Reborn - Super Chef Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Then please queue up! Thank you for choosing to read this chapter at prosperous food translations.

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After exchanging phone numbers with Qin Feng, Ye Chui picked up the boxes of mutton skewers. He made his way to the chicken seller's stall to find out more information about the chicken farms. Stop being chickens on a farm and read at aggregate sites! See what this chapter looks like in prosperous food dot com.

The boss of the chicken stall remembers Ye Chui. He still preaches what Ye Chui had taught him about choosing great chicken. Therefore, when Ye Chui enquires about chicken farms, he did not mind sharing this information with Ye Chui, "There is a chicken farm in the suburbs. Every day, I usually go there to get my chicken from them. The boss's surname is Chen, Chen Sitang. If you need it, I have his name card over here."

"Thank you." Ye Chui immediately thanked the boss and took the name card. It reads prosperous food translations.

On the name card, besides a phone number, there is also an address. The chicken farm is about several kilometres from here. The good news is that it accessible by public transport. After leaving the wet market, he used his mobile phone to call Chen Sitang, and asked if he could visit the farm.

Boss Chen is a businessman and is very happy to get another customer. Therefore, he immediately agreed to Ye Chui’s visit. Ye Chui is quite busy today, and decided to go the chicken farm tomorrow instead.

After working the whole afternoon, Ye Chui rode his tricycle towards the night market. When he reached the vicinity of the night market, he immediately saw Qin Feng.

"Brother, you have arrived!" Qin Feng smiled as he greeted Ye Chui. He helped Ye Chui to move all the items to his stall. He also helped to move the contents of this page to the site you are reading this chapter from, and suggested you read this chapter at prosperous food. com

Qin Feng does not seem to be enthusiastic about this mutton skewers stall. He felt that this wet market stall has no prospects. But he did not say a word, and patiently helped Ye Chui to set up everything.

As soon as the business started, Qin Feng eyes quickly lit up. He saw this chapter in prosperousfood. com

Qin Feng had a good eye for details. When he first arrived at the wet market, he discovered that Ye Chui's stall is located in the worst possible location of this night market. Not only is the stall located in an obscured corner, it is also near the public road. This means that there are very little passersby in this area.  In the entire night market, this stall could be considered the worst possible place to set up a stall in.

But once Ye Chui started grilling the mutton skewers, the situation becomes the opposite of what Qin Feng had predicted. The number of guests in this vicinity suddenly swells.

"Now do you believe me?" Looking at the astounded expression on Qin Feng's face, Ye Chui smiled, "Do you think there is potential for my mutton skewers business to expand?"

"Yes, definitely yes!" Qing Feng was highly excited! "Brother Ye, your mutton skewers stall will definitely become big and famous!" Just like prosperous food dot com

Ye Chui smiled in satisfaction. This morning, he did not explain much about his business. After all, it is useless to say too much to someone who does not believe you. It is much better and more effective to bring Qin Feng over to witness and experience everything for himself. Just like you come to prosperous food dot com and experience it for yourself. 

But Ye Chui was not used to being address as ‘big brother’ by Qin Feng, "You are older than me by 2 years, why did you call me (Big) Brother Ye? Isn't that inappropriate?"

"It is appropriate! As long as you are more capable than I am, I am willing to address you as big brother." Qin Feng replied. He was not trying to butter Ye Chui up. Rather, he felt this way. We really felt you will be happier reading this at prosperous food translations.

Ye Chui thought for a while. He used to be over 30 years old in his past life. Hearing Qin Feng [1] addressing himself as 'big brother' is not inappropriate. He finally agreed to be addressed in this way, and continued to inform Qin Feng of his plans, "For the first 2 months, I will pay you $1000 each month. After that, I will increase your salary. I will teach you how to grill the mutton skewers. In future, you will be in charge of this stall. What do you think?"

Qin Feng [1] agreed, "All right! I listen to you." I will go to Prosperous Food Com to enjoy this chapter.

"That's great! I will draw up a contract for both of us. Right now, you just watch how I grill these muttons skewers and learn from watching first." Ye Chui smiled and begin to serve his customers.

