Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 36

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Chp 36: Rite of the Sabbath (1)

Old Master Si was against being embroiled in the Ye household's internal conflict at first, but now, he had a change of heart.

If their Great Elder returned and intended to lay a finger on Ye Qingtang, the Si household would no longer just sit back and watch!

Si Ye agreed and nodded.

Dr. Xu wanted to consult Ye Qingtang on the procedures required for grinding the Ifrit's scales, but she circ.u.mvented his questions.

She did not intend to just disclose what she knew, which came as her advantage from being reborn.

In exchange for saving two lives, she had successfully earned the Si household's trust, which was well within her predictions.

Planning ahead step by step, she had already completed her strategic plan in this life.

After leaving the Si household, Ye Qingtang headed straight home. Retrieving a piece of Buoy from her dimension ring, she calmed her mind and began her cultivation training.

Regardless of any available support, ultimately, she could only rely on herself to wreak her vengeance!

A few days pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye, and the City of Lin ushered in a significant day for a major event.

The Rite of the Sabbath, where all n.o.ble families from the City of Lin gave their blessings to the common folk, granting the auspice of peace and prosperity. At the time of the Sabbath, members of the n.o.ble families would proceed to the altar on stage, to contribute to this momentous occasion.

On the day of the Sabbath, decorations and frills celebrating the event, filled the streets and houses in the city. A huge altar on a stage was erected in the city's central plaza and although the event had yet to begin, the common folk had already gathered around the altar, waiting for the time of the Sabbath.

The magnificent Sky Wheel, crafted from a Dragon stone stood in all its glory atop the altar, with all its intricate carvings clearly visible to the naked eye. The carvings depicted several dragons perched around a roulette, which were so realistic, it instilled the impression that the dragons might come to life anytime.

Turning the Sky Wheel was an ancient rite that had been practiced for centuries. Legends told that the City of Lin had suffered catastrophes hundreds of years ago. When its people were in peril, a savior emerged to bring forth the plan for salvation. A Dragon stone was acquired after relentless effort and with the collaboration of hundreds of craftsmen, the construction of the Sky wheel was completed in a matter of months. Turning the Sky Wheel was said to create the aura of a dragon, which could overturn all evil responsible for calamities and in turn, brought peace and prosperity to the city.

The wheel weighed thousands of pounds, and to turn it successfully would require the strength of at least an innate stage five achiever. Representatives from the n.o.ble families would take their turns in turning the wheel. The number of rounds the wheel was able to revolve would directly determine the strength of the person who turned it.

"The Duan, Ye and Si households. Whose representative will be able to turn the most rounds this year, you reckon?" The common folk speculated amongst themselves while waiting for the event to start.

"All of them have their aces. Previously, the Ye household will be the one with the highest chance of winning. You know, their young lady Miss Ye Qingtang possessed a verdurous spirit root. Her potential definitely outs.h.i.+nes the others. The only person who may be on par with her will be Mr Si Bai from the Si household."

"That guy was a prodigy, but he had a weak const.i.tution since birth and didn't he refrain from partic.i.p.ating during the previous years? I doubt he will partic.i.p.ate this year."

"Miss Ye Qingtang? Haven't you heard, her spirit root shattered in training?"

"That's right. What a waste."

"But, I've heard there's another young lady from the Ye household, Miss Ye You. Not too long ago, she was scouted by the Cloud breakers' sovereign as a disciple. She may be able to replace Miss Ye Qingtang as their ace… oh wait, she had already left to join their clan, guess she won't be partic.i.p.ating as well."

Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 36

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