Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 172

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"I'm here…"

Luo answered softly.

Her voice sounded cold and robotic. There was no emotion at all.

"Wow! I can't believe that she still can answer me when she's unconscious."

Chen was stunned at first. Then, he sighed in relief, "Seems like the Dreamcatcher's Bell is working, after all. I thought something bad happened to her…"

The Dreamcatcher's Bell allows one to extract secrets from someone unconscious.

Chen thought and asked, "What is Heart Burning Pill?"

"Heart Burning Pill is created by the G.o.d of Sea. Those who are poisoned must consume this pill every day. If one does not consume the pill within twenty-four hours. The person's internal organs will rot away."

Luo answered mechanically.

"Who is the G.o.d of Sea? Is he the one who forced you to do all those bad stuff?" Chen asked.

"I don't know the true ident.i.ty of the G.o.d of Sea as well. Normally, he will pa.s.s down the mission to our chief inspector. Then, our chief inspector will ask us to execute the strictly black-op missions." Luo said.


Chen was shocked.

"Could it be, that the whole Six Door Organization is controlled by this G.o.d of Sea?"

"Not really. The G.o.d of Sea only lays his hands on certain people in the Six Door Organization. All these people are pretty similar in some way. They have something to hold onto, thus, they will never take their own lives. We have no choice but to be controlled by him…" Luo said.

Chen's face turned even more serious when he heard Luo's secret.

In other words, if there's nothing for Luo to hold onto, she would have chosen to kill herself to free herself from the control of the G.o.d of Sea. It seems that this G.o.d of Sea is more horrifying than I thought. Not so many people in this world would have the power to lay their hands on the Six Door Organization. And, he is one of them. It definitely looks like he is planning some kind of evil plan. Unfortunately, Luo has no idea about it at all.

"Oh right! Why did you come to Green Vine City?"

Chen was not dumb at all. He managed to deduce that Luo coming here to investigate the jewellery robbery case was just a cover. The task given by the G.o.d of Sea is the real purpose that she travelled to Green Vine City.

"I come to Green Vine City to seek for an orphaned child of an important person." Luo said.


Chen was shocked.

Then, he asked casually, "Could it be me?"

"Not you. I still have to investigate more to know more about this task." Luo said.

"Then, why do you always go against me when the target is not me!" Chen pouted and asked unhappily.

"Because you are a mean b.a.s.t.a.r.d! A moron! A l.u.s.tful b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You slapped my *ss! Also, you pinched my b.o.o.bies! No one has ever done that to me before! I hate you! This is why I choose to go against you!"

Luo' voice still sounded cold and didn't carry any emotions at all.

She was still unconscious. Thus, those were all her honest thoughts.


Chen heard that and he almost vomited blood.

Then, he asked disgruntledly, "Are there no good traits about me that you can think of?"

"Of course, you possess some good traits that I like. You treat your parents really well. Also, you are such a loyal friend. Other than that, you look really handsome. You have a good body as well. Not just that, you actually know the art of healing and you are quite business-minded. Most importantly, the peaches that you plant taste really good!"

Luo spent quite some time to compliment Chen. Chen was so happy when he heard about it.

"Wahaha…I can't believe that the Ice Demon Queen thinks so highly of me! I am the best man of this century! If I'm a woman, I will definitely fall in love with me!"

Chen will not be this happy and excited if it was another woman complimenting him. It was so hard for woman like Ice Demon Queen to compliment a man. This is why Chen felt a sense of accomplishment.

"Erm…I think I got the answers for everything that I need to know. Let's deactivate this Dreamcatcher's Bell."

Chen calmed himself down and freed Luo from the spell of the Dreamcatcher's Bell.



Luo's body completely loosened up when the bell rang.

"Don't come near me…I don't want to eat the Burning Heart Pill…No…Go away from me…"

The nightmare continued to torment Luo.

"This doesn't look good! I need to make her sober."

Chen's inner beast finally calmed down after the incident that happened just now. All those l.u.s.tful thoughts were gone. He thought for a while. Then, he decided to send a text message to Chang'e.

Chen: Sister Chang'e, my friend is completely drunk from Osmanthus Honey! She is acting like a lunatic! What should I do?

Chang'e: G.o.d Chen, you are so dumb! Have you forgotten then Seven Treasury Fragrant Pouch that I gave to you earlier? (Laughs secretly)

Chen: Haha! I remember it! Thank you Chang'e, for your reminder! I'm gonna head back to take care of my friend! Talk soon!

Chen put down his cellphone and took out the Seven Treasury Fragrant Pouch from his s.h.i.+rt. Then, he let Luo catch a whiff of the pouch. After that, Luo finally calmed down. Then, she fell into a deep sleep.


Chen sighed in relief. He covered her with a blanket before he left the room.

"Xiaobei…What are you doing upstairs for so long? It has almost been an hour. Lin Nan and I have almost finished drinking the alcohol…"

Chen's dad was holding the cup in is hand. He was stunned before he could finish his sentence. Lin Xiang had her eyes wide opened as well. Then, her face turned red.

Chen's mom was stunned at first as well.

Then, she smiled and said, "Xiaobei…It seems like you have been working out upstairs! Come! Let's have some food! You must be really tired! Eat more!"

"Working out? What kind of workout?

Chen was puzzled. He still couldn't figure out what the h.e.l.l just happened.

"Brother-in-law! I really idolize you!" Lin Nan stare at Chen with his wide opened eyes and gave Chen a thumb up.

"What is wrong with you guys? I have no idea what is going on now…"

"Brother-in-law, stop acting dumb. We are not blind."

Lin Nan put on a frivolous look and smiled evilly, "Not bad at all! You could last for a full hour!" 

Chen frowned. He quickly understood what Lin Nan was trying to say. Chen is just as dirty as Lin Nan.

"What the h.e.l.l are you guys thinking about? I have not done anything at all…"Chen tried his best to get them off the topic.

"My son, we are family. There's nothing to be shy about." Chen's mom laughed.

"I swear to G.o.d! I'm innocent!"

Chen was going to cry. He will not be afraid to admit to it if he has really done it. The thing is, he really didn't do anything with Luo at all.

"Xiang Xiang, even you don't believe me as well?" Chen was getting really nervous.

"Nope…" The good girl, Lin Xiang shook her head without any hesitation.

"Dad! Even you don't believe in me as well?" Chen looked at his dad pitifully.



"You should have at least clean your face if you want us to believe you." Chen's dad said.


Chen looked at himself in the mirror. He was so shocked, as if he just struck by lightning. His face was full of red lipstick marks. It's not possible for anyone to believe a word he says now.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 172

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