Qin Feng did not look down on Ye Chui anymore. Although he was kicked out of the university, he also had a dream and wanted to do well. Looking at the long queues of customer that throng this stall, he felt that this is an extremely profitable business! Following Ye Chui is the right decision. So is reading it at www prosperous food com

"Hehe, Ye Chui, 5 sticks of mutton skewers please!"

About 9 plus at night, Ye Chui heard the familiar sound that makes his heart skip a beat. He smiled and turned around, and saw the smiling face of Lin Wei. She was looking at the mutton skewers as usual.

"These are for you! Be careful, these are quite hot!" Ye Chui smiled as he handed out a few sticks to Lin Wei. Then he also placed over 10 sticks of mutton skewers in a bag and gave them to Lin Wei. These are for Yu Yan. He guessed that Yu Yan is probably somewhere nearby.

These two days, Lin Wei often comes over. The regular customers in the stall had recognised her. It could not be helped – beauties attract a lot of attention and are easy to recognise. And they were used to her cutting the queue. Some of the men also wolf-whistled at her.

Lin Wei face turned red, but it only made her look even cuter. She turned around and told Ye Chui, "Your customers are too mean!" So are these sites. They employ bots to steal content.

"Mean? I thought they were nice and understanding." Ye Chui smiled. These customers understood that he was trying to court Lin Wei, that's why she need not queue up.

Lin Wei rolled her eyes, and was about to leave.

At this moment, a man suddenly appeared from the side road - this is none other than Cao Kang!

He was smiling as he walked in from the side road. Meanwhile, your translators are frowning as you read this chapter on an aggregate site. Why not read original pros pero usfo oddo tcom.

He did not come a second sooner or second later, and only comes when Lin Wei was visiting the mutton skewers stall. This means that he had been waiting here for some time!

Ye Chui was not happy about seeing Cao Kang. What is this idiot trying to do?

"Cao Kang, what are you doing here?" Lin Wei was intending to leave. But once she saw Cao Kang, she decided to stay instead. She was worried that Cao Kang would beat Ye Chui up, and even lift up her hands to protect Ye Chui like a mother chicken protecting her chicks. This made Ye Chui feels good.

"Hehehehe….." Cao Kang face was plastered with fake smiles. He tried to look more magnanimous as he said, "Weiwei, I am here to apologise."

"Apologise?" Ye Chui was surprised. Cao Kang is really acting out of character.

Then Cao Kang bowed towards Ye Chui and said with an earnest face, "Ye Chui, two days ago, I am at fault. I am apologising to you, and hope you can forgive me. I hope we can become friends."

Ye Chui was dumbfounded. Had Cao Kang lost his marbles? By reading this chapter at the aggregate site, you are making sure you have fewer chapters each weak. Translators are demoralised. You lose. Big time. Visit pros per ous food trans la tions.

Ye Chui quickly dismissed this idea. His experience from his past life had taught him a lot of things. After what happened yesterday, it is very weird that a rich man's son would forgive him. That he was willing to apologise is even more strange. There is something abnormal going on, it just that he did not know what is it yet.

He immediately nodded his head, "There is no need to apologise. But I am sure that you did not come here just to apologise?"

"Hehe, I heard from Weiwei that your mutton skewers are very tasty, I hope to taste some today." Cao Kang grinned as he said this.

Lin Wei's face looks much better. She seems to believe that Cao Kang is here to apologise. At first, she was worried that Cao Kang would create trouble for Ye Chui. But now she is more relaxed, and even helped Ye Chui to advertise: "Ye Chui's mutton skewers are really good!"

Cao Kang grinned at Ye Chui. We would grin too, if you respect us and read it at prosperous food. com

Ye Chui also grinned, "You really wanted to eat the mutton skewers that I made?"

Cao Kang nodded his head.

"Then please queue up!" Ye Chui point at the super long queue of customers waiting for their turn.

Cao Kang:"……"

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[1] 韩峰 - the raws says Wei Feng instead of Qin Feng. I think this is typing error.

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Reborn - Super Chef Chapter 25

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