama worn out specially went all the way."

Fang mama aside took thick red seal and stuff on Zhang mama pocket, said: “Our Miss always understand old lady’s mind. If Miss has something bad, mama may mention more point.”

Zhang mama walked out with eyes glimmer with happiness laughing, others may not stomach her little villain looks like, whispered: “This kind of high praise stamp on little people. Don't worry old lady will always support her!

“The more villain the more I need to use people to trample them. Hongyu you cannot look down on these people in the future their role will come in handy great.” Ouyang Nuan face filled with derisive while staring Zhang mama went away.

“Yes, eldest.”

—–More later—–

Rebirth of the Marquis' Di Daughter Chapter 13 Part1

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Rebirth of the Marquis' Di Daughter Chapter 13 Part1 summary

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